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pTweety - 2 Slugs, one with latest Unslung beta and a devel system

My prod slug acts as a mailserver running

  • fetchmail
  • postfix
  • cyrus-imapd

Corneliu Doban - 1 Slug, Unslung 3.18 160GB HD

  • Apache/PHP/Gallery for family photos
  • DynDNS update
  • Backup jobs
  • Asterisk - as home PBX, connected to:
    • Free World Dialup
    • PSTN using a Sipura SPA-3000 ATA/Gateway
    • NTP timeserver
    • DynDNS update
    • POP3/SMTP proxy
    • HTTP(S) proxy tinyproxy
    • MP3 stream proxy
    • IRC proxy miau
    • Dropbear ssh access
    • Logging of "everything" with syslog
    • DNS Server dnsmasq
    • thttpd for a tiny webpage
    • no extra HDD/flash attached. Everything on 6MB internal flash
    • "intrusion detection" with portsentry
    • tcpdump for curisosity
  • Second Slug
    • development system for now

Øyvind Repvik - 2 Slugs; OpenSlug; 120GB Seagate External

Slug #1, running OpenSlug 2.5-beta:

  • Running Samba as PDC
  • Being my fileserver (Samba and ProFTPD)
  • Keeping my time updated with openntp
  • Updating my DynIP DNS address
  • Serving my http-stuff with thttpd.
  • Automatic torrent-downloader
  • Native development slug
  • Streaming audio and video to my XBox with ccxstream

Slug #2, running OpenSlug unstable:

  • Testing slug.
  • Native development slug

Ross - 1 Slug; 3.18 Beta; 300GB Seagate External

  • iTunes server
  • File Server
  • FTP Server
  • Web Server

THE GOOD: Interesting to note that the Seagate External USB2/Firewire A drive I have automatically goes into a sleep mode when not in use after a short period of time.

THE BAD: However, one time I did need to access the iTunes server in order to reset the drive, e.g. wake the drive.

THE UGLY: Telnet/FTP/Web Access were all nonresponsive until I accessed the iTunes server and reset the drive.

Eddy Schouten - Two slugs, running on 3.18Beta

  • Slug 1
    • Speedmod running now on 266Mhz (default = 133Mhz)
    • two 200GB Maxtor HDD (mirror)
    • storage for 4 PCs
    • storage for 2 Dreambox 7000s satellite receivers (running Linux too)
    • running mt-daapd (iTunes Server) for easy listening (in the house)
    • running my Internet pages on second thttpd
    • running OpenSSH for secure login
  • Slug 2
    • Speedmod running now on 266Mhz (default = 133Mhhz)
    • 512MB USB memory stick as DISK1
    • smb.mount from slug 1
    • GCC compiler for native development
    • OpenSSH for secure login
    • Cups USB printing to my Epson AcuLaser C1100
    • and more to come...

Louis - One slug, running Unslung 3.18 Beta with a 160GB WD HDD

  • Running a web server (thttpd)
  • Media (audio/video/pics) streaming to my KiSS network enabled DVD player (using a derived version of dp500serv)
  • NEAR FUTURE: Running a NZB (usenet) parser (almost ready)
  • Place to put Ghost Images of both my PCs running

Did have a HD crash (Maxtor), still recovering from the lost of data.

Philip Johnson - One slug, running Unslung 3.18 Beta with a 200GB Maxtor HDD

My superduper slug does all the dirty work.

  • It backs up all my data files
  • It backs up all my music (a lot) and streams it everywhere possible using mt-daapd
  • Runs multiple websites using thttpd and multihoming
  • Runs Squid to cache and proxy all my traffic and to make things nice and speedy. This is also double useful as my WAG54G is useless with its wireless net dropouts...
  • Runs dropbear (SSH Server)
  • Using dropbear supplies me with my load statistics wherever I am (using nload)
  • vsFTPd runs 24/7

and I guess thats pretty much it so far :p It copes really well.


Finally my NSLU2 has been unslung!
Web server, OpenSSH, Perl/CGI and so on ...
Now I'm trying to figure out how to get apache working.

Ben Humphry - 1 slug (v3.17b) w/Maxtor 200GB HD

My Slug is doing quite a lot now...

  • It is running CCXStream and Twonkyvision to serve media to my Xbox and Netgear MP101 respectively.
  • It is also providing anonymous proxy services via stunnel and the cotse.net service.
  • I have vsFTPd running, so I can access my files remotely. - Not any more - for security, this is now replaced with OpenSSH/SCP.
  • Finally, it is running a website (with PHP and Perl/CGI) - the website consists of a messageboard and media jukebox so my family and I can access my media files anywhere on the road.

It copes very well.

I love this thing! In fact, I'm just about ready to buy another one, as I'm not sure I'll be able to squeeze very much more out of this one. My only decision is whether to get another Slug or just another HD for now - my 200GB is almost full.

Ben, can you give us a hint how you installed PHP on the NSLU2 (appWeb does not find php4libs)? (Josef Noll)

Rene van den Assem (rvdassem@hccnet.nl)

I'm using my slug as a mediaserver. I'm running mt-daapd and Twonkyvison mediaserver v2.4 on it, serving MP3s to iTunes clients on PC's and serving all sorts of content to my Streamium 300 box.

Additionally, I use it to backup files from my PC's and I intend to use it as a simple web and mailserver in the future.

Great development, lots of functionality without burdening my PC. Even better, it actually does a better job streaming video than my overburdened PC.


Andreas - slug with attached 120G HD

Only started some days ago with this device but already love it :)

I use it as file- / mail- server for my small home network with only 4 users


works really great

PS: changed bincimap to dovecot, bincimap did not work properly

Sam - One slug with a 200GB drive earning its keep:

  1. Cheap, quiet, low-power (slug processor burns no more than 1.5W, while a typical PC sucks between 60W and 80W) web server in my kitchen keeping the polkadot ninja online all the time.
  2. qmail server, thanks to some help from Mike Brown.
  3. Backing up a whole lot of music and serving it up around the house.

Michael E Brown - (~10/2004) I have two slugs. One for my website and one for development.

Home of some unslung logos

Box 1 runs my Byte Red website 24x7, where I'm attempting to sell my art. Has a 2.5 inch 20GB Toshiba drive attached. Totally quiet, and a trickle of electricity. I'm using Thttpd 2.25b from ACME Laboratories for my webserver, Webalizer for my website usage statistics, and qmail for my mailserver.
Box 2 contains a fairly complete GNU development environment. Just overclocked. Has a 2.5 inch 40GB Toshiba drive attached. Occasionally attach another 40GB USB drive for backup.

Gerald Clark - I have 2 slugs.

  1. DHCP and DNS server. Running dnsmasq under Unslung V3.2 with a jffs2 root file system. This replaces an old Pentium tower.
  2. Development and experimentation.

Sheldon Stokes - I have one slug and a LaCie 250 Gb drive

I use mine for:

  1. Windows backup of certain directories (manual at this point)
  2. OS X desktop complete backups via NFS mount and the psync perl script (before you get excited, the perl script is on the mac side)
  3. Repository of my entire MP3 collection (still ripping).
  4. I am sharing my collection (above) via mt-daapd to my Mac upstairs so I can listen to my collection as I rip.
  5. An always there go-between for frequently used files on my various computers.

Future ideas:

  1. Common browser bookmark repository.
  2. Webcam for my dogs
  3. X10 thingy
  4. Paperweight when I hose the firmware
  5. Main controller for a mobile robot

Doug Knabe - I have one slug (v3.17) and two 250GB Hitachi Disks

I use mine for:

  1. Storage for 150 GBytes of Audio wav files, with automated backup.
  2. Source for audio files for my Turtle Beach Audiotron music player
  3. Improving Linux skills
  4. Dual access to data files from both my Linux and W2K machines via unfs3

Matt McNeill - My set up is as follows:

  1. Slug v3.17
  2. 1 Maxtor 250 (FAT32 Formatted more that half full)
  3. 1 20Gb 2.5in laptop HDD in a HotDrive USB powered caddy
  4. connected to a NETGEAR FM114P wireless router
  5. 1 HotHub USB Hub
  6. 1 Belkin Multipurpose USB2 caddy which is great for digging about in old HDDs.

I'm currently using this for:

  1. Exploring Linux - I have managed to get the native toolchain up and running and evel compiled mysql, php and some other biggies. Took a day to compile mysql though. I've now got debian running on a MS Virtual PC to do cross compiles which is much quicker.
  2. Disk 1 is 20Gb 2.5in Laptop drive and is powered by the SLUG.
  3. Sharing out my Maxtor Drive on Disk 2 (Note: because of the non-spindown "feature" I only connect this on an ad-hoc basis and therefore it loses a lot of its advantage)
  4. Remote Access via OpenSSH and SCP/SFTP (very cool, especially with WinSCP and Putty)
  5. Media server to the Phillips MCW770 with Twonkyvision 2.8 - internet radio now works without any problems.
  6. IRC over remote shell. I have managed to get OpenSSH tunneling to work and connect my IRC client to the miau IRC proxy which logs the channel conversations for me and maintains my connections. Really good solution now, especially with BitchX text based IRC client I now have comprehensive cover.
  7. Remote tunneling proxy (using vtun?) Currently using OpenSSH tunnels with Putty to manage this. It will be interesting to find out more about vtun when info becomes available.

My network setup can be seen here

What I want to use it for in the future:

  1. Mail server (I'm particularly interested in the work of Joule on this) - I understand there are now many options for this, but not got round to playing with it yet.
  2. USB Samba Print server (This will require replacement of the Linksys Kernel) - I understand this is possible now, but not got round to getting it working.
  3. Use it with a USB hub to connect more than 2 HDDs - this is a limitation of Unslung, so might have to wait for openslug to mature a bit.

VoodooZ (Stephane Gauthier)

I'm currently helping out with the OpenSlug development so we can have a plain linux distribution based on the 2.6 kernel to run on it.

I'm using my slug as a cheap development board for my newest mobile robot to compete in the Trinity College Firefighting home robot contest in Hartford.

I will/plan to equip the robot with:

  • A cheap bluetooth USB adapter to remotely monitor/control it via a web interface and/or ssh in.
  • 256MB USB flash disk for program storage to minimize power consumption and space on the robot.
  • A cheap USB camera to give the robot vision! The possibilities are endless!

For more details on my projects: http://robotics.no-ip.org


My NSLU2 was purchased with a very clear objective in mind - turn it into a USB <---> Ethernet adaptor for my PVR. It is currently running V2.3R25-uNSLUng-able-2.8-alpha connected to a Topfield TF5000PVRt with a custom application used to communicate with the Toppy.

The goal is to turn this setup into a custom firmware image that inexperienced users can flash and convert a stock standard Linksys product into a home network gateway for their Topfield PVR.

Bill Bradford

Hooked to a 120G Western Digital HD in a generic CompUSA USB2.0 enclosure. Got Unslung installed tonight, and am using the slug as a fileserver for my Macs (iMac G5, iBook G4) and my wife's Windows box, as well as an iTunes server for the Macs.


I am running the NSLU2 as TwonkyVision Musicserver with 160GB Hitachi Drive in a noname case... I splitted the drive in four partitions:

   0.25GB ext3  /data
   0.25GB ext3  /conf
   0.5GB  swap  /swap
   159GB FAT32  /vfat

so that i can use the drive still on my Windows PC ....

...and it works great!

Don't forget to visit the "German NSLU2 User Group": http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/nslu2-german/

Added: Flashed uNSLUng-3.17-beta some days ago and it seems to work great :-)


- With a Samsung 160GB 7.2KRPM drive in a Sweex 3.5" enclosure.

This is a really cool thing. The main attraction of this box is being something that can be up 24:7 and make as little noise as possible. My own uses are:

1: PRESENT: Music and video storage for my XBox. Finally the XBox HDD can get some rest and make the living room less noisy. This is the reason I bought the slug in the first place and I've been using it this way for more than a month.

2: PRESENT: FTP server. As soon as I can build Alpha 3 on my PC there will a pretty nice server too in VSFTPD.

3: PRESENT: Backup unit (manual) for my own documents (mostly LaTeX). Hope to be able to integrate this with some type of revision control on the slug side, but I will not fight for it.

4: PRESENT/FUTURE: Torrent-client - some of these torrents take forever - what is better than letting them run on one of these devices (I am a bit in doubt about the memory use, but I will find out). LibBT is here, but no web-frontend pending the port of Python.

5: FUTURE: Closed-circuit P2P (Waste) so I can access all my computers' files (including the slug) regardless of location. I'm doubtful that Waste can be fitted but I'll give it a go.

6: PRESENT: A place to log the output from my Linksys WRT54GS and the SpeedTouch 510 (the latter is still to be hooked up).

When it comes to the downsides mentioned by a fellow user above: speed is slow (about 3MB/s) and this seems to be a USB issue on the SLUG (network is not the main issue as speed is slow locally). Some blame this on pathetic CPU power, but come, come - there is more balls in the slug than that. I would guess a bad USB implementation or a faulty driver. Maybe we will never know.

The spin down issue will hopefully be addressed soon (Samsung does not have support for auto spin down), since this is not a pure slug problem but a general thing with USB drives.

I must say that I am so impressed all the work that has been, and is being done on this project! I hope to be able to contribute with things related to (4) and (5).


I've got mine setup with a second instance of thttpd serving webpages to the public, ssh and sftp for terminal, tunneling, and file transfer purposes. I've tunneled SMB over SSH before, and I've configured squid to allow secure wireless browsing on unsecured access points by tunneling into the slug via ssh and passing the proxy through the tunnel to squid. I use the SMB shares for simple backup from computers on the network, and I've used the slug as a repository for partition images of the system partitions of systems on my network.

I'm running a Fujitsu 80GB drive in a Bytecc enclosure.


I´m using mine as a mediaserver for my DVD player Transgear DVX-500E http://www.mpeg-playcenter.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2833#21387


One NSLU with Unslung 2.12 [just upgraded to 3.16] installed. 1 - 200 GB Maxtor HD in a Bytecc ME-320X enclosure. I have installed TwonkyVision Media Server, and using it to stream to an SMC EZStream SMCWAA-B, which is hooked up to a Russound A-Bus (whole house) audio system. My MP3 collection is sitting on the drive, and I can stream that as well as Shoutcast stations throughout the whole house.


I am using it as an small webserver and some PHP programing. Just got this wiki up and running: http://wmu9k.homeunix.org/ with WikiRootry a small PHP wiki.


What a fantastic piece of kit. In the couple of days I've had it, the Slug has effectively consigned my power hungry, noisy behemoth of a desktop to a life in the off position. Using it with a 250GB OneTouch, with an extra 120GB in the post for the following:

- as an SSH server - useful for accessing the outside world through work's firewall; - as an ftp server; - as an iTunes server; - as a media library for my Xbox - beats turning on the Xbox only to realise the desktop server wasn't running.

Finally, to the poster above who was looking for a text based IRC client: this was an aim of mine as well. Turns out to be easier than I thought. Just install the excellent Perl port and use a simple Perl client (for example: http://www.guru-group.fi/~too/sw/releases/irc.perl)


One slug running OpenDebian? BE. 3x250GB Hitachi drives, in Silverdrive (no-name) enclosures using ALi chipset.

  • External vsftpd server through home firewall.
  • NTP server for the home network.
  • NFS client to satellite receiver (Dreambox 7000) -> I can see all my recorded movies :-)... serving via Samba the same and MP3s for play across the house.
  • also serves my DIVX collection :-)
  • storage server for family pictures (including automated daily rsync between 2 disks)

great work team, thanks a lot for making this possible!!!


I just got it Unslung (3.17Beta) and put up SSH. I will use my slug to replace a Linux server. It will offer webpages, gateway access via SSH into my LAN, and I want to try out Subversion on it. Since I run a Linux/Windows network, I will put up nfs also.

Maybe I can finally get my wife to put all the pictures on the server now.

If I get the feel of this system, I'll try to see if I can contribute back. I see the need for better documentation, maybe enhance the FAQ section? We will see.

The work so far has been great, I look forward to what this may become.


I just got mine Unslung and added mt-daapd to serve music to a Roku Soundbridge. Now to get it to backup my data like Sheldon Stokes did.


I've Unslung my box with V 3.16 and a 80 Gb IDE HD enclosure.

I'm using it as a iTunes server with a Roku Soundbridge network player. It's a totally killing combination :-)

One more thing : when you program the Unslung firmware from Linksys original one, re-partition and format your main disk after the firmware upgrade, so that you have the uNSLUng root password, instead of the Linksys one. A format only is not enough, as it only formats the data partition and the password is on another partition ...

[Usurper. What does this mean? Is it documented anywhere? If not... why/why not?]


Unslung with 3.17 and running a Hitachi 80GB drive in an Icy Box enclosure.

Currently using with mt_daapd to serve mp3s to my Roku Soundbridge. (Do you spot a pattern?)

Planning to investigate serving web-pages and opening up the ssh port for tunnelling some time soon.


Unslung with v3.16, 200GB WD attached.

NSLU is plugged into D-Link DWL-810+ wireless bridge.

TwonkyVision media server (http://www.twonkyvision.de/) streams mp3s to a Linksys WMLS11B...

Drive is FAT32 formatted and NSLU is also sharing this on a windows network.

All wireless...


Device a) Unslung with v3.17, 40GB

Device b) Unslung with v3.17, 2 x 120GB

Device a) is used only for development. Installed the crosstool-native just a few hours ago. leafnode (a small nntp-server) ist already up and running ;-)

Device b) is a serving the home-fileserver for mp3 and other data. Will be also a nntp-server after testing on a).


Firstly a big thank to all who have contributed to make Unslung, it's made a great piece of kit into an absolutely fantastic one.

Unslung with v3.17, 40GB Laptop HD attached - completely silent

NSLU is plugged into Netgear DG824M Router.

TwonkyVision music server on the slug streams mp3s or internet radio to a Netgear MP101.

Drive is FAT32 formatted and NSLU is also sharing this across the network.


Have one slug.

  • USB1 with 250G LaCie HD hanging off it.
  • USB2 with USB Soundcard hanging off (Griffin iMic in my case, also tried others).

Patched the unslung-able-kernel to allow for USB Audio. Ported alsa-drivers to OpenEmbedded and built for unslung-able-kernel. Ported a set of audio utilities, accumulating into the port of MPD (http://www.musicpd.org). My slug is playing music to my stereo system now, feeding of the MP3s on the disk. It also feeds in Internet Radio stations. To control it I use a webbrowser through a php front and a client on my iPAQ.

I am currently wrapping up all of the above to feed back into OpenEmbedded and the unslung cvs so this can become available to you all in packages. I will write a Howto about this some time later.

This entry was added in February - any update on that Howto? (nag, nag, nag) - Hannes


Have one slug and one in backorder

  • USB1 200GB Maxtor with noname casing

Running Gallery on Apache/PHP ( Running DP500Serv, a streaming MediaServer for the KiSS networked DVD/DivX players. And also use it to record Satelite TV with my Dreambox.


Have one slug hooked up to a Western Digital 180GB in a Vantec NexStar casing.

  1. Running mt-daapd for servering music to iTunes
  2. Running appWeb to experiment with for webdevelopment
  3. Running OpenSSH to securely logon to the slug for maintenance
  4. Running CCXStream, but haven't used it to server content to XBox Media Player.

Overall, a very happy user!


http://misplacedkeys.net (blog - not on slug)

Have one slug hooked up to a Maxtor OneTouch 200GB, and a USB SD/Key reader


  1. OpenDebianSlug?

with OpenSSH, vncserver, Samba (as PDC), LAMP, popularity-contest


  • 2 Slug; 3.18 Beta; 200GB External
  • NFS, SMB server
  • Jinzora Server

I bought my NSLU2 to share a disk for my Linux and windows boxes. I found your distro and installed Unslung. Since I am a beta tester for Jinzora jukebox software I did install it on PHP Apache. Supprise it works and now im using it to play all my music with the slim.php from Jinzora, very nice it streams to a flash player on my computers. Thank you guys.



  • 1 slug: 3.18 beta with 1GB flash
  • OpenSSH
  • thttpd

Bought one NSLU2 for fun and also to show my son how tiny a computer could be. Reflashing, unslinging and getting familiar with the beast took one evening. Next day I added SSH to access the slug from work. Got SSH working next day and also thttpd (2nd copy, after moving Linksys's 'thttpd' to another port) serving my Website from 1GB flash. Surprized how easy it all was as I had not touched any Unixes for about 10 years. A bit disappointed with the speed - NT4 with Pentium 200MHz and 24MB RAM is noticeably quicker on the local subnet but from the Internet there is no visible difference. It was all good fun and I am expecting to get a lot more - adding mail server, NTP and streaming videos through internal LAN. Maybe wiki. Will add also GNU compiler as I am sure I'd want to write something custom built.

Seymour (boogers@snot.net) - 2 Slug, Unslung 5.5

1st slug

1 1GB Sony USB 2.0 USB stick. 1 300GB Western Digital - external USB 2.0 case.

