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Let's have a competition to create a logo for the Unslung firmware distribution.

The competition will run for the required amount of time until we have a reasonable (say 10?) number of options to choose from.

At that time we will put up a poll on the Yahoo group, and let the community choose the winner.

In addition to the "standard" logo sizes, a replacement image (165w x 57h in pixels, with the same background colour as the stock firmware pages) for the topleft corner of the the Linksys admin pages is required as part of your entry. See CustomizingYourLinksysAdminPages for an example (thanks to michaelebrownmindspringcom for coming up with this idea).

All entries must be released of any copyright claims, and you must also share the original source file (e.g a Photoshop file) with the group.

Add your entry below:


Hit a small creative streak and created some logos for Unslung. The baby penguin came from the Open Clip Art site. The first image is a replacement for the admin page.

You can view/retrieve these images and Photoshop files at my site.

The original Photoshop files can be downloaded as well. I release any claim to copyright on the Photoshop file and images derived from it.

[Thanks to michaelebrownmindspringcom for putting the first item on this page. We took the liberty of turning it into a competition ...]

Olivier Mungo

Here's the logo I've created for this amazing device.

You can download the Photoshop files here and here.

Olivier Mungo

Me again. Hope you'll enjoy this one.

You can download the Photoshop files here.


I took Michael Brown's image and tweeked it for a transparent background and different text. I worked from Michael's JPG image, since I couldn't find the original PSD file when I looked around his site (which is quite a cool site!)--but then again I sometimes can't find my shades when they're propped up on my head.... :^) I admit my Photoshop skills are meager at best, but it looks good against a light to medium blue background.

I have the Photoshop file of the image as well, located here:

Here's a link (as of 6-Oct-2005) to my uNSLUng NSLU2 website, with the transparent logo at the bottom:

Like Michael, I release any claim to copyright on the Photoshop file and images derived from it.


Why don't we use a slug as logo?

This is a start for that line of logos. It's a slug in the colors of tux:

With the background color of the page:

I made the outlines of this logo in xfig then I scaled it and made it transparent with the gimp.


This is a graphic I made a while back, randomly. This particular image is for SlugBug but I'm sure I could modify it to be used for whatever else.


I have made this minibanner thinking to a little site hosted on NSLU2.

You can preview it on my Unslung5.5 hosted site

Mike Bryant of "Skinplant" (as modified by KA6SOX)

just playing

I know this isn't the right size but I thought someone else might want to use it.


Not sure if this is still open but here's a rough idea I came up with, borrowed the tux penguin and gave him a slimy yet familiar friendů

Replacement for web interface

Original PSD

I have the original art in vector format so it can be resized to whatever is required.


Here's my contribution.


Here is a little banner i made for My Site. Someone might like to use it.

Aykut Cirik

Changed the logos to make the administration page look like this:

images available at


PSDs available upon request via mail: aykutc AT gmail AND SO ON

Per Nilsson

Couldn't find a suitable "Hosted on uNSLUng" (or similar) logo. So I made my own.

I know, boring design with plenty of room for improvment.

Main design idea was just to have it go well with the form of the "Powered by Cherokee" logo.

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