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MediaTomb is a UPnP mediaserver, it allows you to browse and stream your content using a UPnP mediarenderer. The server has been tested with the Philips Streamium devices (SL300i/SL400i/MX6000i) and is also known to work with the D-Link DSM-320. Other UPnP mediarenderers should also work, please send us your success stories or problem reports so we can create a list of supported devices.

Website: http://mediatomb.cc/

How to install:

MediaTomb packages for OpenSlug and Optware are now available, you will find them via the Package Search Engine, or just run 'ipkg update'.

Install with: ipkg install mediatomb

run from the command line: mediatomb

“Ctrl + C” to interrupt the program

For full PS3 suport, edit/update the file: ~/.mediatomb/config.xml (or /opt/etc/mediatomb/config.xml if you are running in daemon mode) Just after where it says <server> insert this line: <protocolInfo extend="yes"/>

run mediatomb

look for the last information, looks something like this:

 2007-05-28 15:56:36    INFO:

the last part is your link in to MediaTomb configuration screen.

To run MediaTomb on startup, edit /opt/etc/default/mediatomb and set MT_ENABLE to true.

Start the daemon:

 /opt/etc/init.d/S90mediatomb start

In this configuration MediaTomb will listen on port 50500, this behavior can be changed by editing /opt/etc/mediatomb.conf and restarting the server which can by done by:

 /opt/etc/init.d/S90mediatomb restart

If you encounter strange behavior or are not sure what is going on, have a look at the log output which will be located in /opt/var/log/mediatomb

The config.xml and the database of the daemon configuration will be located in /opt/etc/mediatomb after the first launch.

  • Installation under Debian 4.0*

First set up for download:

 wget http://apt.mediatomb.cc/key.asc -O- -q | sudo apt-key add -

 nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Add this line to the end of sources.list: deb http://apt.mediatomb.cc/ etch main

 run apt-get update

 apt-get install mediatomb

the rest is the same as for Unslung......

PS3? DivX? playback issue

As of firmware version 2.10, the PS3? has support for DivX?/XVid? files. Many people have reported that DivX?/XVid? files play fine from a USB key or DVD-R, but that get "Unsupported Data" when they attempt to play them from a uPnP server.

MediaTomb is no exception, the reason for this is because the DivX?/XVid? file are being served with a mime-type the PS3? can't handle (typically "video/x-msvideo"). To fix this we need to force MediaTomb to use a mime-type that the PS3? can understand. The following change should be made to the ~/.mediatomb/config.xml file. Within the <mappings><extension-mimetype> node, you will see several <map> nodes, add one more map node as follows:

 <map from="avi" to="video/x-divx"/>

This will force the mime-type to the "video/x-divx" type, which the PS3? understands. However, you should note that this only applies to media you add to the MediaTomb database from now on (and you will need to restart MediaTomb also) - all existing media in the database will still have the old mime-type, so you should either manually edit the mime-type in the web interface or remove it and re-add it.

Sucess Stories:

ptrapnes - NSLU2 266MHz running MediaTomb 0.10.0 on Debian4.0 used as Media server for my PlayStation3.
Speed no problem (mp3), the same slung run one mt-daap server with 16000 mp3's.
thx1011 - NSLU2 (Normal speed - 133MHZ) running Mediatomb on OpenSlug 2.7 with media streamer D-LINK DSM-320 (firmware 1.05eu).
Speed when browsing media is OK. Streaming is most of the times ok.
D-Link is connected wireless to the Slug via AP, and that can be a problem when streaming high level action scenes.
semasta - NSLU2 266Mhz and MediaTomb 0.10.0 on uNSLUng with an wireless dnt IPdio (=Scott RXi 300WL).
Works perfect, streaming ok.

Edit: MOB 02/10/2006 Hi Thx1011, What steps did you do to get MediaTomb working? Could you maybe go to here ... http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Info/MediaTomb and explain how you did it. Did you compile it yourself, etc, etc. Cheers, Smiley

Edit: 22/10/2006 Hi, we are planning to bring out MediaTomb packages for the NSLU2, this should happen with the 0.9.0 release. I already did some tests and was able to cross compile a minimalistic version. We have to port spidermonkey and taglib, the other libraries are already present. Greetings, Jin

Edit: 15/02/2006 MediaTomb packages for OpenSlug and Optware are now available, you will find them via the Package Search Engine. I do not have the appropriate hardware, so please test them! Thanks, Jin

Its necessery you dont have the db file on usb stick it got corrupted becuse sqllite corrpupts the database. If change it path to in the config.xml to external HD it works. janne5011

Edit: 11/03/2008 I had a problem with launching MediaTomb after running the "ipkg install mediatomb" command - the documentation states that we should simply be able to execute the "mediatomb" command to launch the app, but that didn't work for me so I did some playing around and finally come up with the following solution. I've noticed on the MediaTomb forums that this comes up quite a bit, so hopefully this can be seen as an addendum to the info contained in this doc.