  • Dropbear
  • MRTG
    built thanks to a friendly post and friendly co-worker
  • Perl
  • syslogd
    accepts and archives daily WRTG54 access and system info with Talisman source running
  • Logging files into berkely db file. However I will be changing that to MySQL so I can do quick and dirty TOP, SELECT FROM, etc commands and not write dirty Perl.
  • thttpd cp mythttpd for mrtg.
  • thttpd cp thttpd-x for music. running homegrown perl script for viewing and downloading music.

2nd slug 2 60GB Western Digital - external USB 2.0 case.

  • stores personal data
  • runs backup from drive 1 to drive 2 for personal data.

This is replacing a Win2K3 (dual proc) box with 6 60GB drives. This is to save power and environment. Haven't touched Linux|unix in several years and I honestly have to say I love Microsoft OS. However this has been something that has change a few thoughts. Just a great device considering the $$, size and power.


Running an old OpenSlug build with

  • Laptop HD (no external power supply, quiet) in Trekstor case.
  • SSH server for remote access.
  • hourly/daily backups of multiple UNIX boxes via rsnapshot.
  • Serial port added with a good old serial terminal attached for reading mail via SSH and watching kernel panics.


  • MPD
  • Backups of Windows boxes with rsnapshot

Greg Frye 2 slugs

 Unslung 6.8; 1 160GB Seagate drive
  • backup space for 3 Windows pc's
  • Repository of my entire MP3? collection (iTunes ripped)
  • iTunes server via mt-daapd to Windows and Mac
  • Twonkyvision to serve media to my Netgear MP101?
  • go-between for files on various computers
 Unslung 6.8; 1 250GB Maxtor OneTouch? drive
  • alternate backup space for 3 Windows pc's
  • Asterisk PBX

DougLourey V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5 beta

  • 5 NSLU2 File servers
  • 1 NSLU2 Music server
  • ME-740U2 USB HDD Enclosure w/200gig Seagate and Western Digital drives (12 installed)
    • FTP - VSFTPD - complete : )
    • Web - ThttpdWebserver - complete : )
      http://lourey.com Click on Photo Albums link
    • OverClock - complete : )
    • Dropbear - for secure Telnet - complete : )
    • Email Server - not started yet

Bert Mengerink

2 slugs (one still original with 250GB MaxStor, other with V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5 beta and two 1 GB flash drives)

Large one to be used for file-server, iTunes server Double flash to be used as web-server with Mambo Open Source Content Management System Later more functionality, like Forums, video-server, etc.


  • 1 slug V2.3R29-uNSSLUng-5.5 beta, 20GB 2.5" Hitachi drive on a 2.5" NexStar Aluminum case
  • 1 Twonky music server
  • 1 thttpd Webserver

Both runs great!


  • Im hooked on the NSLU2, I have 2 already.
  • It used to be SLUK running unslung (5.5) serving a 250G and 300G USB disk thru samba and mt-daapd with openssh, rsync, and rsnapshot it did what I wanted the easy way. Then there was a openslug 2.5 binary, running from 128MB flash (64MB / and 64MB swap), for testing and poking around.
  • Now its all debonaras.org all the way for my NSLU2! Since Im a debian fan all the way. Still sticking with one for stable serving of files/music and one for the testing.

I have a tiny 2 port USB hub hooked up sometimes that contain a bluetooth dongle, a gps, a USB wifi or an external disk (noname cheap cabinet). I may be getting another slug pretty soon...

Stephan Hughson

Only 1 slug for now. Running vsftpd, openssh and that's it for now. Might turn into a USB printer and bittorrent server soon. Thanks.

  • update - 08/06/07 **

Now my slug has been unlocked to run at full speed, is running Debian and is currently in use as a print server only.


1 Slug Running MySQL, PHP-Apache, Dropbear and Dokuwiki. This thing rocks.

John Baker

Slug running

  • V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5-beta
  • Overclocked to 266MHz
  • 1GB flash disk

thttpd, php and net-snmp installed

My goal is to turn the Slug into a network monitoring device using php code that I have written and by using MRTG.

Just waiting for PHP to be compiled with Sockets and SNMP.

Nick Pye - nick dot pye at gmail.com

Unslung 5.5 Beta / ext Tsunami 30gb laptop usb drive

  • Wordpress 1.5
  • qdig
  • ntp
  • dns
  • rrdtool / rrdmonitor
  • CGI/proxy
  • lilina
  • ssh

de-clocked 266mhz

Luke Pickering. luke [is at] ext [addadot] canterbury [addanother] ac [lastdot] nz

Hiya, I run a small consulting company which does quite a bit of linux work. The NSLU2 looked like it had quite a bit of potential and so I've been using it for some experimental work lately.

It has proved to be reliable, with good uptime, and the instructions to run Unslung 5.5 were clear so I installed that early on.

Since then I've installed Apache/PHP, MySQL, Webalizer, whois, IMAP (Uwash), dropbear and a number of other utilities to see how it would go as a mini-server for some of my smaller clients. Many thanks to those that have developed and packaged these for the NSLU2 - they installed and operated with a minimum of fuss (unlike some other distributions!). My only problem is that an upgrade of busybox had a conflict with something else I installed so it never happened.

Anyway it's certainly not fast, so I'm not sure how it would work in real practice but for mail, backup, and other lesser tasks I think there is certainly potential here for this. Perhaps if I was to overclock then the speed would improve enough to make it more useful in some situations.

Of interest to others perhaps is that I have successfully installed PHPGroupware? [www.phpgroupware.org], and it appears to work reasonably well albeit rather slowly. When installing the applications into the MySQL database the device froze and required a restart but everything seemed to be there at that time and I was able to continue with the installation and setup normally.

So if you're looking for a webmail/calendar client then this might be worth a try. If anyone needs a howto I'd be happy to write one up.

If you really want to see yet another site running one of these then you could try:

kombi [dot] ath [another dot] cx:5418

Ignore the stuff on the page, it's merely there as something to look at and see how the wee beastie is performing, I'm even more useless than I claim to be there. PhpGroupware? can be reached with a /phpgroupware/login.php at the end of this address. Username demo, password demo, but be warned it is _slow_ ! Additionally I have NOT configured the mail section for security reasons but you will get the idea I'm sure :-) Calendar etc should display ok.



uNSLUng Version - V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5-beta

Slimserver Version - V6.1.0

2 x 256 Mb USB Flash Drives.

NSLU2 Clocked to 266MHz by removing R83.

Right now the Slug is serving up internet radio to 2 SliMP3 players in different rooms without a hitch, CPU is 55-75% according to top. Nice one!

To do the install, the order I followed was

  1. Installed uNSLUng firmware
  2. Followed the UseAMemoryStickAsMainDrive instructions
  3. Followed the InstallSlimServer instructions

Not sure why but has a couple of hicups along the way..

received a libz.so error on the 'file' util post installing the dev envornment - Fixed with ipkg install zlib
received a 'which' not found error compiling the slimserver perl modules fixed by adding /opt/bin to the path.
finally the slim server refused to start due to lack of memory, fixed by adding the second flash drive being used to add some swap (who knows how long it will last) :-)



The first embedded MP3 Surround Decoder of the World was run on a NSLU2.

  • Unslung firmware 5.5 (now Openslug 2.0)
  • USB 5.1 sound interface
  • ALSA 1.0.9
  • And of course the MP3 Surround decoder

Best Regards,

Anonymous Coward

NSLU2 - Overclocked (removed R83) Hosting my divx and mp3 collection to my modded xbox under the telly. Backs up all my docs from my main PC every day using samba and an app called Cobian Backup Its my first play with Linux at home, though I have used it a bit previously but only to accomplish certain work tasks. Good fun to play properly without messing up a clients box :) Have installed phpgroupware for webmail and filesharing to my brother, but alas was too slow to be workable really so need to look at something else instead. I was actually surprised how easy it was to set up an SQL server, Apache webserver, PHP and Groupware! I expected it to be lot worse TBH.

Plans for future: Learn more about Linux, especially the standard directory structure as I am having trouble tracking down config files and logs in there at the mo ;) Get a web-based fileserver running for remote access to my MP3, vids, docs Get mail server setup General playing about.


NSLU2 unsluged with 160GB hd.


  • storing all my media on a network
  • php-thttpd web server: ok


  • using php-thttpd to serve file for the Freebox (a cheap adsl+phone+tv+mpg2 device connected to TV and hifi system) using a dedicated webinterface.


Landslide (David T)

A fattened and overclocked NSLU2 (128MB RAM) with a 1GB memstick for my root drive.

I plan to start building some packages and contributing to the NSLU2 Linux community.

Currently just toying with slug, learning about embedded Linux.

I'd been researching home NAS solutions for a while, and the info on www.nslu2-linux.org sold me on the Slug versus the Kuro or Dynology products&communities.

Jumped in with MyFirstSlug and two external Seagate Barracuda drives (200G & 300G from Frys Outpost for $170 total after rebates). Most of the headaches were hardware related (testing different enclosures, disk configs, etc). Finally settled on a pair of MetalGearBoxes? that were (1) cheap, (2) fanless but ventilated and (3) worked. Replacing the firmware with UnSlung? 5.5 was the easiest part. Thanks!

Now: serving photos 24X7 to various displays in the house and backing up networked machines nightly. Future: iTunes server, Gallery, ProFtpd, and general Linux experimentation.

This site rocks!

Normally-clocked (but soon to be de-underclocked) Slug running OpenVPN. Took a while to get going but it works perfectly now. I'm considering buying a bunch for work as they're so cheap and low power they make excellent VPN servers.

Tim V - if anyone wants help with OpenVPN you can try me (email talltim at gmail)

Alexander Dong

One Slug, overclocked. OpenSlug 2.5 Beta, 160GB HD, Use a 128MB USB stick as swap partition.

Use as a small web server for eBay pictures. Also as file server for Windows machines and streaming server for my DBOX2 (Not working fine now, recording broken).


 - Apache
 - Samba
 - NFS
 - NTPClient

What I would like to do:

 - Build up a development environment and try to compile ggrab
 - Try my webcam. :-)

Cheers Alexander Dong ( qiwen ! gmx (a) de )

slebetman http://slebetman.homeip.net

SLUG1 - Overclocked, added serial port, 80GB HD, uNSLUng.

Use as my main web server. Also as a means to access all my files from the outside world via SFTP/SSH.

This is actually my main machine right now. I'm accessing it either via my wife's Windows box or from work. Apart from this sweet slug I don't personally own another PC.

In the future I'll also be using it as a home automation server/master (why I need the serial port).


1 NSLU2, overclocked, 250GB Maxtor running Openslug 2.5 beta

  • Serves files to the workstations via Samba / NFS
  • Remote acces via SSH/SFTP
  • WakeLan to remotely wake up a workstation
  • Apache + mod_php4 for a small website and for putting public documents on the web
  • Monitors UPS (MGE Protection Center 500) via NUT 2.0.1
  • DynDNS update
  • ntpdate to synchronize clock
  • Native development enviroment (to install stuff like NUT from source)


A newbie to this fun and I'm still figuring out how best utilize the toyz. Web server enhancements and remote access thru the hardware firewall are next on the learning program.

  1. 1 NSLU2 , overclocked, 2*200GB, slug 5.5beta, Twonkyvision mediaserver, SSH
  2. 2 NSLU2, R63 firmware, 1* 250GB NTFS +????. Nice to see that multiple NTFS drives show up with hub stuck onto disk 1.

Willy Tarreau - 2005/09/04

Found this project very interesting and loved the box when I first saw its description 2 months ago. I now use it as a general purpose little server, for various things including code portability testings, benchmarks, temporary replacement system, web server load-balancer, etc... I've even never used the initial firmware. Now, the box has changed quite a bit :

  • "overclocked" to 266 MHz
  • added the serial port
  • added USB device port
  • modded it to auto-power on

I've taken several intermediate photos that you can find here : http://w.ods.org/nslu2/photos

Phil Endecott -

I've installed OpenDebianSlug? on a brand-new NSLU2 with a 512MByte flash drive. I've boosted the clock speed to 266MHz using the resistor mod.

I'm using it to serve a printer via a D-Link 7-port USB 2.0 hub, using CUPS. Power to the printer is switched by the Slug using my SlugPower power switch. The print queue can be displayed on my SlugTerm LCD display, which I can also use to log in using a USB keyboard.

It is also set up as an NFS server, serving a 4GB flash drive as /home to my other machines. (The only moving parts in my network are in the printer: no fans, no disks.)

It also logs the power output from my solar panel over a Zigbee radio link, which is graphed here.

I have set up a cross development environment and used it to port Anyterm (see http://anyterm.org/).

There are links to all of my Slug projects here.

Wibbleman - 10 Sep 2005

One week in after first loading Unslung5.5beta, I've now got a total of 3 SLUG's (all de-underclocked, of course)

SLUG1 - 80GB/7200 USB Disc, raw drive & cheap cable.

SLUG2 - Similar to SLUG, planned to be compile/development/test host

        Using another spare 80GB disc and £1 USB/IDE cable from ebay!

SLUG3 - Solid State Slug - 1GB Flash Disc, still running Apache+MySQL?+PHP & Multiple PHP-Apps etc!

Running APACHE/MySQL/PHP/ATFTP/PROFTP/FREERADIUS etc., also MC, DROPBEAR, CRON, NTPCLIENT, XINETD, NLOAD etc (PHP Apps include PhpMyadmin, WebCal, Gallery2 (Imagemagick not running), Moodle, EGroups, PHPBB, MediaWiki, GeekLog, Webalizer etc etc etc). (Note: Some apps (eg: Gallery/Moodle etc) are unusably slow, even on disc based SLUG - but its the principle that counts!)

Using the IP aliasing and virtual hosts capability of Apache/ProFTP I have got a single SLUG sitting as 10 virtual hosts, each at a seperate IP address etc. Neat Trick!

Great fun, was a challenge to get familair with LINUX, but think Ive made it!

Spiral Scratch 12 Sep 2005

After a little bit of fiddling around, now the proud owner of an unslung (5.5 beta) NSLU2 running mt-daapd.

HD is 120GB Western Digital in a CompUSA own label 3.5" external drive case.

Next up: VPN, Gallery2 (thanks for the idea Wibbleman!). I may even dare to de-underclock soon.

Ron - 13 Sep 2005

After having 'played' with Debian on some older PC's, I stumbled across this little device. I started with Unslung 5.5 but had some stability issues and decided to give OpenSlug a try. My Slug has been running rocksolid stable ever since. Haven't overclocked it yet, but will do so very soon. had a spare 2.5" USB hardisk (40GB) which holds everyting at the moment (rootfs, data, swap). It is powered through the USB interface of the Slug.

My Slug is used as a replacement for an old PC running Debian and acting as a fileserver, mailserver, webserver, DNS/DHCP server, FTP server, Time server for the LAN. Currently I'm running:

 - OpenSlug 2.5-beta

Had to compile XMAIL natively from the original sources since I couldn't get the Unslung package running and there is no OpenSlug package.

Next: PHP-enabled website (like AppWeb or PHP-THTTPD) for this Slug and a second Slug to act as firewall.

Ed Luck - 13 Sep 2005

One Slug, running OpenSlug 2.5 beta, VSFTPD and Samba. Storage is a 200GB Western Digital WD2000JB. Very quiet, so long as you dampen the vibration of the drive with some foam padding under the USB hard disk case.

A bit of history: The appeal of low-power and zero noise appliances is extremely appealing to me because I hate noisy computers (I spend hours and hours in server rooms). I was introduced to this wonderful world of embedded Linux by the Linksys WRT54G, now quite happily running OpenWrt for some time! My recently purchased Slug has been de-underclocked and has replaced my noisy and power-hungry Active Directory DC. Running Samba as a PDC, I now have a totally silent fileserver and domain controller that pulls less than 20 watts.

What more could you ask!

SwavMcAv - 13 Sep 2005

I have achieved the next step on the path to audio visual enlightment!

I finally unslung the slug to 5.5 Beta and installed DP500serv 1.7.

This streams the content of my USB drives in the attic of my house to the Kiss DVD player under the telly in the living room. If I need more storage for my media I can just plug in another cheap Maxtor drive.No power hungry PC required. Just my wee slug humming away in the attic.

FanBloodyTastic !

What next? Bittorrent? mail server? Itunes?..ah the possibilities.

Big thanks to BiG for the DPServe software.

Jeroen - 18 Sep 2005 (updated 2008.02.23)

I have two slugs in my network. Paradise is running Debian and is over-used as a music box (output through Aureon 5.1 USB MKII, played with MPD, with epmcd as one control and using LIRC through a Windows Media Center 2005 remote as the other), WebCam? (using Motion for feeding it to the network, of course over IPv6) and as a generic archive box (also for the music :). Oh and it is providing the IPv6 connectivity to my whole network using AICCU(approve sites) and radvd. This as the current DD-WRT beta builds don't come with IPv6 enabled.

Eden unfortunately is quite dead, it won't boot anymore, I'll need to JTAG it to get it to work. gallery.unfix.org moved to abaddon.unfix.org which is a very nice hosted box, which is quite a bit faster than a slug, can't have 1Gbit ports on a slug now can we.

Avinesh - September 20, 2005

Running a turbo slug using Unslung 5.5 beta with an 120 GB Seagate 7200 RPM drive in an external 3.5" ByteCC USB 2.0 enclosure. Currently running Apache 2.0.54, PHP 5.0.4, eAccelerator 0.9.2, MySQL 4.11, OpenSSH 3.8pl1, WordPress 1.5.2, Webalizer and Samba at www.avinesh.com.

Firewall and NAT are provided by a Linksys WRT54G v2 running with 32 MB SDRAM (unlocked) and Talisman/Basic 1.0.5. DynDNS service provided by ZoneEdit.com.

Thanks go to the NSLU2-Linux team for making this happen. Keep up the good work!

Bomi - September 22, 2005

Running NSLU2 with Unslung 5.5beta: Apache+PHP, MySQL, FTP, OpenSSH. All stored on a 250GB WD2500 Harddisk. And I still use the harddisk to save data, mp3s and other files over the net... It was so easy to install. Thanks 4 all of your work!

Lou - September 23, 2005

Running NSLU2 with Openslug 2.1beta with some 2.3beta packages. Waiting for 2.6. Been running for a number of months.

LDAP, DHCP, DNS, NTP, NFS, syslog-ng, postfix

Daz - September 27, 2005

Running NSLU2 with Unslung 5.5Beta - Un-De-Clocked with Seagate 80GB Barracuda HDD for silent running.

Loaded Samba, SWAT, Apache, PHP, MySQL and tried phpBB - but runs a little slow! Well worth the £50 I spent on ebay!

Thanks to you all for your hard work.

hilikus - September 29, 2005

Unslung 5.5Beta on a 300GB Seagate, R83 removed.

Shares media via samba to my main PC, wifi laptop and xbox. Using samba for itunes rather than have another daemon running. OpenSSH for key\passphrase only remote access. Screen and ctorrent for BitTorrent, apart from not reporting download stats or when you disconnect to the tracker, it works rather well.

Planning to add more memory, and look into a way to manage hdd spindown via the slug

seanzilla oct 4 2005

unslung 5.5 512 mb usb stick in slot 1 and maxtor 1 touch as drive 2

My slug is serving webpages with apache, twonkyvision is dishing out the media, and VSFTPD is doing its thing. I have also un-underclocked by removing the resistor noted and have not had any problems.

Lurgen - 5 October 2005

Unslung 5.5 2 x Seagate Barracuda 400GB IDE disks 2 x Vantec USB2/Firewire drive cases

I'm running with the standard partitions on SDA1, SDA2 and SDA3 with the root partition unslung to SDA1. The difference is my SDA1 is a mere 1GB in size. SDA4 and SDB4 are identically configured partitions joined together in a RAID0 configuration. Took a lot of work to get it right, but I now have almost 800GB of RAID0 disk available to me.

Primary use is sharing out my media collection (video and audio), but I also use it to store backups of data that resides on other machines.

Thanks for all the effort from the entire project group too.

EddyP - 10 October 2005

One slug running Unslung 5.5 1x40 GB HDD 1xUSB-Fast Ethernet Adapter (apparently from Mentor) (has the AX88712 chip)

The slug runs as:

 * router/firewall for my internet connection
 * ftp server
 * subversion server for my work


 * web server to host my projects
 * build/test machine for Debtoo

I want to thank all the guys that contributed to this project, and also to the ones that made it possible.


Unslung 5.5b, 1GB flash disk, OC'ed Reverse Proxy server (apache) for internal webservers sshd Tried to run Jinzora but it was too slow

Soon: moving reverse proxy to squid Main portal for internal sites

Love the possibilities of this machine, thinking about getting another one to play since this one is in production now :-)


Three slugs (OpenSlug 2.7):

  • One slug (memstick as / partition, compactflash card as /home) uses photopc to control a Coolpic 995 digital camera which acts as a webcam.
  • Another slug (memstick as / partition, compactflash as /home) run two 1-wire weather station networks.
  • The last slug (64MB RAM, memstick as / partition, compactflash as /home and 300GB Maxtor OneTouch as /mp3 partition) has a GPS attached, logs its data and is used as an NTP server. Also, it runs SlimServer and provide MP3 and internet radio to one SliMP3 and one Squeezebox. This slug has a swap file and I also use it for native compiling.

