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Contents of the 16 byte Sercomm trailer at the end of the flash. It is used by Redboot to detect a Sercomm flash layout and to configure the Sercomm upgrade system.

The magic number is necessary to use the boot command which is called by the default boot script. If you are not using the upgrade system then the other trailer fields do not need to be filled out.

If the default boot script is changed to "move; exec 0x01d00000" then the trailer does not need to be present.

NameDescriptionOffsetLengthStock R25 contents
Product IDUsed by Sercomm RedBoot upgrade system0x7FFFF0200 01
Protocol IDUsed by Sercomm RedBoot upgrade system0x7FFFF2200 00
Firmware VersionUsed by Sercomm RedBoot upgrade system0x7FFFF4223 25
UnknownUnused by RedBoot0x7FFFF6290 F7
Magic NumberUsed by RedBoot do_boot to check for a Sercomm flash layout0x7FFFF8665 52 63 4F 6D 4D (eRcOmM)
UnknownUnused by RedBoot0x7FFFFE200 B9
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