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The Hauppage MediaMVP is a cool little device, runs linux under the covers and can be connected to your TV/Hifi to stream music/video across your network from a file server. A NSLU2 makes a perfect partner as a file server to the MediaMVP.

More info on the device here: http://www.hauppauge.com/html/mediamvp_datasheet.htm

For more fun check out MVPMC below.

MediaMVP Media Center (MVPMC)

From http://www.mvpmc.org

"The MediaMVP Media Center (mvpmc) is a media player for the Hauppauge MediaMVP. It is a total replacement for the Hauppauge software, and can be booted onto the MediaMVP via tftp.

mvpmc supports playing audio (mp3, ogg, wav, ac3) and video (mpeg1, mpeg2) from MythTV? or ReplayTV? digital video recorders. It can also play audio and video via HTTP, NFS, and CIFS. It is capable of playing internet radio via SlimServer?. It can also display images (jpg, bmp, png) via NFS and CIFS."

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