They all serve what they log with NFS, but I'm considering to use unison instead. I managed to make a bytecode version of unison, whereas a native code version failed because ocaml uses hardware floating point whereas the gcc toolchain uses software floating points.

JimmyFergus - NSLU2/Debian ssh/web/mail/squirrelmail/privoxy server. Turboslugged 2005/10

Dennis (diggo a t freewaregamez.de)

1 x NSLU2 - I am using DebianSlug and run:

  • One complete LAMP
  • Torrentdownloader
  • MRTG, to watch my Servers and Routers
  • Not yet a PDC, this will be on my next NSLU :)



 * De-underclocked Slug running unslung 5.5 Beta
 * 250 Gb Maxtor Drive in icybox USB 2.0 Enclosure so no spindown (yet)
 * Twonkyvision Media Server: to stream music everywhere (See Note)
 * Samba: for file storage        
 * thttpd: for our family web server

Note: I was never going to accept a Windows Box as a proprietary or uPnP server for Media files, but I never thought the Linux box that would do it would be this small!

Great work guys!



NSLU2 w/o disk drive serves as an ethernet interface of a topfield TF5000PVR

  • uNSLUng 5.5
  • puppy 1.11*
  • ftpd-topfield 0.6

all installed in flash, using perl and Net::FTP to communicate


One slug running Unslung 5.5 160GB USB hard drive modified vdr-mediamvp (0.1.6), the server for hauppauge mediamvp now has most of the functions enabled, videos, music, photos (slideshow) internet radio, news feed, etc.

Thanks for all the guys making this possible.

Dave P

One slug running unslung 5.5 with a 250GB western digital branded enclosure. It's running:

  • appweb with gallery 1.5
  • proftpd
  • openssh/ssl
  • kernel nfs - I did try unfs3 but I couldn't get it to work with my BSD box.

todo: turbo mod the slug, set up a dns cache, think about setting up a http proxy.

Frank L

Got me one Slug, fed it some 266MHz steroids and set it up as file server and iTunes server in 2 days... not bad for a Windows geek but Linux beginner (of the absolute kind).

This is the most amazing thing I ever saw.... and it's not the end.

Steve W

One Slug running 5.5Beta with a 250Gb Buffalo USB 2.0 drive.

Using the Slug as an iTunes server (mt-daapd).

As a total Linux beginner, this took me around 4 hours to achieve, which I think just goes to show what a great job everyone has done!! Thanks to you all....

Roberto P.

Running Unslug 5.5 with Maxtor 250GB drive.

- SSH Terminal with dropbear

- iTunes Server with mt-daapd

- File sharing and network backup

It works great :-) Many thanks to Unslug Staff All.

Mark T Unslung 5.5 250GB drive using rsync over ssh to mirror live servers So easy to setup, and wonderfully cheap hardware too. Fantastic bit of kit. Will be buying more.

Liviu Ionescu

Running a modified OpenSlug (booting from a loop mounted ext filesystem stored on a FAT formatted HDD)

Freecom FHD-2 Pro 80G USB powered (the slug had no problems to power it).

Jukebox with more than 400 disks (almost 6000 songs). mt-daapd seems to have no problems with that many files, it scans the entire libray in 2-3 minutes at startup and serves iTunes in several seconds.

To update the music library I export the mp3 directory to my PC and use iTunes with the remote resource; performance is not a problem.


Hartmut Semken

Running a seasons greeting at the companies office - pure geek style.

A Slug with OpenSlug 2.5-beta sends a text file out the console port. The text file consists of VT-220 escape sequences that show a cristmas tree with blinking stars and such and a train running across the screen. The file is old (I grabbed it from the motd our admin put on the VAX in 1987, no idea where it really originates).

I am using the console port on the motherboard. As level shifter I use a cable originally intended for some GSM-Phone - cheap way to get a max3232 with all external parts and a D-sub connector :-)

Using an original Dec VT-220 is probably as retro as you can get - if you want the double height characters.

Photo of the setup on mobimuemmel-is-a-geek.net, the text file is there as well.

2-Dec-2005 hase

Jonathan H

Using a 266mhz slug with uNSLUng 5.5 Beta firmware and a 80GB Maxtor Onetouch HDD.

  • Using Postfix as a backup MX.
  • Using thttpd and MRTG to graph my router via SNMP.
  • Using cTorrent to download torrents.

As the slug is overclocked and on 24/7 I have attached a chipset heatsink using thermal adhesive to the CPU.


krifi07, Munich

just got unslung 5.5 using a Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB - which spins down as described. Thanks to all the guys who did put a lot of effort and work in producing all these descriptions - for people like me, as a complete Linux newbie. So far I did it for having a music server with TwonkyVision. Reading all this, I'm thinking about doing further nice things with it...


Thx1011, Lisbon, Portugal

 Just bought my first Slug... :-)
 Using OpenSlug 2.7 bin with an old portable 2,5' 30GB disk with a no-name case. Works very well.

 Using for:
    - Compilation environment (testing)
    - aMule 2.0.3 (Still in tests)
    - TwonkyVision for serving files to an D-Link DSM-320. It works quit well!!
    - MySql
    - Thttpd
    - OpenSSH

 Job's to be done: Compiling MediaTomb for testing.

 Lot of things for a so little device and very low power consuming device.

Good work!


  Update:  18/9/2006
  • OpenSlug is working OK.
  • aMule 2.0.3 works ok, but sometimes it crashes OpenSlug. I think some memory consuption issue or disk issue.
  • Gave up of using TwonkyVision and I use Mediatomb for streaming to D-Link DSM-320. Slug speed is ok for streaming audio, but for video, it needs nothing else to be running, like aMule for example. Otherwise it works well. My Slug is not overclocked.

kamcgough, York Pennsylvania

Slug Carputer


  • Auto start, timed shutwdowns
  • Battery Operation
  • mt-daapd
  • Twonky Mediaserver
  • Serving ROKU SoundBridge
  • Flash Boot
  • rsync'd podcasts/audiofiles over wireless
  • Serial to PalmIIIx

Soon to be released:

  • RF controlled starts from keychain fob
  • LCDProc


Peter Passchier, Vancouver, Canada

DebianOpenSlug mixing Sid and Sarge booting from OpenSlug 2.7 on 120 GB 3.5" hard drive, running at 266 MHz. Patched for auto-power-on with MCP120-450DI/TO method.

Main uses:

  • IMAP Network Mail server (fetchmail to dovecot)
  • PBX server, serving softphones on PCs and a Sayson/Aastra 480i SIP phone (asterisk)
  • TFTP server for phone config files & firmware upgrades
  • Net backup and storage for PCs (ftp/scp)
  • Network printer server - printer on second USB port (cups)
  • DNS & DHCP server
  • Wiki (didiwiki)

Future ideas:

  • Network scanner server (no-go so far...)
  • LDAP server

Texas, USA

Less than a week into NSLU2fest '06 and must say they are impressive, already replaced my main webserver with first NSLU2

NSLU2[1] http://dyn.homelinux.com/ Unslung 5.5 Beta lighttpd php openssh eaccelerator samba

msteveb Brisbane, Australia

  • OpenSlug 2.7+, no external disk, 266MHz
  • Topfield TF5000PVRt connector with ftpd-topfield
  • Bluetooth Access Point for Palm

Frankfurt, Germany

Slug running at 266mhz with OpenSlug 2.7-beta firmware.


  • PPP dialup
  • USB Bluetooth (Belkin) <--> Cell phone
  • DnsMasq (DNS/DHCP)
  • Iptables (NAT)
  • SSH/Dropbear
  • 512 MB memstick (mounted as /)

Todo (preferred to the current solution):

  • Diald
  • wvdial
  • Upgrade Slug to 128MB Ram

Hardware: Allnet ALL6100

Vyacheslav Batenin, Moscow, Russia

OpenSlug 2.7, 266 MHz

250 Gb 3.5" Hitachi DeskStar HDD, noname USB box AudioTrak OptoPlay USB sound card, connected to ZyXel P-660HW ADSL modem/WiFi router

Works as a home music center, stores MP3, FLAC music file collection, plays music files through the sound card to my home stereo system.

Controlled by HP IPAQ rx3700 PDA running Nevo 2.0 media control software.

Runs home-developed UPnP-compatible music server software.

Plans: 1) Install Squid proxy (still have to figure how to stop it constantly accessing

   filesystem to allow HDD spindown when idle).

2) Publish sources for my music server.

evilninjamaster, London, UK

  • backup of media files (.mp3, .DivX.avi, .jpgs)
  • running Twonkyvision media server to serve Video. Right now, only have a PC client (boooo!!!)... waiting for the price of A/V H/W clients to come down. WinAmp works the best.
  • serving audio to iTunes via mt-daapd

Anakin, Italy

I've a 266Mhz Slug with a 2.5" 80Gb hard-drive in a usb 2.0 case. I'm using the new DebianSlug(LE) based on official Debian etch (testing) repositories for:

  • OpenSSH server for remote administration;
  • samba&ftp&sftp access to my backups;
  • rsync for a fast syncronization of backups;
  • rtorrent to download torrents 24h/24h;
  • amuled to download from emule/kadmlia networks (controlled from my notebook with amulegui);
  • centralized syslog repository for all my networked-stuff.

I can't use it as mail-server because my ADSL provider uses to block the SMTP port :( . I'm still looking for other ideas. :D

This is a magic box!

DarkskyZ, France

2 Slugs both running unNSLUng 5.5 @ 266MHz

Slug 1 : 2 x 300Go

  • OpenSSH for secure login
  • mt-daapd to access my music library from all my LAN computers running iTunes (would need to get one of those Airtunes devices too...). This is a very cool feature !
  • NTPD to keep my SLUG on time and all my LAN devices as well !
  • rsync
  • vsftpd
  • BASH
  • All packages upgraded
  • Drive 1 to drive 2 activated (thanks to rsync hack)

Slug 2 : 1 x 40Go

  • OpenSSH
  • NTPD
  • rsync
  • BASH
  • All packages upgraded

Slug 1 and Slug 2 are actually 800km away from each other, with DSL on each side. I set up a backup job that backups some "vital" stuff from Slug 2 to Slug 1 through ssh using a script with rsync and cron. I also set up another script that synchronizes a "shared" folder on each Slug. It runs 3 times a day. Very usefull ! This remote backup function is really a cool application as I get remote backup storage as easy as pie :o)

All this really helps me improve my Linux skills each day.

Keep all these good things going !


Rien, the Netherlands

After having some stability issues with twonkyvision on unslung 5.5 I switched to openslug and it works fine now. Great device to use with Twonkyvision

my hardware: nslu2 @ 266Mhz usb1: 1 x 2,5" 10 GB disk in 2,5" conceptronics case(system) usb2: noname usb hub with attached:

    1 x 3,5" 250GB maxtor (data)
    1 x 3,5" 250GB samsung in 3,5" conceptronics case (data)

installed is: openslug twonkyvision media server 3.0 samba swat

todo: add mt-daap or openslug equivalent for itunes support

P.S. for those who wonder about the disk capacity. Yes its all used for Media files. I have put my CD collection to mp3, stored all my digital photo's and with openslug and twonkyvision I have no problems with it (mp3: 10.000, photo: 6.000,video: 250)

Thanks to all the persons who made this possible.


  • unslung 5.5
  • USB-Drive from Western Digital
  • TwonkyVision, to feed my D-Link DSM-320, seems to stream my MP3 and Divx Video's just fine!

/Peter Dahlman (peter@kod.nu)

cnczane, Westgonsin what:

  • one slug 266MHz mod before first power-on, unslung: two 300Gb Maxtor II OneTouch

why: media server vision, was:

  • one 300Gb files
  • one 300Gb backup (RAID0 or rsync'd)

vision, as implemented:

  • TWO 300Gb files
  • TWO MORE to be purchased for backup <sigh>

olli, Germany, Hannover

  • 2 Slugs, both installed with unslung 5.5, working great
  • 1 with 2 250 GB Seagate Barracuda as file storage and backup for 2 PCs, 2 Laptops and one VDR
  • 1 with 1 160 GB WD RaidEdition as OpenVPN-Server serving an incoming VPN for me,
    and serving as an OpenVPN-client-gateway to my Servers in a CC,
  • all that behind a Siemens SE515 as 1st FW (connecting 4 other appartements to the internet),
    and another (semi-good) linksys product, a WRT54G as firewall into our appartement.

Would like to do more, but not daring to ... working all so well by now ... ;-)

Three slugs:

Link_NAS - overclocked - File and Print server running uNSLUng

  - 300GB Maxtor Drive
  - Twonkymedia (for Xbox)
  - HP832c printer using Samba/cups

Link_ED - overclocked - Utility server running uNSLUng

  - 2.5GB Seagate Pocket Drive
  - CM11A for x10
  - Running heyu and bluelava to control lights

Link_STORM - web page server running Open Slug

  - 160GB Segate Drive
  - Davis Weather Envoy
  - wview handles weather data (www.taengle.net/weather)

Still have some fine tuning to do - cutting over from older boxes, but...

Went from having an OLD RedHat version on an OLD (circa 1993) PC and a 333MHz Windows box to three little slugs and now I have less heat and noise AND a lot of capacity available. These things are GREAT!


1 Slug@266MHz

  • Openslug on a 256MB USB stick
  • 250GB Drive with integrated USB 2.0 hub with samba
  • Topfield 5500PVR accessed via ftpd-topfield




2 Slugs at 266MHz

1 with latest LinkSys? Firmware soon to be unslung. Used for windows file sharing and storing music to two 250GB USB Drives.

1 Unslung 5.5

  • OpenSSH server for remote admin and mucking about with from work.
  • Extra thttp serving my own small web pages.
  • Twonkyvision UPnP? Media server serving mp3s to my Netgear MP101?.
  • Gnump3d mp3 ogg media server to my home pcs.

The Slug seems to be able to serve mp3s etc to my MP101? and up to 4 PCs? using the Gnump3d server with no problem. It does seem to take a while to boot up, must be the indexing of the large music collection.

Todo: Would like to get a webcam running for home security and remote monitoring.

All in all has been a great project and a good learning experience.

Gnump3d: Just install perl and gnump3d as per instructions and mod a file bin/getlibdir as per http://www.mail-archive.com/gnump3d-users@gnu.org/msg00143.html , works great.....


Finally have it working ! Dont laugh, its kind of complicated for the linux illiterate. Firmware is original Linksys v2.3r25 with the RamHackU2 patch. I did run a second httpd instance on port 81 with the data on a usb-flash. Worked fine. Then, i went running only one httpd instance on port 80 with the data on a usb-flash. Works fine, except that i cant enable telnet any more because i could not figure out how to chmod the telnet.cgi on the flash...

Plz dont break it, it's here

Tuxorama - Darmstadt, Germany

2 Slugs:

  • 1 with Openslug / Debian
  • 1 with Gentoo/arm


  • Attached digital vt420 Terminal
  • RFID Reader connected and running
  • Working on expansion board (4 relais / 4 Opto inputs)
  • Todo: a webcam (logitec quickcam II)
  • Todo: a sound device


  • perl running
  • samba/nfs running
  • Todo: cone mailclient
  • Todo: mp3 server

Erik H., Germany

2 Slugs (still 133 MHz?)

1. Slug is "production environment"

   Uses Unslung 5.5-beta and a 1 GB USB-Stick behind DSL-modem.
   Some extra packages (perl+date-manip, wakelan, apache,ssh)
   to run a bunch of CGI-scripts implementing a simple
   "TV recording" web page. When a recording has to start
   the Slug powers up the TV-Tuner-PC.
   Also running ddclient binary to sync my WAN-IP with dyndns.org.
   Open (optional): Connect HD to Slug, copy recordings to SLUG-HDD so
   they can be accessed from remote even if TV-Tuner-PC is off (again).

2. Slug is "development environment"

   Still original firmware. The idea is to run native development environment
   (Unslung, OpenSlug, etc.) and to store backups of old sources/projects and
   new projects (e.g. replacing the above slow perl+date-manip solution
   with native C-programs).


   Currently using old harddisk circuit boards to train breaking
   of resistors (seems to be easy) or to properly remove/add one
   using soldering (never done before) to go for 266 MHz? ;-)


Lorenzo Mattei, Italy

one slug with Openslug 3.17 (266 MHz?)

 - OpenSSH for remote access
 - thttpd for my little web site
 - vsftpd 
 - samba/nfs shares
 - rsync for backup my PC
 - mt-daap serving music to my PCs?
 - amuled (controlled from web and from amulegui on PC)


 - dp500serv to stream to my player
 - USB scanner service to scan from other PC in the lan


Ben Papworth, UK

uNSLUng 5.5beta slug (266MHz) with 320Gb WD drive

 - OpenSSH
 - Secure CVS server over SSH
 - Twiki running on thttpd
 - Samba shares

Pretty useful box for hosting development wiki and CVS.


Florian, SW Germany

First Slug running Gentoo Linux with three external 160GB Seagate HDDs? acting as fileserver in a small company. Two HDDs? as Software RAID1? and one as backup with daily, weekly and monthly backup jobs.

Second Slug also running Gentoo Linux with USB soundcard and 80GB 2,5" HDD acting as MP3?-Player and Slimserver for the Squeezebox from Slimdevices. For that the RAM is a bit small, and response times are too long but it works ;-)

Navisence - Leuven, Belgium - March 2006

Gentoo Slug as in this article: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Linksys_NSLU2.

Slug in use as openssh-server, also running postfix, fetchmail, procmail, bogofilter, mutt, courier-imap and exporting NFS shares to the home network.

Provat - Paris, France - March, 2006

Using unslung 5.X beta and overclocked my slug. Principally using it for three multimedia servers(Twonky3.1, wizd, Oxylbox on apache) to feed each and every multimedia players(upnp and non upnp) at home, Can't imagine doing /running all these without a PC.

TO DO, Planning to have another slug to run open slug for a change to run amule, and mail server, as I don't wanna break my unslung.

S.Fraser - UK - March 2006

Running my blog off a 1G flash drive using Apache: [Removed link as its currently down]

Also using Twonky 3.1 with a USB HDD to run my MP3? collection to UPNP devices.

TO DO, Plans to add a small gallery to website and to make remote login avalible so I can edit while not at home.

Provat - Paris/France - April 2006

Ok, Had my 2nd slug overclocked and running openslug beta 2.7. I have dedicated it to run amule. So done as I said in my previous posting. Slug 1 running unslung and slug 2 running openslug. Thanks nslu2-linux.

janne - Sweden April 2006 uNSLUng 5.5beta slug (266MHz)

 - OpenSSH
 - cups Printserver with a Oki printer
 - Simple homesite http://jnrn.sytes.net/
 - Samba shares and swat
 - to do: learning more about Linux.

hemaho - 2 slugs - Germany April 04, 2006

Slug1, 266MHz, unslung-5.5, 2* 120GB HDD: SMB, NFS, WINS, DNS, DHCP, RSYNC, NTP, SYSLOG

Slug2, 266Mhz, openslug-2.7, 2* 40GB HDD: NFS, SSERVER/GGRAB (Streaming for my Dreambox 500S)

Todo: mailserver with spamfilter on slug2

Works great, thanks to the teams from unslung and openslug for this great piece of software!!

Steve G - Cambridge, UK - April 2006

I used to have a mail server with: 1 Slug, V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta & de-underclocked to 266MHz
+ an old 20GB 2.5" drive in a cheap enclosure from eBay!

This was replaced in October 2006:

1 x 64M FatSlug? @266 MHz?, SlugOS/LE 3.10, Debian Etch via bootstrap
+ sda = 1GB Flash drive + sdb = WD 160GB hard drive

Basically working as a mail server:
- exim4 - getmail to pull mail from various old POP3 accounts
- Dovecot IMAP to serve it up to my PC's (using Windows + Mozilla Thunderbird)
- LightTPD? + PHP-FCGI + Squirrelmail so I can access it remotely
- openldap provides the same address book to Squirrelmail & Thunderbird
- openssh

Roberto - Stamford, CT - April 17th, 2006

1 Slug, unslung 5.5beta
* openssh
* cups (installed but not yet working)
* todo: de-underclocking
* todo: disk spin-down
1 300GB Samsung 3.5"
1 Vantec NexStar? 3 enclosure (NST-360U2)

e - Germany - April 23rd, 2006

  • DebianSlug (installation worked exactly as described on http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/)
  • Debian Etch with kernel 2.6.15-nslu2
  • 266 MHz? (just used a sharp knife and some force to remove the resistor)
  • 2,5" HDD with 40GB as main disk
  • USB-Hub with 2 HDDs? (250GB, 300GB) for backups
  • ToDo?: try my webcam
  • having a full-featured Debian system on the NSLU2 is just great. Thank you very much for the great work.

