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Linksys NSLU2 firmware release 2.3R29

Unslung/HomePage 5.x uses 2.3R29 as a base.

The source code for most of 2.3R29 is on the Linksys GPL Code Center page now.

Patch to update the R25 Linux kernel source to the R29 release.

Not many changes were made. The IXP425 NPE driver was tweaked slightly, some hacks were made for Genesys GL811E based USB enclosures and more Maxtor OneTouch IDs were added.

None of the other packages were changed at all. The udhcpd source tarball was fixed since the original one in the R25 release was corrupt and the NSLU2 Copyright Word document was changed as well.

The R29 Linksys firmware does not have telnet builtin. The CGI page to enabled it (telnet.cgi) as well as the actual daemon (/usr/sbin/telnetd) are missing in the new ramdisk image.

However, it is possible to gain shell access (TelnetIntoLinksysR29) for this firmware by carefully modifying the ramdisk image.

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