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As far as the device warranty is concerned, the procedure of re-flashing the original firmware is not sufficient to ensure that you have not voided the warranty. Flashing a custom firmware voids the warranty. You can only return your device to the manufacturer/dealer if the warranty has not been invalidated, and this can only be done by doing all of the following (per Rod Whitby's email to NSLU2-Linux list):

The NSLU2-Linux project's position on this issue is that you should do the following before returning a unit under warranty:

  1. Confirm that you have never opened the case
  2. Reset the SysConf partition
  3. Re-flash with vendor firmware
  4. Confirm the problem with the vendor firmware
  • If you have flashed custom firmware, and are unable to do *all* four of the above, then the NSLU2-Linux project's position is that you have knowingly voided the warranty, and are not able to put the NSLU2 back into a factory configuration, so therefore should *not* expect to be able to return it under warranty.
  • If you *are* able to perform all four steps (i.e. you've *never* opened the case, and you are able to put the NSLU2 back into a factory configuration), and a hardware problem still remains, then the NSLU2-Linux project has no problem with you exercising your warranty rights (whatever they may be in your jurisdiction).

Basically, we do not want units going back to Linksys with custom firmware on them.

Rod Whitby
NSLU2-Linux Project Lead
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