Prometeux - Santander -Spain - 2 May 2006

My First slug but not the last :P

  • DebianSlug ARM oficial PORT
  • 3,5" 80GB main disk
  • Lighttpd + PHP + SqlLite?
  • TorrentFlux?
  • Vsftp
  • Openssh
  • Surveillance with webcam, streaming and recording
  • TODO: overcloking,Home automation X10... and follow researching :)

Thanks to everybody of nslu2-linux.org.

digitalsushi - New Hampshire USA May 8 2006

  • My second slug, but first overclocked and running something else (I went with the Debian port)
  • 160 and 200 gig drives stock in cheap 15 dollar plastic USB enclosures

==Note for Debian installers: When you go from the Linksys firmware to the Debian port, if you don't have ALL of the networking settings configured (I didn't have a gateway or DNS set), the firmware will NOT boot. I got this info from the IRC chatroom the Debian developers camp in.==

hedone , ghent Belgium May

My First slug and very happy with it ! (already thinking about buying a second for php/mysql)

  • de-underclocked ;-)
  • screen + bitchx for IRC
  • postfix + dovecot (imap) for mail
  • samba for fileserving needs (300 GB maxtor)
  • ssh for external access
  • ddclient + thttpd for webserving

thanks a lot !

mjed - St Albans, UK, 21st May 2006

One slug running OpenSlug 2.7 beta on a 2Gig USB Flash drive. Overclocked, and an extra 3 USB ports added. RAID 1 and 0 across two 250G drives using the inbuilt USB ports. Raid 1 space used for critical data, the raid 0 for non-critical (and is much bigger). A bit of swap also on the HDD to save the flash memory from this stress! Samba 3 running as PDC (with swat). Roaming profiles saved on RAID1? space. Extra drive mapped onto RAID0?.

Future - may add a webserver, or some streaming media. I run most other linux home-network utilities already on my WRTG54?!

David - Stockholm, Sweden 29 May 2006

- One slug running unslung 5.5, - 250 Gb maxtor drive. - dp_serv0.9, feeding a Kiss dp 1500 dvd player with movies/music. - TwonkyMusic server, feeding music to a Netgear mp101 and a Noxon Terratec player. - Libbt, downloading torrents, controlled by my own made Windows app.

SwavMcav? - Glasgow, Scotland's Biggest and Best City, UK, 23 may 2006

I rebuilt my slug after disk crash and use it for general shared storage (backed up daily) and serving media to Kiss DVD player.
- 2 x 250GB Western Digital Essentials drives (one live, one backup)- these babies spin

  down automatically without any mucking about straight from the box.
- 1 slug running unslung 5.5
- rsync performing daily scheduled incremental backups from disk 1 to disk 2
- dp_serv1.7 serving up movies/music/pictures to Kiss 1504 network dvd player

To do :
- mail server
- de-underclock

Igor from Milan Italy. 25/26-05-2006 I've just finished installing Debian on my nslu2. Wow! Everything's working! The only weird thing is that while I was planning the overclock, I tested cpu speed by doing 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' and got 266 BogoMips? with the original HW. Someone else got the same result?

To do: LAMP server. Audio Stream server.

Zadrau - 2 slugs - Sweden

Slug 1 OpenSlug-2.7-Beta

  • 266 MHz?
  • 60GB Seagate drive in a canyon 3.5" enclosure
  • OpenSSH
  • Postfix
  • Cyrus imapd
  • Apache (SSL enabled)
  • PHP
  • MySQL?
  • SquirrelMail?

Slug 2 OpenSlug-2.7-Beta

  • 266 MHz?
  • 250GB Iomega
  • OpenSSH
  • Samba server
  • NFS server
  • DNSMasq? (dns & dhcp server)
  • tftp server (atftp)
  • Twonkey media 3.1 (serving media to a Xbox360 and an Acer LCD TV)

Cud - Finland 07.06.2006

Unslung 6.8 Beta

  • Twonkyvision (D-Link DSM-320)
  • Jinzora
  • Puppy (ProCaster? TF5102C? 200Gb)
  • Webserver
  • OpenSSH
  • PHP
  • Samba server
  • 400 Gb WD HDD
  • 512 Mb Flash
  • 266 MHz? (Update 15.07.2006)

ephejasus - Germany 13.06.2005

Unslung 6.8 Beta

  • OpenSSH
  • Samba server
  • netatalk (Apple fileserver)
  • thttp
  • PHP
  • unslung to 512 MB flash
  • 250 GB Hitachi drive

Provat --- Paris/France 14/06/2006 Debian Slug OS 3.10 beta running successfully in dhcp boot on an overclocked slug , with packages installed like mldonkey, samba,gmediaserver,midnight commander,amule,gnump3d. DEBIAN the best the greatest. Do whatever you like with. Liberty at last.

Klaas - Netherlands 17.06.2005

Unslung 6.8 Beta

  • OpenSSH
  • Samba server
  • thttpd on port 8888 for KML pages to a KISS DP-1500s
  • thttpd on port 8081 for my own website on WWW
  • armlink for serving a KISS DP-1500s (PC-Link replacement)
  • unslung to 1 Gb SD flash card in a multi-card reader on USB-1
  • swap on a small capacity CF card in that same multi-card reader
  • 250 GB Western Digital MyBook? Essential (will spindown automatically)

Nick, Redbourn, Herts, UK July 2005

Openslug 3.10 - 1GB flash (after stability problems with unslung 5.5/6.8)

To download recordings from my topfield pvr (puppy, ftpd-tofield) to replace the EPG on the toppy (radio times, openntp, rt2mei - see www.wooders.co.uk/rt2mei) to server music to mp101 (twonkyvision, spare nfs 250GB disk in enclosure, and backup copy on windows PC - via nfs mount: kernel-module-nfs - 2.6.16-r6.4 ) backup OS to a spare flash memory stick using rsync

General Slug, UK, July 2006

Openslug 3.8-beta (Custom Speetouch ADSL Kernel) - 1Gb Flash

Slug is used in combination with a kernel mode Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem. gShield is used for NAT/IPTables? firewalling, port-forwarding, etc. SSH for remote log-on.

The Speedtouch USB 330 ADSL Modem has been used in combination with the Slug for 5 months; it is 100% reliable.

It is about time that the speedtouch kernel module was made part of the standard Openslug release.

Bartek Wilczynski <bartek@rezolwenta.eu.org>

I've just recently bought the thing and already installed the DebianSlug on it. Since I have the old debian on it, I'll use it as a general purpose "home server".

Thanks for all developers for contributing to it.

Markus <Lev2120@gmx.net>

uNSLUng 6.8 250GB HDD, 512MB USBKey? (unsling onto)

Besides the common use as a fileserver my NSLU serves as a shoutcast recorder. Every morning a nice new load of music. :-)



streaming media to my kiss dvd-player, Web-server (thttpd), print-server



Poutnik - Czech Republic 16.8.2006

Unslung 6.8 Beta - running for almost a year (combined with 5.5 version)

  • 266 MHz? (for around 2 months)
  • Samba server
  • squid proxy server
  • apache on port 8000 for my home website (edit: I removed apache and installed lighttpd + php instead - much faster and with lower memory footprint)
  • mysql database server
  • postgresql database server (removed)

Simply great...

postjosh in nyc aug 16 '06

i'm using it to back up 2 ibook g4 macs and hold my itunes library. i'm running unslung 6.08 from the flash memory on the nslu2. i found that if i unslung it to a drive, that drive would never spin down. i'm using two western digital mybook essential 250 gb drives and they spin down nicesly after about 10 mins. i'm backing up the ibooks using superduper accross a wifi network. the nslu2 is connected to an airport exterme via ethernet and wirelessly to the network using wds. i only keep the library for itunes on the nslu2. i run itunes on an ibook. the connection is reliable, but the startup time is slow. i'm planning on doing the mod that speeds up the nslu2 processor speed. thanks for all the tips here. for under $400 new, i have 500 gb for music an unattended backup. the slug rocks!

RhH? Copenhagen

This is just the single greatest thing, I've ever purchased!

It runs: Storage (Samba) Music server (mt-daapd) SSH (OpenSSH) Torrent downloader (enhanced-ctorrent + ctcs)

I must say, I'm awe struck by the muscle of this little fella. I've tried the following simultaneously and still no choke:

4xCMD running pings against it 2xItunes streaming mp3 from it 2xCtorrent downloading on it 2x700MB avi files playing from it 4xSSH sessions doing various stuff

O_o whats really in this thing!?

Picioslug Siena-Italy 14-9-06

Very happy to say my Slug is running for about six months, without any maintenance need!

  • Lighttpd
  • FastCGI?
  • PHP
  • Samba
  • Python
  • and...py-django, currently in development!

Everything works on two 1Gb pendrives.

Thanks guys, really!

giannimagni - Sassari-Italy

Unslug 5.5 & Lacie 250GB drive (7+ months)

  • SSH
  • Samba
  • Enhanced-ctorrent + CTCS
  • aMuled
  • development* backup procedure (rsync) on new 250 GB Western Digital MyBook? Essential

I love this "cigarette package"...

Giles Thomas, London, UK - 14 November 2006

Unslung 6.8 and Lacie 200Gb drive

Just got started, really, but everyone's made the whole thing so easy that I've been able to get s3sync (a really nifty Ruby script) to synchronise files up to the Amazon S3 service with just a couple of evenings' work! Very cool stuff: a NAS server that backs itself up offsite for $100 plus the cost of the disks :-)

Thanks to everyone for making this possible!

Rigas Wendel, Munich, Germany - 14.11.2006

OpenSlug 3.10 with 300 GB hard drive

I switched from the built in linksys Linux version to OpenSlug, after I had to learn that the backup of our Outlook database, that was created daily, was useless, when I needed it, because it had the size of 0 bytes!! (I suppose that Outlook was running when the linksys tried to copy the file "outlook.pst" over the net to the usb disk.)

Now the solution is the following:

Our four XP machines connect once a day to the slug and synchronize our data using WinSCP3. Using this software, I finally could get rid of SAMBA, which made the file explorer on our XP clients crash all the time, when I still was using the linksys linux version.(WinScp? is scheduled using Windows's task scheduler.)On the slug you need package openssh-scp to receive the files.

The Outlook-Database is saved by (a) using Windows XP's backup tool, which works also with a running and open outlook and creates a lokal backup file on the XP machine; (b) this backup file is transfered by tfp once per day to the slug. Package vsftpd is used on the Slug for that.(FTP is scheduled using Windows's task scheduler.)

A very simple and basic script list the files that were transfered to the slug within the last 5 days. The result of this script is converted to a http-file and is published by thttpd. So whenever I open a browser in one of our XP clients I can see what has been backed up .... I made this page my startup page.

The script is scheduled using package cron.

The whole backup concept proved to work well when one of our computers broke down in June, 2008. Outlook and Data Files could easyly be restored from the slug.

The config files of the slug (/etc/ ...) are in return backed up on one of the Windows machines. Was of great help, when one day a power outage made the slug crash. Reinstalled it with the operating system on a stick; the data is still on the usb disk.

Package ntp in combination with package timezones is used for keeping the correct time.

I replaced dropbear with openssh using ipkg with the -force-depends option.

In addition to that the slug hosts a mt-daapd server (firefly) that publishes our 9000 mp3 files to some Windows and Linux clients. There either "Get it together" or "Firefly java client" are used as players to listen to the music.

Yann E. MORIN, Rennes, France,

OpenSlug 3.10, 4GiB as turnup-disk, 120+250GiB for data

Curently used as:

  • file server (NFS, samba)
  • ftp (vsftpd)
  • http (apache)
  • scm (svn+mod_svn)
  • wiki (dokuwiki)
  • ntp server (internal)
  • dns (dnsmasq, internal)

Planned use as:

  • print server (cups, lpr, samba)
  • router*
  • bluetooth AP
  • media streaming (looking for good SW).


Thanks to all of you, making this possible!

Serafeim Papastefanos - Athens, Greece

Unslug 6.8, 2 GB flash stick.

I'm using my NSLU2 as a UPnP? media server with uShare. It works really good and cooperates with other UPnP?/AV tools without problems.

I'm using the flash disk and not a hard disk to reduce the size of the media server since it's going to be used for a demo on UPnP?.

Sylvain Marchand Unslug 6.8 beta, 1 GB flash stick. in disk 2 in the first USB port 1 put 5 NTFS disk of 250 GB 266 mhz mod twonky media server It's working very good. I use that for save my divx security camera and my ripped DVD and MP3? music It's working good over my wireless network and my DSM 320

I just wait a Nerworked DVD reader and a TV Tuner to put in my DSM-320... I planned tu put the DSM 320 with a projector and remove any other device in my living room At this time it's a good device for my networked media.

Kris Atkins

DebianSlug, 160gb HD Turboslug

Running torrenflux for me and the wife, works quite well, I'm getting good d/l speeds Plus I'm using it to run a small forum using PunBB?, I think this is the best purchase I ever made. I also recently got it running my little blog http://allyourbasekris.kicks-ass.org (It's all about working as a professional singer in the north-east of England)

Oh and if you're in the uk you can get nslu2's from staples for £20


Debian Installer RC1? Lcie USB2? Porche 200Gb - Creative Usb External Sound Card (with working remote control)

I'm using the slug as a digital VCR for freebox with :

  • lighttpd
  • openvpn
  • mpd (controled by Lirc)
  • NFS server
  • Lirc


Xlorep DarkHelm?

1 Slug, 266MHz Debian Installer RC1? Maxtor Onetouch II 300GB external USB 2.0 drive

I'm using it as a complete fileserver solution for my home LAN :

  • subversion (w/ apache2-ssl)
  • samba (my roommate uses Windows for things)
  • amuled ED2K? server/daemon (x2 -- one for me, one for my roommate) -- with cpulimit managing the resources of this to not overload the slug
  • NFS server (I mount my LAN's MySQL? 5.0 database files to here, and my amuled downloads directory is mounted on my personal computer for ease of use)

I'm looking to get another Slug, with a Debian install on it to become a LAN "control" server, handling LDAP for single-signon, and a few other little odds and ends I want to incorporate into a server. I've considered actually having a repository slug as well, moving subversion/apache2-ssl to it (but still with the repo directories being in the current slug, simply mounted to the new one), and expanding to also have BugZilla? and MediaWiki?, integrated together to have a full development repo system all-in-one.

T. Walker

1 x slug ('ayeka') - presume it is 266MHz (bought new Nov 2006) Unslung 6.8 Seagate 320Gb external USB2? drive

The slug replaced an old PC running Debian, and I haven't missed it one bit - the slug does it all better. I love this box - quiet, reliable (mostly!), low-power, versatile... what's not to like?

Here's what 'ayeka' provides for our home network:

  • Windows file sharing for music, photos, videos, etc.
  • php-thttpd/PHP/MySQL? for our intranet and a few web apps (Roundcube webmail, TorrentFlux?, Jinzora) - not 100% convinced that php-thttpd is reliable enough for the latter, but don't really want to install Apache as the slug is working pretty hard already
  • 'maildrop' server - polls all our POP3? accounts (fetchmail), delivers (sendmail) and sorts (procmail) messages to individuals, who can then pick them up locally over IMAP (dovecot) or webmail
  • OpenSSH (public key only) for remote access to user accounts and secure file transfers (SFTP)
  • Anonymous FTP 'dropbox' (vsftpd) for friends/family to send us files too large to go by e-mail ('upload' directory is configured to allow write access only, so files in there can't be listed or downloaded)
  • NFS for the Linux boxes
  • no-ip.com (dynamic DNS service) update client

I've hooked up a Belkin USB 1.1 mini-hub, which currently has a Pertelian USB LCD display plugged in (running lcdproc to display system stats, etc. - had to compile lcdproc myself on the slug).

On my 'to-do' and 'would like' list:

  • OpenLDAP? server for shared address book
  • phpGroupware - mainly for a family calendar/address book (connected with LDAP server?) but maybe for webmail if it's better than Roundcube
  • A music server which doesn't 'bomb' on me - maybe Slimserver (with Softsqueeze player until I can afford a Squeezebox ;-) ), but more likely GNUMP3D?
  • Bluetooth access point - I have a bunch of photos on my mobile phone, and would like to transfer them over to 'ayeka' via FTP-over-Bluetooth. (Update (2007/1/17): Now have a Belkin USB BT dongle, which is recognised by the system and can scan for other BT devices. Looks like I'll need an OBEX FTP program for file transfers; OpenOBEX? isn't in the Unslung package repository, so I may have to compile my own.)

Would probably buy another slug if I could find them ultra-cheap (as Staples in the UK were selling them for £30 recently). If/when Linksys stop making NSLU2s?, I'd like to have a spare in case 'ayeka' fails on me...


1 Slug 266 MHz? (named bubo) 1 40 GB usb power hard drive 1 USB hub 1 Belkin F5U109? USB to Serial adaptor 1 Phidgets lcd/8-8-8 interface kit http://tinyurl.com/yxc6c5 1 SSC-32 channel servo controller from lynxmotion.com http://tinyurl.com/yjkk35

I'm going to be using my slug for running an automated pipette lab instrument. I've attached a 40 GB usb hard drive to hold a gentoo linux booted by openslug, a phidgets interface kit for an LCD display and inputs/outputs, and the SSC-32 controller attached to the slug by way of the usb->serial adaptor to run up to 32 servos.

Using gentoo gives me a familiar linux development environment to write my software. Ultimately this will drive an large X-Y mover with multiple pipette attachments to automate lab sample dilution and other monotonous tasks lab tasks.

So far I've tested the phidgets interface kit and LCD, which work perfectly, and I can control my two test servos using minicom on the slug. Fantastic piece of hardware!


Slug 1, named Stormwind

  • Overclocked
  • 2x300GB hard drives in cheap enclosures, mirrored
  • Just used for file storage

Slug 2, named Gringotts

  • Overclocked
  • 2x300GB hard drives in cheap enclosures
  • Backs up my Xbox media center
  • The drive that isn't unslung to is attached via a USB hub. I occasionally attach other drives, including some NTFS ones.
  • OpenSSH
  • Squid

I actually use the OpenSSH/Squid quite a bit for web browsing inside SSH from work. The little box has absolutely no trouble running a pretty active SSH tunneling session and proxying at the same time. Squid performance is very good.


Slug 1, named Eri

  • not de-underclocked
  • no secondary storage
  • interface for Topfield STB

Slug 2, named Fio

I'm also a fan of the Metal Slug video game series, hense the names.

Mikey, UK


  • Unslung 6.8
  • OpenSSH for Putty Access
  • SFTP with Keys
  • Overclocked to 266
  • VSFTPD - Configured to support FXP and added info on this site
  • THTTPD - Web Server
  • Basic file server

Nick Leteney, UK

Had 1 Slug for about 18 months

  • 2 Maxtor disks (120Gb & 320 Gb)
  • Unslung 6.8
  • Proxy
  • Basic File Server
  • Itunes & CCXstream? server
  • Storage for all media accessed from XBOX, XBOX 360 (via PC), PSP (via PC), PCs?, MACs? & Orb

SteveDalton, Gold Coast, Australia

2 Slugs. Running fileserver & slimserver to serve my MediaMVP player. See my Profile for more info.

Duke Schempp, Moorhead, MN USA Using the SLSUG to serve photos, play music and store back-ups. All on a wireless network See my progress at:


Ed Rubinsky, Cherry Hill, NJ USA

The slug is relacing the last of the fucntions on an AMD64 Linux server running Suse 9, everything else having already been moved to a MAC Mini. The remaining functions were backup - what the slug was meant for, DHCP server for my local lan and TFTP server for several PXE clients. Since I was running atftp on the Suse box, I'm running it on the slug as well. Other than copying the dhcpd.conf file and the tftpboot directory and changing the IP addresses where needed, the only change was to add the next-server option to the relevant dhcp entries.

Paul Sundvall, Stockholm, Sweden

using Debian+thttpd, works fine! I use my slug for web hosting and backups. http://www2.paulsundvall.net

See statistics on uptime, load and ntp drift on http://www2.paulsundvall.net/stats

Darryl Humphreys, Brisbane, Australia

Running Unslung 6.8 beta with... Syslog-ng with logrotate and enhanced-ctorrent with screen.

I had an older machine that I used to download the occaisional torrent, run as a syslog server and act as a music/video server to my modded xbox. I have now retired this machine as the slug does all this for me. Next step is to create a basic home website/ftp server. Fun little product :)

Peter Kraft, Schönkirchen, Austria

I'm running unslung 6.8 beta with the nightly snapshot firefly 1433 to provide a pinnacle soundBridge V2.5.150 with mp3-music stored on an USB-powered Seagate ST9120801? 2,5'' disk. The slug is connected to the soundbridge by a cross-over cable. The installed Linksys firmware was signed as V2.3RA5 and the slug (Oct 06) is running without changes at 266MHz (BogoMips? 263,78).

BF, United States

Unslung 6.8 to 1Gb USB Stick

  • Apache w/mod_proxy
  • openssh
  • sendmail
  • nylon

London, UK

Slug 1: Unslung 6.8 with 1x 200GB Maxtor OneTouch?

  • de-underclocked to 266MHz with a pair of tweezers
  • running as a web server
  • DropBear
  • Lighttpd
  • GeekLog? + MediaGallery? (performing well and handling image resizing etc..)