The following solution I describe will explain how to get MediaTomb to run as a Daemon - i.e. a background process that auto-starts when I start my SLUG. It's really intended for those who are new to the SLUG and Linux in particular.

Key to this is understanding a little bit (thankfully not much!!!) about the Linux shell. - enter cd to change directories - enter ls to see the contents of the current directory

Additionally, you'll need to understand a little bit (again not much!) about the text editor "vi" to edit some of the MediaTomb files. Try the following link if you need more info on vi http://aplawrence.com/Unixart/viprimer.html - vi filename to open the specified filename in vi - i to insert at the current line - o to insert a new line after the cursor - :w to save modifications to the file - :q! to quit vi without saving changes to the file (in case you make a typo :-) )

I pretty much used the MediaTomb install info from this document.

1. Unslung my NSLU2 with the latest firmware available from http://www.slug-firmware.net 2. Telnet into NSLU2 using root account e.g. username "root" (no quotes) and my custom password 3. At the telnet command line enter "ipkg update" (no quotes) 4. After the update completes, enter "ipkg install mediatomb" (no quotes) 5. The nslu2-linux link states that you should now simply be able to enter "mediatomb" at the telnet command line and MediaTomb should launch, but that didn't work for me and that's what prompted me to look into having it run automatically when I start my SLUG 6. You need to get access to the Linux file system; type "cd /" (no quotes) at the telnet command line 7. Type "ls" (no quotes) and you'll now see all the files and directories in your current directory (this is equivalent to using the Windows "dir" command) 8. Type "cd /opt/etc/default" 9. Type "vi mediatomb" - this will launch the vi editor and enable us to alter the config file to force MediaTomb to launch on SLUG startup 10. Using the cursor keys, move the cursor down to the line which says "MT_ENABLE=false" 11. Type the letter "i" - do not use the enter key. This enters the editing mode of vi 12. Use the cursor keys to position the cursor after the "e" of false and delete the word "false" 13. Type the word "true" (no quotes) - do not use the enter key 14. Push the escape key - this exits the editing mode of vi 15. Type ":w" - this saves your changes to the mediatomb file 16. Restart your SLUG - when the SLUG restarts, the MediaTomb server is launched and this creates the magic "config.xml" file which the nslu2-linux documentation refers to!!!

That should be your service running - start your browser and view http://your.slug.ip.address:50500(approve sites) - 50500 is the port on which MediaTomb runs when running as a daemon.

Via the web interface you can now add all of the media you want to share on your network - once you've done that, you should be able to start your client and browse your media.

I'm using a PS3? as a client - it may not be relevant to you, but I'll include the config steps for that in case any other lost souls with a similar configuration stumble across this thread.

1. Telnet back into the SLUG - remembering that telnet must be enabled via the SLUG web interface unless you're using ssh 2. Type "cd /" (no quotes) at the telnet comand line 3. Type "cd opt/etc/mediatomb" (no quotes) 4. Type "vi config.xml" 5. Using the cursors, navigate down through the file until you see a line which states protocolInfo extend="no" - this will actually be in between some xml tags, but from what I understand those won't be formatted properly if I post them. The important thing is that we change the "no" value to "yes" - it's vital that we only change the word no - do not change the quotes or any other characters. 6. Type "i" and move the cursor over to just after the word no. 7. Delete no and replace with yes - preserving all other characters including the quotes. 8. Navigate further down the file until you come across a line which states "Uncomment the line below for PS3? divx support" 9. Delete the characters <!-- from the start of the line and the --> from the end of the line below the one referred to in point 8. 10. Hit the escape button 11. Type ":w" (no quotes) - this saves the config file to disk. 12. Restart the SLUG and wait for it to fully initialise (the ready light remains solid instead of flashing) 13. Fire up the PS3? - remembering that you will have had to enabled the DLNA option under Network Settings on the PS3? XMB.

I installed MEDIATOMB on Unsung 6.10. All OK. Thanks to all!

Jin, since I know you check this Wiki:

 http://blog.us.playstation.com/2008/03/20/firmware-v220-bringing-bd-live-to-ps3/(approve sites)

How much of a change is it to provide subtitle files to the PS3?? I know MediaTomb can already provide subtitles to RedSonic? players. Thanks!

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Based on work by Marco, mkwillis, Jin, dshipp, janne5011, fcarolo, semasta, CaptainLinger, ptrapnes, lww, Smiley, and thx1011.
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