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I have more than one NSLU2, and I sometimes get confused as to which set of admin pages I'm working with. It would be nice to customize the admin pages for easy identification. There are two simple opportunities for this - replacing graphics and cascading style sheet.

Replacing Graphics

In the upper left corner of the admin pages is an image called linksys.gif (165w x 57h in pixels), and in the lower right corner is an image called cisco.gif (176w x 67h in pixels). If you're using Netscape, right click and select "View Image" to confirm (In IE: Right-click and select "Properties", In Firefox Right-click and select "Properties").

Both of these images, linksys.gif and cisco.gif, reside on the Linksys NSLU2 in /home/httpd/html/, and can easily be replaced with images of your choosing. Just make sure they are of the same dimensions, and verify permissions on the files.

(Depending upon how your browser is caching, you may need to force a reload of an admin page).

Here is an Unslung replacement GIF file for the upper left corner.

This a screen capture showing the admin page with the replacement:

Cascading Style Sheet

The other simple opportunity for customization lies with the cascading style sheet file. The complete path is /home/httpd/html/ig_n.css. Make a backup copy and then try something simple like replacing all occurances of "white" with "yellow".

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