Slug 2: Unslung 6.8 with 2x 250GB Maxtor OneTouch? (mirrored)

  • already running at 266MHz
  • running as a fileserver
  • DropBear
  • mt-daapd

trillipod, Münster, Germany

1 slug named "slug" (how uninspired) running DebianSlug with one 40GB-Disk attached. It took me less then one day to set up the following services (and still performing very good):

  • openssh
  • DNS (bind9)
  • sendmail (yes, acting as SMTP-server)
  • POP (qpopper)
  • IMAP (courier)
  • Apache 2.2 w/ ssl & PHP5?
  • MySQL?-Server (mysql 5)
  • NTP-Server
  • takes my daily backups

This really rocks. Thanks to all the people who made this possible!

Update 2007-05-25 Added:

  • Samba
  • Dokuwiki
  • Printserver

Still sterbensgeil.

John, Stockholm, Sweden - February 07

Bought my first slug today :) Firmware upgrade to Unslung 6.8 was very easy and went smoothly. Attached a WD MyBook? 250GB disk.

  • File-server for family
  • FTP to get access from friends/school
  • Ventrilo
  • Backup

Creds to the people that took their time to evolve this tiny thing to something great :)

mas, Netherlands - February 07

1 slug used as Media- and Fileserver: Linux version 2.6.18-4-ixp4xx (Debian 2.6.18.dfsg.1-10) - etch rc1

  • loop-aes for encrypted data shares
  • samba file server
  • ssh (secured with denyhosts)
  • mt-daapd (svn-1489) with manual oggdec tremor patch
  • ctorrent-dh2 with ctcs

One of the baddest small toys on the world.

Gothnet (Dave), London, UK, Feb 07

Got my slug a few days ago. It's called emphyrio. Emphyrio runs on Debian Etch RC1? (the install failed a couple of times, stick with it!) and has a 250GB USB hard drive attached:

  • Email - postfix for smtp and dovecot for IMAP
  • Dropbear - compact and low memory SSH server
  • Lighttpd - Lightweight but full featured webserver
  • Samba - for windows network filesharing
  • If there's enough power left then soon hopefully torrentflux
  • Or maybe slimserver. Or maybe I should get a second slug...

Frank S (grok00) Atlanta Georgia

4 slugs total!

At home:

Slug 1 - Strictly used as a file server with two 120GB Maxtors - one backs up on to the other

Slug 2 - Used as a webserver and media server. Running thttp as webserver for pictures for family and friends, mt-daapd for mpgs and Twonky Vision for both music and videos serving a Dlink Media Center. Also supplies NTP service for home network. 250 GB and 500GB disk.

Remote Astronomical Observatory:

Slug 3 - File Server, Apache, MySql?, SSH and more - 160 GB drive

Slug 4 - OpenVpn? - provides VPN connection between my house and my remote observatory - 2 GB memory stick

Bob Smeets, Netherlands

3 slugs at home in active use:

1. Thames: has 1x 120GB drive on USB2? and 2xPertelian X2040 on USB1? through USB Hub. Heyu 2.1.3 with CM11? and FTDI-based serial convertor for Home Automation X10 projects. Rsync for backup to a LaCie? Terabyte drive located in Switzerland (using WRT54GL? on either side). thttpd for virtual domains I host. Shell script for automatic mp3 podcast subscriptions and auto file push script in case I plug in my mp3 player to USB port 1.

2. Havilland: Kissdx + Twonkyvision 3.0 server for 8000+ mp3s and wavs, from my own CD collection. Havilland has 2x 240GB drives, and still runs on 3.16, de-underclocked.

3. Empress: Debian for experimenting.

Robin Jacobs, Spain

1 Slug running Unslung 6.8, attached 500Gb WD myBook and a 320Gb Maxtor

Mainly used as fileserver for my home network, sometimes running amule but download speeds are low and amule seam to have some memory leaks. Without amule the slug is rock stable (last reboot over three months ago)

One slug V2.3R63-uNSLUng, 133 mhz.

Serving two computers (mac and pc) and hopefully soon a Pinnacle Soundbridge in the livingroom as a Firefly server. Runs from a Kingston 1 gb. stick with the music on a 250 gb. Lacie Porsche - No spindown (yet) - but still very, very silent.

Next project: to convince my girlfriend that this little server is the time and money well spent.

Morten, Denmark

One slug V2.3R63-uNSLUng

Slug arrived with 2.3R23 or some such firmware and Linksys firmware update failed - "No enough free space."(sic). Installing uNSLUng went without a hitch, with an old 512MB flash drive I had lying around. Now we can access a FAT32? drive from any of the 4 PCs? in the house, it's great!

Thanks so much for doing uNSLUng :D

I will try adding spindown at some stage, but at the moment I'm happy that it's working and I want to keep it that way.

Rob, New Zealand

Two Slugs - running Debian Etch - One is File, DNS, DHCP & Music Server, One is Web Server, webcam and development machine.

Slug 1 arrived with 'Made Nov 2006' sticker and 266MHz from Amazon UK, but firmware 2.3R24! Slug 2 made Jan 2007 still arrived with 2.3R24. Upgraded to R63, worked OK but NTFS a disaster, accidentally powered off drive and then couldn't get it recognised again nomatter what, though OK on Windows. Installed Unslung, worked well, but couldn't resist installing Debian once RC2 came out. So far working really well, a couple of issues during install resolved using online docs, since then have two drives on Slug 1, 500Gb & 80Gb (ext3), serving Macs and Windows and Linux PCs? with Samba, dnsmasq, mt-daapd iTunes server, Squid proxy server. Slug 2 with one 80Gb drive running Boa web server. Take a look at http://zonko.ath.cx for more info.

Vic, UK

1 NSLU2 ("SLUGGISH"), used as .... a NAS!

Five 2.5" notebook disks hanging off a Debian distro, four on a cheap-o USB hub. They're housed in individual (5) external USB enclosures.

Debian installed on 20Gb ext3 disk (overkill, base install only uses 1Gb).

Four other ext3 disks are 2x80GB and 2x40Gb, am sharing out one 80Gb and one 40Gb with Samba.

Using 'rsnapshot' to perform daily (7), weekly (4), and monthly (6) snapshots of the first 80Gb disk onto the second 80Gb disk, and first 40Gb onto 2nd 40Gb.

Am spinning down the disks hourly (from cron using "sg_start" command from "sg3-utils" package).

With complete Debian archive available, one could experiment with iSCSI! (pkg: open-iscsi). That might be a fun project for my next Slug.

JM, Toronto


One SLUG running Debian Etch Connected to two 400GB Freecom disks.

Running NFS and CIFS shares for my home network, DNS server (bind9), http proxy server (squid), DynDns? client, news server (leafnode).

NAS data is syncronized from the first disk to the second every 4 hours with a rsync script.

Gas, Florence ITALY


Oregon Scientific WMR-9X8 weather station server

One SLUG running Unslung firmware connected to:

 - 1 Gb flash disk
 - Staples USB 1.1 hub
 - Logitech Quickcam 3000 Pro
 - Cables2go USB to serial adapter
 - Oregon Scientific WMR968? weather station

Developed custom software to drive the weather station and upload weather data and webcam images to a remote web site. Email me using richmond at ureach dot com if you'd like more info on the software.

Thanks to all who helped to open up this great little box...

Jim Richmond, Portsmouth, NH

_____________________________ One SLUG running Debian firmware:

 - 500Gb USB Hard Drive
 - HP1020? LaserJet?


 - OpenSSH
 - Apache2
 - Samba
 - PHP5?
 - SQLite?

Currently serves as a web server (for a blog about modifying the slug), network share and print server (not yet working). Since I'm not paying for a static IP, wrote a little script that automatically broadcasts the slug's IP to a web host, which modifies a redirect page, which you can find here: http://slug.jakemcgraw.com

Jake McGraw?, New York, NY, USA

One Slug Unslung ver. 6.8, serving media from a .5TB WD mybook essential to a modded xbox running xbmc, as well as computers and laptops running XP/Ubuntu

Thanks for all the help!

(Upgraded to 1TB now - ver6.8+ supports USB hubs :-p )

JRO - London, UK

One still-underclocked Slug running uNSLUng 6.8, connected to Seagate FreeAgent 250GB USB HDD, running TwonkyMusic 4.2.1 and serving music all over my house. Many, many gracious thanks to the original NSLU2 hackers and everyone who's added to the wealth of resources. (with a final nod and wink to MBM and openwrt)

Ostrogoth - CLT

One SLUG running Debian/ARM port. Services are

 * Print server using cups
 * NFS server
 * DAAP server using mt-daapd
 * Proxy server using Squid
 * Tor
 * Web server using Cherokee

Jan Alonzo - Sydney, Australia

One DebianSlug, de-underclocked with ForcePowerAlwaysOn, serves as a controller for a two-sided and custom-build display. Consisting of 1040 blue LEDs and controlled by a ARCADEmini board this display shows animations and text messages while hanging above the entrance of a student pub.

links (german): project home page, pictures of the construction, movie

upLUG, Potsdam, Germany

One DebianSlug, de-underclocked

  • NFS server
  • Print server using CUPS
  • Scan server using SANED and XINETD
  • Jukebox for MP3 collection and internet streams
    • USB soundcard
    • Medion X10 remote control
    • MPD controlled by EMPCD

Stephan, Potsdam, Germany

One NSLU2@256MHz running Unslung 6.8 + one 500GB Seagate HDD:

  • file server for 3 computers at my home network,
  • TwonkyMedia? serves medias (pictures, mp3, films, radios) to Philips SL400i? and to Netgear MP101?,
  • syslogd for WRT54GS? v4 router running Tomato,
  • CIFS (samba) server for WRT54GS? v4 router for storing bandwidth statistics,
  • web server (nothing to serve for now :-)
  • ftp server started occasionally to upload files from outside,
  • openssh to safely access files and to telnet from outside,
  • p2p client (aMule),
  • openvpn to connect to my home network from outside (almost working).


  • raid 1.

2007.09.21, Bogdan, Warsaw, Poland

NSLU2, de-underclocked to 266 BogoMIPS?, running Debian 4.0 from a 2 GB flash drive connected to a USB2?.0 hub. 2x250GB Hitachi drives in USB 2.0 cases running off port 2, and one of the hub ports, with RAID-1 across the drives, and LVM carving up partitions on the resulting VG. Swapping to the HDs?, collecting syslogs from WRT54G? running OpenWrt and Linksys VoIP? box. Sharing files via Samba and Firefly Media. Exporting files via NFS to MythTV? server.

apt-get install mdadm apt-get install lvm2 apt-get install ntpdate apt-get install mt-daapd

2007-05-22 Gothmolly, USA

Z80_fr 2007-05-27 Paris, FRANCE

Slug 1: Unslung 6.8 with 1x 20GB (got it 2 weeks ago)

  • soon de-underclocked to 266MHz
  • native dev installed
  • openssh
  • NTP-Server (planned)

Slug 2: not yet unsluged but will be soon ;-) I've received it on friday

  • will be running at 266MHz
  • will run as a fileserver
  • will have openssh
  • will be use for my future X10 home automation I've not decided yet what software for home automation

One NSLU2 with Unslung 6.8 on 512 MB USB-Flash (Disk 1) and a 250 GB HDD (Disk 2). Upgrade from Unslung 5.5 (not directly, but via the original firmware (R63) from Linksys.

  • File server (back up) for a home network
  • Jukebox (MP3?) for a dbox2
  • Video recorder and video storage for a dbox2

Bug: The NFS server identifies in etc/exports the flash drive in USB Slot 1 as "HDD" and the HD in USB slot 2 as "FLASH"

2007-06-01 gurou, Switzerland

Doug Barry and technicians at School of engineering at the University of Greenwich UK One slug, network serving weather information, taken from a WS2500? wireless weather station via USB serial hook up. Running apache2, PHP5?, MySQL? database, and doing limited number crunching. A cheap and (relatively) easy way to get your weather station on the network, without dedicating a noisy and power hungry pc to it.

Preliminary write up on: http://hal.gre.ac.uk/dev/howtomakeaweatherslug/?

Got my slug setup to automatically copy the photos from my digital camera as soon as it is plugged in, even beeps when done. 100% wife friendly.

2007.06.12 Kerikeri, New Zealand

2007-06-19 Los Angeles, CA, USA

Running uNSLUng 6.8 Beta and thttpd to serve a home web site on a 256MB flash drive at http://chens.homelinux.net/

2007-06-27 Garrett Magnolia, TX

Standard unmodified slug. Interestingly got one running @133MHz one month ago from New Egg.

Running Debian-NSLU2 now. Tried OpenSlug but it was just too limiting. Want Slug to do three things. Home email server, Upload weather station data to wunderground via wview, do some home automation lighting control. After being scared to install Debian-NSLU2 because there was no information on how much of a tax on RAM the default install would be, ran openslug/be for a couple of weeks. After being frustrated by lack of packages and documentation for openslug, installed Debian-NSLU2 on a whim. It uses the same or less RAM. I got email up and running in a day, and then native compiled Wview and required utilities in another few hours. Now I just need to work on the home automation stuff. Definitely won't be going away from Debian.

2007-06-30 John Page Structured View Philadelphia, PA

We love this thing. We use the Debian flavor.

  • Samba file server on our home office intranet(serving both Linux/Ubuntu and Windows XP laptops)
  • Subversion Code Repository for our Java/Web Development
  • Recently installed a second hard drive to automatically backup the first

2007-07-05 Spliffy Germany

Slug1: Debian 4.0r0, 1gb usb stick

HTTPS Webmail for remote access

  • lighttpd & squirrelmail
  • vsftpd
  • firehol

Slug2: Debian 4.0r0, 4gb usb stick

Internal IMAP server

  • exim4
  • fetchmail
  • bogofilter
  • procmail
    • spam filtering witch bogofilter + whitelist
    • encryption of incoming mails with gpg + blacklist
  • courier-imap
  • firehol

2007-07-08 Charles

Arlington, Texas

Debian etch.

CrystalShard? (gotta name it something) de-underclocked, running 4 external 250GB USB drives in Raid5, hanging off of a Vantec 4 port USB 2.0 hub .. it took about 17 hours to build the array, and it seems to be able to take files at about 3.3Mbytes/sec.

UPDATE : Using Drive Snapshot(dot de)to push it hard it was able to take about 245Mbytes/minute averaged over a backup job that used 60GB plus of space, over SMB No hiccups to date.

Thinking about adding Bit torrent, and email. I might get a second one for a PBX as the mdadm raid 5 maxxes out the CPU when transferring large files. Rsync for Linux box backups :)

Debian for this thing is great!! Thanks to everyone who got the Debian port working, hopefully I'll be able to help the project too.

Anyone else using mdadm on this with RAID 5 ? Anyone figure out how to get temperature info for USB hard drives? I tried hddtemp and it didn't see them.

 charles67 at gee mail dot com.

2007-07-15 ssb22: Debian etch with a 1G Flash disk (silent; have taken steps to reduce disk writes)

  • Alarms, reminders and language practice, using Gradint with a sound chip (and eSpeak speech synth) and playing MIDI files on the slug's internal beeper
  • Send out daily MP3?-encoded language drills to other people (the actual encoding has to be done on a remote box; I use gradint's "shell-script encoding" to get the audio there and script everything over SSH using a persistent connection, see utils/email-lesson.sh in gradint.tbz for how this is done)
  • Server for a Psion terminal (connects via RS232? USB device so it's not necessary to fire up a power-hungry PC just for a quick web search or two using the access gateway)
  • Router/firewall (that cuts out at night to make sure I don't get too carried away)
  • Mail processor (custom Python script fetches and filters mail then leaves it in a maildir which mutt can access)
  • Maintain SSH tunnels (including to a host that allows only password access, so more automatic scripting required)
  • Web server (mathopd), although most of the pages are re-directed to a server that has more bandwidth but not such a convenient dyndns URL
  • SSH server (dropbear) for remote access to files and mail

2007-07-17 Debian 4.0r0

My little media centre under the stairs 24x7... currently downloading streaming music, video, photos to Xbox1 and 360 machines, podcasts for my daily commute.

Thankyou LinkSys? for not screwing this product up like you did with WRT54? Tahnkyou Linux community for giving us the most amazing set of tools limited only by the end users imagination.


2007-07-21 Unslung6.8 on a 2nd unit -modified to 266Mhz

  • ssh
  • mt-daapd streaming to iTunes
  • thttpd for blog
  • lighttpd+fast-cgi + eaccelerator
  • mySQL for Gallery
  • Gallery +(Gallery Remote on PC for image uploads)
  • phpMyAdmin for database admin

Mike B

Running uNSLUng 6.8 on an otherwise unmodified slug for:

  • Media server with mt-daapd
  • rsync server so I can automatically synchronise my iTunes library to the Slug
  • Running my personal website at http://www.gothick.org.uk

Matt Gibson, Bristol, UK

2007-07-24 DebianSlug 4.0r0 Current:

  • SSH
  • File server


Spyingwind, Dallas, Tx

2007-07-28 Debian etch at 266 bogomips. Current: 160g hd and a 486 laptop as a serial to usb ternminal using puttytel. File server with controlled shares. Lamp (My own php code. Nola accounting, Blog, Outgoing mail server, Webcalendar, etc) Media (Firefly for public domain music and recorded lectures from my classes I have taught) Davi Jordan near the gulf in Texas


uNSLUng 6.8

  • De-underclocked
  • Web server with lighttpd, php-fcgi and mysql
  • Running videodb and kplaylist
  • And of course still serving files :-)

Update 2008-07-03:

  • I gave up kPlaylist as music streaming service because too slooowwwwww. Now using gnump3d, a stream server written in Perl. Works great!

Lovely device, great community!

Alex Ernon, Brussels, Belgium


1st Slug uNSLUng 6.8, 160GB:

  • twonky upnp mediaserver
  • cups printerserver
  • fileserver

2nd Slug Debian, 4GB Flash:

  • hauppauge Win-TV PVR USB2?
  • lighty, php5 fastcgi

working as PVR together with tvbrowser

Steviedv, Switzerland


1 Slug Debian 2.6.18-4-ixp4xx

  • apache server
  • samba server
  • torrentdownloader with Libretto
  • oxyl-box, mp3 an video server for showcenter 200

Jip, The Netherlands


1 de-underclocked Debian Slug

  • rsync to mirror and backup my laptop's hard drive
  • apache to serve mirrored files
  • samba for file sharing
  • twonkymedia trial to serve media to my Xbox 360
  • trac/svn - planned

Rohitab Batra, Mass, USA


1 Slug with OpenSlug, 1GB flash:

  • samba server
  • cherokee server with PHP
  • CUPS print server

Sebastian, Saxony, Germany

2007-08-16 1 Slug previously considered worthless until I came across this excellent site 2 gb flash disk as main hard drive Running simple home website with link back to this site as a thank you and a badge of honor DYNDNS auto update. I chickened out and just did the little script but I plan on implementing version 0.9.4 beta soon ftp, smb Near future - 500gb external drive running mt-daapd and media library for XBMC fun.

Pena, Jersey, USA

2007-08-25 Jens I, Switzerland 1 slug@266mhz with unslung 2 gb flash as first hard drive with lighttpd, php, sqlite, dyndns automatic update, torrentflux 8 gb flash as second hard drive for downloads using torrentflux as a bittorrent client. works fine with 1-5 torrents running at the same time.

2007-08-28 in Berlin 2 NSLUs? with Debian on 1GB usb sticks, one of which features a wifi/wlan-dongle and usb-audio, while the other serves the data via router. So basically 'open wifi audio', for a bit more money than all-in-one products, though.. (air-pace wlan audio, airport express, or bluetooth solutions) Still have to reduce write access to flash to a minimum.. I love the heart beat!

2007-08-29 cbase, Eindhoven, The Netherlands -Done the 133->266 speed mod (mfgdate:8/2005) -Done the MCP120? mod to have it automatically started when power comes up, changed the function of the power button in settings. -1GB usb-flash drive mounted inside casing, connected to 'port 1' (reconnected USB1? to 'port 3' so I still have 2 free USB connectors) -Debian ('manual' install method) -Boa webserver (lighttpd in near future?), dhcpd, screen (as 'shell'!), dropbear (less mem. than openssh), samba (eating lots of memory :( i think) -USB-powered 2.5" harddisk works, usb camera using kphoto2 works too Now i'm looking for ways to save more memory to run even more apps

2007-08-30 in Poitiers, France One NSLU with Debian on a 2GB usb stick :

 - Git repository
 - lighttpd + gitweb

Planed :

 - rsync to backup my laptop and labs computer
 - rtorrent

2007-09-04 uNSLUng 6.8

  • OpenSSH? for secure access
  • enhanced-ctorrent for 24hr downloading
  • laptop backup
  • firefly media server
  • file server

Dutch in Beijing, China

2007-09-08 Debian 4 on a 160Gb Samsung IDE Drive

  • Samba (primary function is a print server, secondary is to provide shared disk)
  • lighty (UseModWiki? + PyBlosxom?)
  • Gnump3d

Sean, in Lymington, UK.

