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Please consider making a donation to the project if you are using the Unslung or SlugOS (DebianSlug, OpenSlug) firmware or Optware packages.

Donations can be sent via PayPal. Please click the appropriate button below. Be sure you read the text next to both buttons to determine which button is appropriate for your situation.

The average donation seems to be $20, but feel free to donate whatever you think is appropriate for the value you get from this project. Feel free to peruse the list of donations (the details of how we spend those donations are at the end of that page).

- PayPal payments that will involve PayPal drawing money from your credit card to complete the transaction.
- PayPal payments from your existing paypal account balance only (if your payment involves drawing money from your credit card, use the other button).

Please do not send credit card payments to the balance address (as they will be rejected), and please do not send balance payments to the credit card address (as a fee is charged on the credit card address). Unfortunately, we are only able to handle PayPal donations.

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