2007-09-09 De-Underclocked Slug at 266Mhz Debian 4.0 on 250GB Seagate External Drive

  • Lighttpd with Tiny Tiny RSS (setup to automatically update feeds throughout the day), PHP, MySQL?
  • Samba File server for backups from the Windows and Linux computers in the house
  • Considering running Wordpress and starting a blog

Josh, in Flower Mound, Texas

2007-09-13 Runnung Debian etch with a 250gig External HD

Filled to the brink with;

  • Slimserver
  • Samba
  • Dropbear
  • Lighttpd
  • Running bittorrent client whenever idle

Jon, Norway

2007-09-22 Peter, Suffolk, UK

Finally got a slug In my first 3 days I think I might have voided any form of warranty!! I have (in order):

  • Tested to ensure it wasn't DoA.
  • De-underclocked (using a gas soldering iron, it took longer to remove the case than to remove the resister!)
  • Installed debian.
  • Added internal bluetooth, using one of the spare USB ports inside.
  • Brought the bluetooth LED to the front panel (I'll replace it with a blue LED when I get one).
  • Changed the power-button LED for a 'rainbow' LED - constantly changing colour.
  • Installed mediatomb for UPnP media sharing.
  • Installed samba for windows file sharing (& backups).

Still to do:

  • Install a web server
  • Choose a better name than 'slug'
  • Replace ready/status LEDs with higher contrast colours (red&blue?) - when I find some SM LEDs.
  • Set up VPN server for remote access to all my media & my network.
  • Document (with photos) my modifications!

Update - the next day:

I have now installed a web server and a VPN server

Rock solid reliability!

After tweaking all the log files, various things prevented the HDD from spinning down, I have tracked these down and:

  • Removed the exim mail server (I don't need it at the moment)
  • Removed the cron.hourly job - not used
  • Stopped syslog putting the - MARK - entries in every 20 minutes
  • Created a (very small) ramfs mount point for the samba browse.dat file

Having done all that, my seagate 320GB external HDD spins down after about 10 minutes of no use.

Very pleased with it all round; mediatomb works brilliantly for UPnP sharing, especially with it's inotify support!

Thanks to everyone for their work in making this so easy to modify; it really is very versatile.

2007-09-23 Marc Boris, Bronx, NY US

Running one NSLU2 since Feb. 2006 with Unslung 5.5 - very stable. Ran into HDD overtemp this year. Modified a PC case to fit three HD drives (check out the HowTo recipe under UseAnEmptyPCCaseToBuildYourOwnNAS?) Added one four port USB hub, uslung to 6.8. Now the NSLU2 backs up a powerbook, macbook, provides ssh for tunneling, rsync, cronjobs, dyndns, hosts an iTunes library and tools I download when I fix other peoples PCs? and laptops

2007-09-27 Ben, London, UK

1 Slug with 1GB compact flash / and 500GB MyBook? HD not yet turbo'd

  • 4 port USB hub with:
  • Intelliplug for 4 software switchable power sockets controlling power to laptops
  • Nebula Digitv DVB-T tuner

Runs OpenSlug 3.10

  • various servers - samba, mt-daapd
  • tv recording scripts hooks into the tvtv.co.uk scheduling service for remote scheduling
  • wakeonlan scripts
  • cron!

2007-09-29 Rob, Brisbane Australia

1 Slug with clock mod and 4.3GB drive (this is just temp)

Runs Armedslackware 11.0 with Debian Etch flash image.

  • Just in testing mode now but can ssh into my SlakSlug? and do my various chores.
  • Will eventually take over all home server duties, smb, tftp, nfs, mp3 streaming and web server.
  • Has a native build toolchain bit 'tis a bit slow.


1 SLUG, already at 266 MHz? from factory, with:

  • firmware V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta
  • 1GB usb flash memory as system disk
  • 80GB lacie mobile as data disk

Used for :

  • Web server
  • VPN Server
  • Network traffic analyzer
  • Media Server
  • Nethack gaming

fareale, Italy

br, uk


learned a lot setting up this slug! one unslung slug with 500GB Western Digital USB drive


  • web page (mythttpd copy of existing thttpd)
  • gnump3d (my tunes accessed from anywhere I want on the web, password protected)
  • rsnapshot (daily, weekly, monthly snapshots of harddrives on my network ....uses symlinks heavily so only changed files take up space from one snapshot to the next)
  • ssh (secure remote access via )
  • ddclient for pseudo fixed ip (auto updates the ip address at dyndns.com to the current one given me by my ISP. web domain points to dyndns account)
  • mt-daapd (iTunes music server within local network)


19/10/2007 Melbourne, Australia

1 usb stick 1 usb hdd

+ unslung 6.8 beta + lighttpd + enhanced-ctorrent + ctcs + samba 3

using the slug for torrents, mainly because of the low power use, but will upgrade to debian slug soon to make use of the rtorrent client

2007-10-23 1 SLUG, already at 266 bogomips from factory.

Debian 4.0r1 on a 250Gb Drive Linux 2.6.18-5-ixp4xx #1 Thu Aug 30 16:47:13 UTC 2007 armv5tel GNU/Linux

  • dropbear for ssh
  • Samba for home network backups
  • rTorrent 0.7.7 - libTorrent 0.11.7
  • Mldonkey: MLNet? Multi-Network p2p client version 2.9.2.CVS (mlnet.byte) (Wouldn't compile with ocamlopt so it's compiled to bytecode, running quite well)

I don't have rtorrent and mldonkey running all the time, just start them whenever I need. I suppose mldonkey would be enough but I really like rtorrent ncurses interface. At the moment it's working great. I will try mt-daap in the future.

Thanks to all great guys who keep doing this stuff.

Vicente Quintáns (alias Vituco), Santiago de Compostela SPAIN

2007-10-24 1 SLUG, already at 266 bogomips from factory.

unslung 6.8 1 GB Flash as system, 500GB Western Digital USB drive CUPS Print server (HPDeskJet?) Samba 3 for home storage MLDonkey? for file sharing/downloading, even for ftp/http download of big files

Tomek F. Poznan, Poland.


1 SLUG@266 from factory

1 usb stick (Kingston 1Gb)

1 usb hdd (Maxtor Personal 3200 - 500Gb)

Debian 4.0r1

  • dropbear
  • Samba
  • rTorrent
  • lighttpd

Leonardo Lacchini, Bologna, Italy


My Slug is: uNSLUng serving: Music to my Roku Soundbridge from: 100GB USB-drive and Printing from anywhere in the home with: CUPS (raw) to Canon Pixma IP4300? and Hosting a tiny Homepage for testing with: thttpd

Juergen, Radebeul, Germany


2 Slugs

one serving as weatherstation

  • Debian 4.0r1
  • 1 usb hdd 40 Gb
  • 1-wire network with wind, rain, temp, baro
  • owwnogui + rrdtool
  • apache
  • crontab generating graphs for webpage

one serving as fileserver

  • Debian 4.0r1
  • 2 usb hdd 120Gb in Raid1
  • samba
  • rTorrent

Claes G, Karlstad, Sweden


One slug running as a misterhouse home automation server (see http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/) Installation documented at http://misterhouse.wikispaces.com/Embedded

  • 2GB IDE drive in USB caddy
  • 4-port serial to interface to home automation hardware
  • Replacing 500MHz Pentium, electricity savings will probably pay for the slug within a year or so...


One NSLU2. Installed debian-etch 4.0, using 720M of HD space. running:

  * dropbear
  * ntp server for keeping time on local network
  * weblog <= lighttpd + sqlite + serendipity
  * nfs server

Paul de Vries, Netherlands


One Turbo NSLU2 with 200GB Maxtor OneTouch?. Debian etch installed. Currently running:

 * Asterisk 
 * dnsmasq
 * nfs (sharing music files to networked music player)
 * mysql (but not used for anything yet)
 * rsync for backups
 * apache2

Matt Callow, Sydney, AU


SLUG1? running NSLU2 with 500GB LaCie?:

 * no-ip, dns updater
 * thttpd, simple webpage for personal use
 * vsftpd, host pics for forum posts etc
 * ntp, keeping the time ^^
 * samba, sharing media/torrent dl's to vista desktop & xp laptop -> tv-out
 * rtorrent, running 24/7
 * and most important, developing my linux skills =)

Thanks to this community for making this possible!

Niklas Martensson, Malmo, Sweden


unslung 6.8 @ 266MHZ running:

  • dyndns updater (I had tough time with cron and crond)
  • lighttpd + php (fast cgi) + sqlite
  • mc
  • perl

Piotr, Warsaw, Poland


Currently performed

  • Unslung 6.8
  • Network storage
  • OpenSSH?
  • Nano
  • Coreutils
  • Enhanced-ctorrent
  • CTCS


  • De-underclock
  • Twonky-vision

Hmm, I wonder whether Twonky-vision and a couple of torrents can run at the same time? Watch this space!



2nd slug has been up and running for a while. Algernon runs debian etch rc2 and:

  • has a 4GB flash main disk + a 180GB external HDD
  • was de-underclocked (he came from singapore)
  • Was the subject of AddInternalWireless
  • Runs torrentflux configured with sqlite and lighttpd
  • Falls over all the time. I think this is to do with the HD enclosure...

Gothnet (Dave), London, UK, Feb 07


I have two slugs and am building up my new setup. Both will be de-underclocked (1 done, 1 to go).

1st slug + 320GB Toshiba drive: -samba -firefly music server (for Roku M1001) -ushare upnp server (for XBOX) -unison (for syncing home dirs with the machines in the network) -syslogging for PIX firewall and Asus WL-500G

2nd slug + 250GB WD drive: -Apache or lighthttpd -MySQL? -Torrentflux -FTP -cyrus/postfix

Both are running SlugOS/BE after a not so successful attempt with Debian (Installer broke). However, this "upgrade" seems beneficial for the overall speed. I love these devices! I used to have a very noisy server running with Ubuntu so I also expect that my power usage will drop significantly after I'm finished building

I'm thinking of buying a 3rd slug to store backups from the other slugs on (incremental) and maybe do some home automation/webcam capture.

Cheers, qix


Ken Pemberton, UK

Only one Slug (I feel inadequate in current company!), unslung to a 160GB laptop drive (powered by USB), with a 500GB W/D Essentials (powered) drive as the main data tank.

It used to do a lot more, but the previous boot drive crashed and I haven't finished setting everything up yet.

Currently runs two mt-daapd servers (one just for my teenager as his music is hideous), serves web content for the family web domain via DynDNS?, OpenSSH? and functions as a general backup target.

Next is to get SimplePHPBlog? going again (having some difficulties with PHP right now), as it is just perfect for my needs, then I need to solve a router-config issue before moving on to re-implementing RSYNC "pulled" backups of the important stuff on Windows machines, which are on a different subnet.

Home automation in the pipleline, watch this space!


Slug now retired from active server duties (moved those over to the FSG-3 instead). Now becoming the primary brain in a robotics/automation project. PERFECT for this - low power consumption, easily battery-driven, etc. Have re-slung to a 1GB USB stick, all working beautifully. --Native GCC compiling --K8055 USB interface board --Basic control routines done --Watch this space!



One Slug, SlugOS/BE 3.10 beta. Started with uNSLUng, but it was too weird. Using the Slug as a light Linux file server to replace my FreeBSD? 5.4 server: sshd (for Socks using PuTTY?, among other things), thttpd, samba. Using a 500 GiB? WD MyBook? in port 1, with a huge green light that blinks on disk access. Obviously it's not meant for heavy use. =] Generic hotplug whatever disk in port 2. The power button on the Slug gets "stuck" (in "pressed mode") unless you press it gently. Slug is wired to WRT54GS? running dd-wrt.


One Slug, SlugOS/BE 3.10 beta, just upgraded from uNSLUng. Just as tomten said above, uNSLUng was weird. The 40GB HD that had started having disk errors, so I upgraded the OS as well. Also compiled from the tarball. I'm running thttpd, samba, svn server, noip update, and privoxy. In the pipe is mtdaap, dns and automated pulled backup.


One TurboSlug, Unslung 6.8, two LaCie 500GB disks. First disk used for sharing data to 3 WinXP?-boxes. Second disk is a backup disk for the first. Backup is fully automated via RSnapshot.

Marc, The Netherlands


One Slug + Lacie 500 GB USB disk + Topfield 5000 PVRt? (main reason for getting NSLU2). Just upgraded firmware to Unslung 6.8 & having ftp access to Topfield. All OK at the moment ;-)

Ari, Finland


Finally I took some time for my slug. I installed openwrt with x-wrt and use it as a bluetooth accespoint. I use it to connect my PDA to the internet. My notes about the installation can be found on my slugnix wiki

wimpunk, Belgium


Its taken a while, but Ive managed the following with very little computer knowledge thanks to the great how-to's here and other information on the twonky and firefly forums

I have an NSLU2, unslung with the latest firmware, running twonkymedia and firefly media server. I also have a G4 ibook with itunes, a pinnacle soundbridge home music, and an xbox360 with the latest dashboard firmware

Twonky is serving files to my wireless soundbridge and also my xbox360 (including, thanks to the fall 2007 dashboard update, divx/avi video files!). Soundbridge works perfectly and Im really happy with the set-up

In order to allow me to use a single MP3? library, I have added fireflymediaserver however it was not running. This morning I tried a couple of things and its now working OK however I still need to set the folder path for my MP3?'s (it didnt work on my first attempt).. Hopefully by tonight my media will also be showing in itunes as a shared library. Once thats sorted, Im going to attach my second HDD and format for additional storage and back-up of my ibook. I may also add a second soundbridge upstairs..

Big thanks to everyone who's contributed here and elsewhere on the net for helping to tidy-up my house and organise my media!


On 10th of November i got myself a Slug to. Decided to buy it after being here a while. It's de-underclocked and got the serial Connected (Nokia 3310 has only 3 wires and fit perfectly for me). Now my DEBIAN/Etch Slug is used for:

  • dbox2 Movie-Server (record/play via NFS)
  • MP3? Server over dbox2
  • picture-Server to view pictures from holidays
  • rtorrent
  • cups
  • file-sharing in network (smb)

next things to do:

  • Atari Portfolio for Terminal access
  • gLCD for status and playing around

Try to get another Slug to get a Low Budget Case-Server.

greeTings from Berlin, djk1o


I finally bought a Slug a few weeks ago after reading this page a few times through. I pay outrageous electric rates but I wanted something up 24/7 that is more functional than my OpenBSD? flashdist-based Soekris box, namely something with a hard drive and full, read-write multiuser access.

The Slug fit the bill perfectly (no pun intended) and after de-underclocking (piece of cake with a razor) and with a full Debian etch install I am now rather well set up:

 * 60gb Maxtor drive I had lying around with a cheap USB enclosure,
 * NFS, Samba and AFP shares,
 * CUPS working from Linux, Mac and Windows clients,
 * screen-ing rtorrent, irssi, tin and other such things,
 * pretty decent performance overall, considering the memory and USB constraints.

I also set up my old VIA EPIA machine whose hard drive went south a few months ago with a diskless Debian setup PXE booted and mounted from the Slug (with the Soekris providing dhcp), and finally have a desktop machine I can use without breaking the bank every month.

No fans anywhere! The only sound is the buzz of the HD, which I'm working on. With all three machines plugged in plus the hard drive, DSL modem, WAP, Philips Skype phone and switches it's drawing about 50W continuously.

Not bad for under $100 of investment.

Claudio, Washington DC


After having my home burglarized and *almost* getting my external backup drive stolen, I decided it was time to invest in remote backups, at least for important files. I happened across this site and realized that I could use the NSLU2 for this task by installing it remotely at my parents house. So I bought a used NSLU2 off eBay and a 500GB Maxtor USB HD. I installed OpenSSH? on it and am now able to tunnel SMB from my Windows boxes (Cygwin) to the slug. Still playing around with various backup methods--started with Unison but it's got a few quirks when going from NTFS to Linux, so am now experimenting with SyncToy? and Robocopy. I also performed the clocking mod to get the slug running at 266Mhz.

-DC-, Seattle


First off, *Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year* (or indeed Happy Eid and Hanukah).

The default Linksys web frontend really pissed me off with its ugliness and poor usability. I bought the NSLU2 to provide a low-power yet high-quality, economy media server. Could this smaller-than-paperback-book thing do it? Fed up with the default Linksys software, I eventually installed Debian onto the thing and it's now serving up hundreds of GB of video/music/photos through SMB to several Xbox Media Center (XBMC) systems at home. It's hooked up to a Netgear DG834G? Wireless Router and a WD MyBook? 250Gb as the system disk and a WD MyBook? 500Gb as the media storage. It's doing so reliably and with Debian I can dabble with running MySQL?, Apache, OpenVPN, off-site back-ups and $diety knows what else. It all "just works" and I donated money to the NSLU2 firmware team and a chap who provided the Debian install instructions. I hope it encourages more homebrew/community projects like this.

Next step is to try serving out my media with UPnP?. I have evaluated TwonkyMedia? 4.4.2 which worked for 10 minutes but it seems unreliable. Any recommendations? Please email me.

Imran Chaudhry, UK, electr0sphere@yahoo.co.uk


Happy new year to all Sluggers!

I've never used Linux at all of any flavour but I have my Slug running TwonkyVision? server and streaming David Gilmour live at the Albert Hall wirelessly to my PSP in just under an hour from opening the box. I cannot thank the Unslung community enough for the hard work and dedication they have put into this wonderful piece of software and Linksys too for having the vision to release this super little gadget. I'll be making a donation you can be sure :-)

Jeff Hartley, Arran, Scotland, UK.


A sluggish new year!

Am running

  • SSH, OK
  • FTPD, OK
  • Lighttpd with PHP. Perfect server. Did some tests with password access and directory access for local users only. Good dcocumentation.
  • MySQL?. Only started PHPmyadmin?, futher tests will follow
  • BTPD
  • CUPSD for serving my Canon S400, OK. Did not get my HP to work.
  • Musicbrowser PHP scripts for streaming.

An incredible device after UNSlinging?. Sometimes probably BTPD somehow keeps on starting new processes eventually hanging the SLUG.

I am modding Musicbrowser to include a Flash player such that I can stream MP3?'s towards the Wii. Initial version based on Musicbrowser 0.7 is working, but needs some work.


Edgar, NL, knak_worst_je@hotmail.com

6th January 2008

Bought a Slug awhile back with the intention of installing Debian on it. Unfortunately the Debian installer was broken at the time. Anyway an excellent Christmas present came with the news that it had been fixed, and after a number of attempts I've got it to work!

Now successfully running:

  • NFS - basic music, video and file server. (Got Samba running too though I very rarely need it)
  • rTorrent/Screen
  • rSync.

Next on the list is to set up a proper music server on it.

Update: I've since bought a second Slug and again installed Debian on it. Running that as a backup server.

AndyCooll?, Stockport, UK

2008 Jan 8

Using it as a music server.

Ben Crowell, Fullerton, CA, USA

8th January 2008

Unslung to a single WD MyBook? Essentials 320Gb. Running as a file server with FTP access via vsftp. Running rsync daemon on the Slug with RSnapshot? on a Fedora box pulling backups.

Bought in the Slug in December 07 and found it was running at 133, but now at full speed :)

Rhys, Melbourne, Australia

8th January 2008

My unit is replacing a Synology DS101 and will run Debian (currently installing as I'm writing) and will act as :

  • file server (SMB for my wife running Windows + NFS for me)
  • DNS server with the lightweight dnsmasq
  • backup server (rsync) pulling out my website and its MySQL? DB from the hosting server which doesn't provide backup
  • DynDNS? updater
  • NTP server for machines on the LAN
  • Lighttpd web server

The CPU is clocked at 266 and was manufactured in 09/2007.

Attached a LaCie? 500 GB Desktop Hard drive (Seagate drive) and will buy another one for replication

Sébastien, Mons, Belgium

9th January 2008

My unit run with Debian on USB 2.5 disk. There is a second disk WD MyBook? Essentials 320Gb :

  • NFS share (very fast)
  • Itune share.

It works 7d/7 24h/24. It's super server.

"Big thanks to everyone who's contributed here and elsewhere on the net for helping to tidy-up my house and organise my media!" Vincent , Neuville sur Oise, France

11th January 2008

My slug runs SlugOs? 3.10 with a 200 Gb USB disk

It's currently doing unexciting but necessary backup work at a location remote from my home. It's running:

Many thanks to all who contributed to the project.

Doug in Pennsylvania, USA

Massimiliano Fantuzzi, Italy, Bologna

  • Operative System Unslung 6.8, number of slugs: 7
  • Functions: ddclient, mrtg, lcd4linux, nfs mounts, mt-daapd, esniper, moiosms, openvpn, ssh, apache-mysql-php, ntpd, rsync, yougrabber, rtorrent, rsync, distcc, cups, anacron, at, tmsnc & finch (IM clients !!), upslug2, screen (number 1) .... so on
  • Kernel modules loaded: videodev visor pwc ov511 usbserial audio soundcore lan
  • Usb peripherals: usb speakers, usb lan, usb webcam, usb vga, usb palm-cradle, bluetooth
  • Hardware: all seven slugs were overclocked (some came already oc), all slugs have USB memory as rootfs, ranging from 1 to 4 GB
  • Wishes: wiimote interface via hddi & wmd drivers, usb2vga working video device, postfix, more ptimizations/enhachements (partially done ending up in a 15 MB freeing on classic 32MB total!!), wish to get some knowledge in soldering and then add third usb, second lan, serial, battery.
  • Email: m a x at fan tuz d o t n e t

15th Jan 2008

Currently running SVNServe? and Enhanced-Ctorrent Messed about with twonkyvision for a while but couldn't see the point of it.

In the middle of learning Haskell so will be using this little skill (in conjunction with HUGS) for programming the slug to do other stuff like HTTP fetching and processing RSS feeds , web pages etc, might even get SQL to work on the thing (is this too much for the little beasty?)

Best device for torrents I have ever seen.

Jan. 15, 2008

My overclocked Slug is unslung to 6.10 (now) and attached to a 80 GB disk. Samba is disabled. It is running:

ntpclient to correct clock problems
openssh/sftp server with passwordless access using private keys for access to files from outside using WinSCP? or Cyberduck
vsftp limited to internal network
nfs for mounting as network server on Macs on the internal network

27th Jan 2008

I've got two Slugs:


  • Bluetooth-driver and daemon
  • PCSC-Lite Cardreader driver and deamon
  • a little HTTP-Server
  • dropbear SSH-Daemon
  • Busybox environment

All on the internal flash and 3 megs free space, using uclibc. Trying to compile a Samba daemon with uclibc next.


  • 1GB USB-Stick for the root filesystem
  • Bluetooth driver/daemon
  • Music Player Daemon (MPD) with MP3?, OGG (Tremor) and Flac support compiled in
  • External soundcard
  • pbmpcd (control the MPD via bluetooth using a mobile phone)
  • HTTP-Server
  • Samba Server
  • FTP-Server
  • Cron
  • Some scripts for automatically (un)mount of external hard-disks

Amazing, what you can do with a network storage :p

Mark Breddemann, Germany

Have a slung build in a box made out of lego with:

 - Slung on top 
 - 1x 70Gb  Samsung internal disk (connected to hub)
 - 1x 500Gb Samsung internal disk (connected to hub)
 - 1x usb2 hub no-name (connected to hub)
 - 1x Sweex usb-serial cable (connected to hub)
 - 1x Creative NX webcam (connected to hub)
 - 1x home made 433Mhz serial send module (for wireless outlet switching)
 - 1x MicroAtx? psu (providing power to fans/hub/slung/Samsung disks)
 - 1x usb cable for recharching my phone
 - 2x 10cm fans at low speed for cooling
 - 1x external Western Digital Mybook 500Gb (Fat32)

The tasks of this slung are:

 - Webcam for my fishtank
 - Script for home automation set
 - Remote switch my home automation
 - Backup for 3 pc's in the house and some laptops
 - SSH server for tunneling to the inside


 - Get my USB-Soundcard working and play music
 - Get a usb 433Mhz receiver working for controlling the music

Still have 2 slungs laying around, one for testing and one catching dust

Tiec, The Netherlands

My Slug works as:

 - universal Data storage in my Network (120GB Samsung)
 - SMB Share using samba2
 - FTP Server using vsftpd
 - DBox2? recording server using recorder (dboxgrab)
 - Media Storage for my XBox? with XBMC (via SMB) - Godlike!
 - running kaid (Xlink Kai Engine) to play online with my Xbox and XBMC
 - wakes up other PC's via WOL using wakelan


 - [done] "overclocking" to 266 MHz? 
 - Webserver with PHP using lighttpd + FastCGI?
 - Picture Galery accessible by browser, maybe some cool Flash-Galery

The Slug is truely a great gadget. Thanks for your work, guys!

Greetings from Jena, Germany


My NSUL2? has Debian GNU/Linux v4.0 installed with a D-Link DWL-G122 Ver. C1 USB Wi-Fi adapter (see http://3lled.blogspot.com/2008/02/nslu2-dwl-g122-nas-with-wi-fi.html) and works as:

 - Unison sync server.
 - Gateway and ARP proxy between a wired and a wireless LAN.
 - Firewall.
 - Asterisk server.
 - NFS server.

Cheers, Héctor

Half time in Madrid, Spain, half time in San Pedro de Sula, Honduras.


My slug is de-underclocked, is running unslung 6.10, and, at 7-10 watts, a perfect server.

 - Backup for household computers.
 - wget cron job for backup of hosted website.
 - wput cron job for backup of local messages and website.
 - ntpclient.
 - thttpd-webserver so I can see status msgs even when not at home.
 - openssh.

cheers, Tom (donation made - thanks all)


1 SLUG (without speed modification)

 * uNSLUng Version 6.10
 * WD 250GB Passport Hard Drive on USB Port 1 (No extra power supply needed!)
 * unslung to a SanDisk? 1GB USB Stick on USB Port 2
 * DynDNS? update with log(NSLU2-Linux-DNSUPD-0.9.4beta). works great!
 * Apache Web Server 
 * FTP
 * Samba shares
 * MySQL?
 * OpenSSH?
 * Perl
 * Python
 * PHP
 * Wget-ssl

This little thing does so much, with very little power!



Seven Slugs in use:

Kwek - Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta off of 1GB flash stick, 500GB USB disk attached:

  • Primary site backup production server
    • Running backup jobs for all my data files using rsnapshot, running every 4 hours,
    • Storing full image backups of all my desktops using Symantec Ghost, running once a week,

Kwekje - Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta off of 1GB flash stick, 320GB USB disk attached:

  • DR site backup production server (120km south from primary site)
    • Attaches via OpenVPN to primary site,
    • Running backup jobs for all my data files using rsnapshot, running every 4 hours,
    • Disaster recovery of data in case primary site should fail,

Schaap - Debian Etch off of 4GB flash stick:

  • Primary network services production server
    • Running DNS for internal network,
    • Running NTP for internal network,
    • Running external DNS (ns.fnerk.org),
    • Running external NTP (ntp.fnerk.org),
    • Running external shell access (ssh.fnerk.org),
    • Running MRTG, feeding output into non-slug web server at mrtg.fnerk.org,

Joost - Debian Etch off of 4GB flash stick:

  • Secondary network services production server
    • Running backup DNS for internal network,
    • Running backup NTP for internal network,
    • Running SMTP (outgoing) for internal network,
    • Running external SMTP (mx1.fnerk.org),
    • IPv6 router, connecting via XS4ALL? tunnel broker

Streep - Debian Etch off of 8GB flash stick:

  • Application server
    • Running Firefly Media Server (mt-daapd) to share my iTunes library to all desktops,
    • Running Squid for proxy services.

Lillebi - Debian Etch off of 40GB USB disk:

  • Development, test, acceptance, and bittorrent server
    • Environment to try out stuff,
    • Acceptance for patches to Joost, Schaap, and Streep,
    • Continuously running bittorrent uploads.

Sprinky - Debian Lenny (armel) off of 2G flash stick:

  • Test server
    • Environment to try out stuff with Lenny (armel)

Jan Joris Vereijken, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


My slug is the primary controller on my mobile robot. Machine vision laser ranging via USB webcam. Slug connected to Atmel AVR i2c microcontroller network via USB. Building details here: mrdunk.googlepages.com



My slug is running unslug 6. I make it a pure solid state device. I use one 1G flash drive as system drive on USB port 2. I use another multi-Card Reader in USB port 1. I put one 2G SD card(on sdb) and one 4G CF card(on sdc) in the multi-card reader. raid0 was used to put those two cards together to make a 5.8G storage drive at /dev/md0. rtorrent is used as Torrent client. amule is used as EDK2K? client. It's running happly for weeks.



Running Debian with a 320GB drive.

Using it to automate website backups via ftp as well as backing up folders on the local network.

Just recently managed to compile uShare (version 1.0, 1.1 refused to compile for some reason) my Slug will now connect to my Xbox 360 to stream video and mp3s over upnp.

UPDATE 2008/09/08 New slightly bigger case now houses both the Slug and the USB HD together with a single power source - just one power brick now, provides DC in to a pico psu.

Dave, UK


De-underclocked slug unslung to 256mb flash drive in slot 2, 300 (I think)GB hard drive in slot 1 Using slug to serve out the external HDD via samba; HDD used to be connected to windows computer, symlinks on linux and a network drive on windows keep everything running the same. Slug also downloads torrents to HDD (enhanced-ctorrent and CTCS), uses appWeb with SSL (SSL for outside connection only) to serve DvdDB? (manages my dvd database; google it), filethingie (to access my files from school, etc), and eventually a web based proxy for private use. Disk2 share has symlinks to music folders in various places - using diversion script to replace user_smb.conf with mine disabling unix extensions and enabling swap space on HDD (forgot how big it is; used to be used with a linux distro on main computer).

Hint for enhanced-ctorrent users: changing the user agent may help with torrent speeds... I use SlugTorrent?/3.2

Thanks to everyone involved, especially those here on the wiki.

Xander, Perth, Australia


Slug with debian 4.0r3

overclocked to 266mhz and add rs232 (from siemens gsm cable) usb flash dirve 2gb

   * ws2305 weather server (open2300), (usb2serial)
   * rrdtool for graphing and storing the data
   * digitemp for other temps (usb2serial, with ds18s20 on passive ds9097 adapter)
   * ssh server

Richard, Halsteren, Netherlands


Slug with V2.3R63-uNSLUng

  * cups printserver (HP Deskjet)
  * twonky mediaserver
  * php-thttpd (PHP Proxy)



Theo Arends (theo-at-sidweb.mine.nu)

Slug 1

  * Speedmod running on 266Mhz (default = 133Mhz)
  * two 320GB Western Digital MyBook? HDD (rsync mirror) 
  * Debian lenny (testing) 
  * thttpd webserver for status and service control
  * OpenSSH? for secure login 
  * Samba share for several workstations
  * FTP (vsftpd) for need be
  * NFS for need be
  * iSCSI target for Vista testing
  * TWiki? 4.2.0 for fun (too slow for NSLU2)

Slug 2

  * Speedmod running on 266Mhz (default = 133Mhhz)
  * two 250GB LaCIE? HDD (rsync mirror) 
  * Debian lenny (testing) 
  * thttpd webserver for status and service control
  * OpenSSH? for secure login 
  * Samba share for Dreambox 500s and all my CD's in .flac and .mp3
  * FTP (vsftpd) for need be
  * NFS for need be
  * TWiki? 4.2.0 for fun (too slow for NSLU2)


Albert Schmid - Synology Diskstation DS106j? with original firmware and optware extensions:

  * syslog-ng for remote logging from my router
  * openssh for remote access
  * NFS support (now replaced by the firmware itself)
  * perl for cgi with the firmware-apache (must be hacked too)
  * running Indexer swish-e (cross compiled on a virtual ubuntu machine using infos from this site:-)


Rob Spanton (as part of the Student Robotics group) - Robot controllers. See http://www.studentrobotics.org/(approve sites)


I just love this thing! At the moment it's just doing p2p work using the amule client. To control amuled I use amulecmd by sshing to the slug. I got fed up with trying the web version, and amulecmd does everything I need and is more stable I think. Hasn't barfed yet, that's a good sign. I highly recommend amulecmd, it works a treat.

I have a laptop drive connected to it, and it also powers the 5 port switch via USB it (and my other computers) needs to connect to the other side of the house where the telephone line is. Powering the switch + itself + laptop drive uses 7 Watts and 9 Watts whenever there is a read/write to the laptop drive.

I think I will use it for rsync backups too (done!). Really, the sky's the limit with this little baby... may use it as a print server/power switch in future, if I can be bothered. I'd love to use it for the backend to a mythtv setup. I think what would go really well with this is to turn it into a jukebox for movies somehow, so you can fit multiple HDDs? to it via USB somehow and be able to switch one on at a time to save all the power draw. Good question how to do that though.

The whole idea of it just boggles my mind! I love how it sits there, consuming an average of 7W completely silently, requiring no cleaning of fans, while doing a task that used to produce noise and chew up 80+Watts of power. So cheap, both in price and in running cost. This is certainly the future of computing! Often I just stare at it in awe, the only sign it is doing any work is when the USB HDD enclosure flashes red briefly and when the network lights flicker. It is certainly one of my favorite purchases of all time.

Update: I figured out how to set up a sshfs mounted folder on the slug. Fast enough, I guess, I get about a megabyte/second transfer speed. I rsync to it.

OS: Unslung, tried SlugOS to no avail. Packages I have installed: sudo amule openssh adduser vim vsftpd bash openssh-sftp-server


D (Melbourne)


Slug is basically my backup machine, torrent manager, webserver and media server for the Xbox and SqueezeBox?. Slug running at 266 with Debian, wired to the adls modem-wireless router reduce wireless lag.

  • SSH
  • Lighttpd with PHP
  • Rsynch for backups
  • rTorrent via screen, drag and drop torrents via web
  • SlimServer?
  • DynaDns? synch

Connected to 250Gb western digital myBook.

Trimmed down apps and processes in a effort to reduce memory and CPU foot prints allowing SlimServer? to run without significant delay. Did try running this gallery2 as well, but image resizing is too much for this little box. Instead, as I source pictures from WindowsXP? box, I extract the resized images from the Windows generated Thumbs.db file to display icons as preview of the full size picture using simple dynamic PHP web pages... no need for memory hungry MySQL? etc.

Toying with the idea of a little home automation, switching central heating on/off via secure web.


Here's my slug...

Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.10-beta, running under a 5V stabilized-Ni-MH (AA size) battery-operated UPS by myself.

- 40GB, 2,5" H/D on port 2, bus powered; - Port 1 reserved for access to USB flash disks via WLAN (...I have a couple of laptops with fired USB ports :( ); - SSH access to my LAN from internet; - "Repository" (file server via FTP/CIFS) on LAN, for small useful contents (drivers, codecs, apps...); - Adds storage (CIFS automount) to my linux STB (Dreambox 7020) for some "slow" multimedia contents (jpeg/mp3/low bitrate MPEG4?), to be delivered to my 3*DSM-320RD uPnP-AV clients via uShare (running on Dreambox... but it can run on slug too, if needed); - Automatic torrent download (enhanced-ctorrent) by a custom script (queue & permanent seed management). CTCS support from WAN via a sort of "proxy" (...some php scripts, executing lots of wgets :D...) running on Dreambox (...that's my home LAMP webserver...) to fix authentication issues.

To-do list: adding a serial rs232 & 2 more USB ports, just for fun :)



My specs:

Running Unslung 6.8.

  • 2 GB Sandisk Micro USB Port 2 as root filesystem.
  • AC powered USB hub (4 ports) on USB1.
    • A 500 GB HP USB disk (ext3) on USB hub
    • A Gembird SIS-PM USB controlled 4 port power outlet controlled from NSLU using sispmctl package (not in ipkg repository)
    • The Gembird SIS-PM powers on/off 500 GB HP USB disk and printer with its AXIS printer server, using CGI script provided by thttpd.
  • SSH (dropbear)
  • NFS (nfs-utils), streaming media to my Tvix 4100-S
  • cron installed, powers on/off 500 GB USB disk automatically at evening.
  • ntpclient installed to have exact time.

Daniel Kertby


Hardware (see http://www.devbase.at/nslu2/pics.php):

  • Turbo-Slug 266MHz
  • Serial port
  • 1x USB 1.1 HUB, 1x USB 2.0 HUB, both bus-powered
  • 2GB USB flash memory as system partition
  • 250GB MyBook harddisk, self-powered, spins down after 10'
  • Yealink USB-P1K handset
  • 2 USB soundcards (a Trust 5.1 and a tiny C-Media audio adapter)
  • Small break-out-box with a tiny speaker, a USB port and 4 buttons (buttons currently unused)
  • USB IR receiver for remote control
  • DVB-T receiver Terratec Cinergy USB XS Diversity


  • SlugOS/BE with Linux 2.6.25-rc6
  • samba
  • nfs
  • subversion 1.4.3
  • ftpsync.pl (uploads selected subversion repositories to www.devbase.at/svn)
  • mpd (mostly for internet radio, controlled by LIRC)
  • Yeaphone (VoIP UA for USB handset)
  • LIRC with mceusb2 driver
  • espeak (reads various information, eg. outside temperature, tramway departure, title of current music track)
  • DVB Tools + own program "recstream" for recording (to disk) and streaming (via HTTP) of up to 2 programs in parallel - needs only max. 25% CPU!
  • thttpd + php + xsltv (http://www.ericandchar.com/xsltvgrid/(approve sites))

Also tried in the past:

  • Yate
  • Asterisk
  • cups
  • ushare
  • flite, now replaced by espeak
  • keyevent (own tool for reading the buttons of the USB soundcard / break-out-box), now replaced by LIRC

Thomas Reitmayr


I configured a fairly minimalist Slug, which serves me as a simple wiki and mail client.


  • Turbo-slug 266 MHz?
  • 4Gb USB stick as root partition


  • Debian

- Tweaks

  • Stripped unnessecary services and modules.
  • Tightened Unix file security
  • Reduced writes/updates to flashdisk by way of various hacks.


  • Lighttpd (Tried boa but needed an authentication mechanism) (configured it fairly paranoid. Anything not explicitly allowed is denied)
  • cgic and quisp for cgi programming
  • Yawk (Yet another Wiki) A minimal wiki implemented in gawk. www.awk-scripting.de

- Mail

  • msmtp as a "nullmailer" to my ISP
  • mutt
  • procmail
  • GnuPG?
  • lbdb (Little Brother Database)
  • fetchmail

- Varia

  • SSH
  • Extensive iptable firewall config
  • checkinstall (Used to make Debian packages)

This server has been in use for more than two month's now, without any significant problems.

Enneman, Netherlands. ( warkruid at gmail dot com )


One slug, with 2 attached disks (Maxtor OneTouch2? 200GB and Maxtor OneTouch3? 500GB) :

JNC, France.


I bought two new slugs. I turbo'd them to 266 MHz? and did the full power mod. Installed Debian 4.0r3 with Apache and DNS on an 8GB thumb drive (the only tricky part was figuring out how to manually partition the thumb drive to have a big enough swap space. Used aptitude to install the GNU development tools and subversion. Used subversion to download open2300-1.11 and compiled it using the development tools. Both slugs are connected to La Crosse Technology WS23XX? weather stations (one for me and the second for my Dad) and they use a cron file to take the data from the weather station and upload it to WeatherUnderground? and CWOP. The cron file looks like this:

  1. /etc/cron.d/open2300 Jobs relating to the weather station.
  2. keep an hourly record for me.

0 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/log2300 /home/tom/weather.log

  1. every five minutes on the 2's and 7's to wunderground.

2,7,12,17,22,27,32,37,42,47,52,57 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/wu2300

  1. every ten minutes on the 6's to CWOP.

6,16,26,36,46,56 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/cw2300

Both slugs also provide DNS for their local subnet and they are Apache webservers connected to the Internet.

This is a great low-power setup. My Kill-a-watt meter says that my slug is only drawing 3 watts. It replaces a PowerMac? G4 that draws 85 watts. A big and quiet savings (no fans all the time).

Tom Rinehart, SLC, Utah

3rd July 2008

Just got my NSLU2 unslung using the latest firmware and booting off a 4Gb USB stick. Am primarily using it to serve a modest music collection to my Netgear MP101? audio streamer in the living room over my HomePlug? LAN. Have added a few packages as well.

It's now running:

  *  TwonkyMedia? 4.4 (latest version) serving music to the house
  *  NTP server for home devices (server, laptops, router)
  *  Lynx
  *  Network diagnostics
  *  OpenSSH? for remote access (telnet is disabled)

I love it as I can just leave it running under the desk in my home office and it's totally silent. The only reason I am using a USB stick over a hard disk is the fact that I didn't like leaving the caddy that I had connected unattended for long periods as (a) the fan was quite rattly and (b) it ran pretty warm. I'll prob feed the NSLU2 another USB stick of higher capacity as and when they drop in price.

Tim Wiser, Derby (UK)

-- 9 July 2008

Got an NSLU-2 from Amazon for $48.50 plus shipping. Booted up the original software long enough to make sure all the network settings were good, then reflashed with SlugOS4?.8BE. Plugged a 1GB USB flash in, did a turn-up to move everything over to the USB stick, then rebooted onto the stick. Installed Asterisk and a few minor utils. Set up swap, got everything running within 2 hours. This replaces Asterisk running on my Ubuntu box. Works great! Gonna get another on this payday and build a backup/media server. Then I'm going to convince a few friends to get one and some hard drives and do rsync backups to each other. I love embedded systems (I have two ASUS wl500gP routers, a Nokia N800 internet tablet, and some Linksys PAP2T? SIP-Analog phone adapters).

Mitch Thompson, San Antonio, TX (USA)

24 July 2008

Purchased 1st slug a few weeks ago on Amazon for <$50 after reading a bit about it's capabilities here.

When it arrived, I booted it up and tested it out for a few hours with just a 1GB flash drive attached. When I got bored of that I Unslung the slug to 6.10 beta onto the 1GB flash drive without any issues thanks to the community here! Setup now as a pyTivo server and NAS and soon to be a print server. I just hope that it has enough gusto to handle all of these tasks.



  • 1GB Flash (Unslung)
  • 200GB HD w/ generic fan cooled enclosure
  • De-Underclocked to 266MHz

Connected to:

  • 300W APC UPS
  • Verizon FIOS Wireless router

2007-07-30 NSLU2 running Debian:

  • WEB server with lighttpd
  • FTP server with proftpd
  • OpenSSH? for secure access

(UPDATE: 2008-08-06) NSLU2 also running Debian:

  • Backup Server
  • File Server
  • OpenSSH? for secure access

Giuseppe Sammarco near Palermo, Italy.

2 August 2008

Two slugs, both fairly recent so running at 266 MHz?. Each has a 500Gb Lacie USB disk attached. I run Debian Lenny on both with openssh to give me access. One slug sits on my outer network between my internal NAT router (an Asus WL500G? running OpenWrt) and my external DSL NAT router. The other slug sits on my internal network, inbound of the Asus.

Outer slug:

  • local apt-mirror server for my Debian installation. Runs lighttpd.
  • NTP server for the networks.
  • Syslog server for outer network.
  • Webcam (at webcam.baldric.net).
  • External facing webservers with SSL (again using lighttpd).

Until recently this slug also ran postfix and mailman - but that proved too much of a load for a single slug.

Inner slug:

  • DNS and DHCP server for the network using DNSMasq?.
  • local apt-mirror for my internal Ubuntu network (again using lighttpd).
  • rsync over SSH backup server for my desktops/laptops.
  • squid proxy.
  • MRTG monitor for my routers.

Mick (at-baldric.net UK)

14 aug 08

unslung 6.10 with Western Digital 500 GB Elements USB 2.0.

I got my slug and powered up with:

  • Cherokee webserver
  • enhanced-ctorrent client
  • openssh for secure login

todo: auto spin down. this is my biggest issue atm.. :/ works brilliant with the default firmware though.. I accuse some auto write program somewhere which bugs my poor HD.. but I will investigate it and post it on my blog.. todo: torriental

22 August 2008

uNSLUng 6.10 with 2GB Memory Stick - absolute silence :)

For now:

Luemmel (Germany)

25 August 2008

uNSLUng 6.10 with WD Elements 500 and TrekStor? DataStation? 750 used as MediaServer?.

The MediaSlug? is connected via WRT54GL? (HyperWRT?) to two Pinnacle ShowConter? 200 and one Roku SoundBridge? (all using WLAN).

Stephan Pilz (Germany)

21 September 2008

mtDaap itunes server kissdx for serving to Kiss 1600 (nice and stable - no drop outs - seems more stable than Mediatomb for video) Mediatomb - Huge music library nicely organised for Kiss 1600 Media streamer

Want another on now with a LAMP setup ;-) I loves my SLUG

Plum (England)

28 September 2008 uNSLUng 6.10 with LaCie? 500GB external drive.

Installed with: - OpenSSH? + SFTP with private and public files - Rsync - Cron

In use for: - Backup server - Synchronise data with another Slug over the internet with Rsync over SSH

Future ideas: - Torrent client - Webserver - E-mail server

Jeroen (Netherlands)

03. Oktober 2008

Debian GNU/Linux System (SLUG with 266MHz)


- NSLU2 with 266Mhz connected with an LINKSYS WRT54G? WLAN Router - USB 2.0 HUB with 4 Ports - Maxtor 3,5" 250GB for DATA - Samsung 2,5" 160GB for BACKUP - HP PSC 1610 Printer (USB over CUPS)


- SAMBA PDC Server (3.024) with 6 clients - Rsync backup - Cron - SSH - Webserver for my weather-website - DFS-SERVER for my Windows Server - Torrent client with rtorrent - E-MAIL server with dovecot - Fetchmail - Webmail (Squirrelmail) - Procmail and Spamassassin - FTP-Server with vsftpd - Twonkyserver for Media streaming - Openvpn for connection from everywhere to the home-network - CUPS-Server for Printing

René Kettinger (AUSTRIA)

7 October 2008

On a recent trip to Italy, I was able to use a digital recorder to record each hour strike of a Campanile in a small mountain town. I've taken a Slug, installed NTP, CRON, and SlugAudio?, and now I have my own Campanile that strikes the hour and the half hour. It's a nice reminder of our trip !

Andrew Field (West Chester, PA)

18 October 2008

Bought it mainly for a cheap and low-power proxy server to avoid running a 4+2-disk, dual-core PC. Apache works great for that and having a dedicated compu for http and ftp serving increases security! Using a spare Lexar 4GB USB flash drive, no HD, UnSlung? 6.10 (though may switch to a full Linux), Overclocked to 266 bogomips.

Ralph Finch (Davis, California, USA)

23rd Oct 2008

  • 1 Unslung primarily as UPNP Media Server, SAMBA
  • 1 Debian for Data backup (with hardware RAID-1 Disks) and SAMBA
  • 1 Unslung (on 8GB Flash) for Asterisks (Planning to use this for Insteon Home Automation).

Great Device, and thanks to NSLU2 Community.

Cbk Menon (Sacramento, California, USA)

1st November 2008

1 Slug with debian. One 500 GB HD always. 490 GB of that as samba. A second 500 GB at the 2nd port sometimes for backups via rsync. My Siemens Gigaset M740 AV Twintuner can use the samba directly to record tv.

  • samba
  • dyndns
  • ssh server
  • scponly (like ftp server with ssh only)
  • twonkey (media server for the Gigaset)

Thanks for this great webpage !

Andreas Duffner (Munich, Germany)

3st November 2008

1 Slug with Unslung running on 266 MHz?

  • FTP Server
  • TwonkyVision? - UPNP Server
  • Subversion
  • Transmission - Torrent Client

Rolf (Melbourne, Australia)

3rd November 2008

De-underclocked 266MHz Slug running uNSLUng 6.10 beta. Root is a 1GB flash drive on Port 2. On Port 1, I have a USB 2.0 hub (a convention giveaway that looks like a little hanged man) with four additional flash drives that show as HDD_1_x_1. When my Seagate 500GB USB drive gets back from warranty, we'll see what happens! Update (15-Feb-2009): I added a 500GB Simpletech USB drive, which has had none of the problems that two different Seagates have had. Now that my Seagate has been replaced, I've hooked both HDDs? to the hub along with a couple of flash drives & enjoy over one TB of available storage!

  • Apache 2.2.9 with webpage coded with...
  • Perl 5.8.8
  • Webalizer for the meagre hits the server gets
  • OpenSSH?
  • Lynx - It's kind of cool to be able to browse the web from the slug :)
  • ddclient
  • Screen

Joe aka djeaux (Mississippi Gulf Coast)

3 November 2008

SlugOS4?.8 beta on 133MHz Slug (haven't cracked the case yet) running on 8 GB flash drive.

  • Cherokee webserver
  • MySQL?
  • Vwiew - weather station interface for a Davis weather station
  • OWFS - 1-wire file system to read devices and make web pages

Geoff Harris (San Diego, CA)


2 Slugs
First Slug (266MHz): uNSLUng 6.8beta using as web-server (lighttpd), dyndns (ddclient) and digitemp, 80GB Maxtor-HDD
Second Slug (266MHz): uNSLUng 5.5 as home-server for sharing files, pictures and music, 250GB WD-HDD
Thanks a lot for uNSLUng-Software!

Reinhard (Oldenburg, Germany)


1 Slug 266Mhz: uNSLUng 6.10beta, dyndns (ddclient) for remote access, bittorrent client (Transmission) with Web Interface, OpenSSH?, vsftpd, 500 GB Maxtor One Touch attached, plus 8 GB Flash Drive in hot swap mode.

Krzysztof Sokol (London, UK)


2x Slug 266Mhz Both running debian etch. First slug has been running for >1 year; second slug is a recent addition.

1. Slug: Hardware: -1 TB External HDD -2xUSB Hubs -2 Gb USB Stick (OS) -USB Soundcard with Optical Output (hooked up to my Amp) -USBUIRT for sending IR Signals (controlling TV, AMP etc.) -SIS-PM USB controllable power extension lead (4 sockets)

Software: -twonky media server -mpd -lirc -lighthttpd+php

Usage: Used to play music, control my IR devices (TV,AMP etc.), toggle the cabinet lights, stream media to the PS3?

2. Slug Hardware -2 Gb USB Stick (OS) -USB Soundcard -D-Link Wlan Stick

Software: esd sound server got twonky,mpd and lighthttpd on it but its currently not running

Usage: Located in my bathroom, hooked up to a 2.1 System. 1. Slug streams whatever mpd is playing to this slug so I just have to turn the sound system on in order to hear the same music as in the main room. I am running an esd sound server on it which is 99% of the time 100% in sync with the output of the main slug (mpc stop/play gets it quickly back in sync tho).

Ghostface (Vienna, AT)


Unslung Slug with

  • 2gb USB drive for OS
  • 320gb USB drive for storage (Bus powered- makes the whole set up silent !)

Streams media to XBOX (original) softmodded with XBMC. Play music and movies on your TV !

This is a really great system which beats spending shed loads on a Windows Media Centre

Also runs as an SFTP to share stuff with friends and Fam.

-A (UK)


Two slugs. The first is fairly straightforwardly used as a network storage unit - was running SlugOS, now moving to Debian. 320Gb USB HD.

The second is being used as an embedded computer for my conversion of an old Seeburg Stereo Consolette (a 1960s wallbox) to play MP3s?. It's connected to the bank of switches on the front of the wallbox via three USB joypads, which have had flyleads to the switches soldered over the button pads. It's also got the amplifier circuit from some TEAC XS-2 USB speakers attached, which has then been connected to some homebrew speakers designed to fit in the (small) available space in the wallbox.

The slug runs Debian lenny, from a 4Gb USB key (which also stores the 160 MP3s?) and runs custom jukebox control software on startup, which watches for button pushes on the joystick interface, calculates the state of the wallbox's switches, and invokes madplay to play records (or amixer to change volume). The software was originally based on jstest, part of the joystick package in Debian, but has now been almost entirely rewritten and is much longer! It implements a 32 track circular queue and functions include volume change (via the "High", "Medium" and "Low" switches on the box), select random track, fast forward one track, clear queue and stop.

The slug is ideal for this job - it's cheap, low powered and (with the addition of a powered USB 1.1 hub) has plenty of USB sockets for the disk and all the peripherals. It's also got more than enough grunt to play records, as long as madplay is used (which uses integer, not slower floating-point arithmetic). This project has taken me quite a long while, but it's been a joy - thank you to all the NSLU2-Linux developers for all your good work.

-Tom Harris (UK)


One slug that I have had for quite a few years but never got round to hacking it properly. Now running Debian

At the minute it runs a simple web server and samba, but planning to expand it to serve music to windows and linux clients through the house, and also hopefully serve HD to the new Sony Bravia TV which has a network port for the DLNA standard, though that could be difficult.

Trying things on an old 3.5" 40GB HDD, but if it all works going for a very big 2.5" and shoving the slug in the attic.

It will also backup the computers here, and I will remotely back up my university development machine to the slug, if it struggles I will buy another one for the backups! I love these things!

Adam Clarkson (UK)

6 May 2008

1 slug using debian

Using just a 4GB usb stick so its nice and silent!

main use is as an imap email server so same mails are accessible on my desktop and laptop I've also set up webdav (using lighttpd) so I can have a calendar

I tend to back up by shutting down and attaching the usb stick to my pc an manually copying the mail spool directory and webdav directory as I've yet to find a backup solution I'm happy with.

Chris_c (UK)

6 may 2008 3 slugs with more than 4.5 Terra storage. Webserver, dhcp server, caching dns. See http://www.xs4all.nl/~ljm/nslu2/index.html

17 May 2009

Two slugs both running Debian 5.0 (Lenny). 1st slug on a 2GB Flash Drive and the 2nd slug on a 320GB IDE Hard Drive.

  Services Running on 1st Slug:
    a. OpenVPN Server - creates a secured tunnel to my EeePC? netbook when it's connected to 
       public networks/hotspots.
    b. FreeRadius? with OpenSSL? Support - authenticates my wireless users using certificates 
       (WPA2? Enterprise/802.1x)
    c. OpenSSL? Certificate Authority - for OpenVPN & wifi clients certificate authentication
    d. IceCast2? Stream Server - streams MP3s? and Ogg Vorbis audio files
    e. EZStream? - as stream source (5 stream mount points running concurrently...AMAZING!!!)
    f. mplayer - plugged in a cheap USB soundcard on port 2 and it plays my playlist of my 
       favorite 80s songs continuously on a loop.

  Services Running on 2nd Slug:
    a. Samba Server - for file and printer sharing, feeds photos, music and videos to my 
       MediaGate? Media player too.
    b. rsync - performs a scheduled backup of my 320GB HDD to a 500GB HDD (both HDD 
       connected to a USB hub that is connectd to port 1)
    c. rtorrent - sometimes I wanna download thru torrent.
    d. M-JPEG Streamer - bought a UVC webcam (Panda 10C) and plugged it in on port 2, now I 
       can monitor my room even when I'm at work. I called it my SlugCam?.!
    e. Squid Proxy Server - a cache proxy to speed up http browsing.

I am so amazed these little machines could perform multiple tasks despite their limited CPU power and RAM. A very good replacement for my old desktop PC that used to run all these services.

Both have been running for couple of months now without problems. Very quiet and consume less power too. I'm planning on acquiring more.

Thank you guys.!

-Ed (Bataan, The Philippines)

14 June 2009

Two de-underclocked slugs both running Debian 5.0 (Lenny). 1st slug with a 200GB hard drive, and the second with an 80GB 2.5" drive powered by the slug.

The first slug is my file server running

  • Samba, mainly so I can backup my Windoze machines
  • nfs for access from Ubuntu and the other slug
  • rsync and openssh to back the system up every night over broadband to a friend's slug
  • ntp to keep the clock in sync, and for use as an ntp server for the LAN
  • dnsmasq to provide dhcp and dns services on the LAN

The second slug was originally for testing / experiementation, but seems to have turned into another production box running:

  • Samba
  • nfs
  • ntp
  • podget to download podcasts nightly (run from a cron job)
  • gmediaserver to serve the podcasts and my mp3 collection to my Netgear mp101 (buggy, but sort of works), and my excellent Revo Mondo Wi-Fi. I had to patch gmediaserver to get the artist and album lists to be served in alphabetical order, but it now works perfectly.
  • a short home-brew script that runs when I plug my mp3 player into the slug's USB port, and synchronizes all the latest podcasts with the mp3 player automatically. The script is triggered by an entry in /etc/udev/rules.d/ . There's no need to log into the slug or type anything. The script beeps when it starts, and when it's finished. There's no easier way to update podcasts on an mp3 player.
  • apt-cacher to cache apt packages for the other slug, and for my one physical and various virtual Ubuntu boxes. It makes re-installing Ubuntu and downloading all the updates much much faster.
  • lighttpd with mod-webdav to enable me to share my bookmarks for Firefox (using the SyncPlaces? addon), and to share my Mozilla Sunbird ical calendar.

Fantastic bit of kit, and I'm amazed how much you can do with such a low-powered box and some well written software.

-Jon (UK)

17 Sep 2009

One de-underclocked slug running OpenWRT/X-Wrt Kamikaze 8.09.1 because of its small footprint (uLibc), high stability, and relatively user-friendly SDK. Using one 2GB USB flash drive as root drive. Two USB printers and a USB scanner connected via a D-Link 7-port USB hub with power adapter. Running several basic home infrastructure services:

  • Asterisk 1.4 telephony server (in a very lightweight configuration)
  • tftpd-hpa to provide dhcp-boot for MediaMVP
  • p910nd lightweight non-spooling printer server
  • howl-mdnsresponder to advertise printers (could never get avahi-daemon to work)
  • saned scanner server (can access scanner remotely using TWAIN Sane)

I had to write my own hotplug script for giving the printers fixed symbolic links. In addition, I created an init script that runs udevtrigger --subsystem-match=usb to make sure the links are also created when coldplugging the printers.

A second slug is on the way to me, and I will de-underclock it and install OpenWRT when I get my hands on it. I want to use it as a Java server and am planning to experiment with several possible software stacks based on JamVM and PhoneME.

-Konstantin (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

23 September 2009

1 Slug running Debian "Squeeze" (Testing) ARMEL at 266 BogoMIPS? (kernel 2.6.30)

  • 1 WD MyBook? Mirror 2TB using RAID 1 and several partitions using EXT4?
  • 1 WD MyBook? Home 1TB using EXT4?
    • Swap partition on each disk and EXT4? gave a big performace boost, esp. during fsck, big file/tree operations and while playing music
  • NFS/Samba server
  • Print server using cupsd (with HP Deskjet something-or-other)
  • Local DNS cache using bind9
  • Backup server for 2 (Debian/Ubuntu) laptops (incremental snapshots using rsync/Back-in-time)
  • USB soundcard (modded Logitech headset lead) for audio out to sound system for playing internet radio / mp3s using mplayer-headless and cmus (alsamixer for volume control)
  • Network audio from laptops using PulseAudio?
  • Mediatomb server (Client: Conceptronic C54WMP? for audio/video)
  • mt-daapd (Firefly) server for Rhythmbox and transferring audio to iPods/mp3 players
  • hpodder keeps podcast feeds up to date each evening
  • apcuspd manages APC UPS (uses lighttpd for web interface)

My favorite part about the Slug is its minimal power usage. Even with the relatively limited CPU and RAM it seems to only very rarely stutter when performing multiple tasks. I also use AND (auto-nice daemon) to keep everything playing nice, which seems to make a big difference as well. All in all this little guy has been running great for me for a couple of years doing things it was never meant to do. I have been through a couple of power supplies, probably because the line-voltage here is terribly erratic. This is why I hunted down the APC UPS to give me better power. We have frequent short power-outages as well and the UPS helps to keep the slug online without necessitating restart.

- John (Cairo, Egypt)

November 3rd 2009

I purchased a slug over the weekend and added an Iomega 500GB Prestige portable Hard Drive. I got it running on Debian Lenny with little effort. Main reason for the purchase is that my current projectserver is a vintage Pentium 1 so in time I plan to switch all services to the slug :

  • fetchmail and postfix to handle my mail
  • apache2 for websites
  • mysql-server
  • mediawiki
  • samba
  • ...

April 10 2012

I've had 3 de-underclocked slugs for many years now. They still work great! I'm still learning to do SMD soldering to turn them into fatslugs

Current uses for my slugs:

slug 1 (running Debian Squeeze)

  • Samba server

slug 2 (running Debian Wheezy), hooked up to USB soundcard (Hercules Gamesurround Muse Pocket)

  • Samba server
  • DLNA Mediaserver (DMS) using minidlna
  • DLNA Mediarenderer (DMR) using Rygel

Installed tremor from SVN to get fluent ogg playback with the gstreamer framework (used by Rygel). mp3 works without issues, AAC using ffmpeg is slightly problematic with the normal 32MB slug (not enough RAM). Haven't looked much yet to get fixed-point WMA decoder from rockbox into libav (on the TO DO list).

slug 3 (Running Debian Wheezy), hooked up to high-end USB soundcard (Terratec Producer Phase 26 USB)

  • same as slug 2; testing box
  • TO DO for this box: test if the output of my media streamer (Netgear EVA9100?) does SCMS on the digital audio out; if it doesn't, I'd like the slug to work as a stand-alone DTS decoder and downsampler

March 2013

I purchased my NSLU2 an age ago and have only just discovered what an amazing little device it is. I currently have 1 slug running Debian Squeeze. I'm using it as an iSCSI target; Using open-iscsi, it provides block level storage for my KVM cluster. Amazingly a 4 port hub is working with this so i'm looking forward to buying some more hard drives (currently using a 1TB)...

January 2014

My old NSLU2 (de-underclocked) NSLU2 was unused (so useless) since at least 3 years as I was away and then I moved and couldn't find a way to connect to it.

It turned out that I had (I think) enabled automatic IP assignment but as I had changed my ISP when I moved, I couldn't remember what I had entered as IP address for the DHCP server. I had to find a way to retrieve the files on the hard drive ... a nightmare.

But coming back from new year eve where one of my friend was very happy with his new synology NAS, I decided to try once again to connect before trashing it. And after almost 2 full days of trying (redbootaccess, ...) I finally managed to connect to it and re-unslung it, this time with a USB key (64 GB).

I then installed openssh & lynx to try to run a script with cron for running remotely scripts on my website www.shared-house.com .

After some more troubleshooting (basically another day), I replaced lynx by wget in the cron file and now it's working! I don't need to keep my mac up 24x7 anymore as my old NLSU2? does the job. Thanks for all the great content of this site that helped me a lot.

Maybe I will restart to use it for file sharing but now with dropbox, google drive and the like, I'm not sure it's worth the hassle.

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