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V2.3R25 with rc.hook and rc.custom (just beep and telnet enabled)

Dev platform: Macintosh OSX 10.2.8/USB2/G4

Using Lexar JumpdriveTrio on Disk 2


  1. The Lexar device is hot swappable with and w/o media
  2. SD memory is hot-swapable in the device
  3. Camera-formatted SD is read natively
  4. blank (low-level formatted) SD is not read on hot-swap and cannot be formatted
  5. On a reboot low-level non-camera formatted media is read in native format
  6. Camera and low-level format can be hot-swapped after #5

I am going to pick up a combo cardreader/usb hub and retest.


I have been using a Stratitec powered mini USB 2.0 hub with the lexar reader for a few days now, with no problems. I will add to this list as I attach devices to the hub. (dmesg shows the correct information, and maps out all of the ports on the hub; I believe multiple mount points should be possible from the Disk2 port)

Additional followup:

I have successfully used a SanDisk Cruizer with a 128MB SD card with no problems. It is automatically recognized and can be used without a problem.

I tried to use a Aplux Tripper 2.0 (Portable Storage Device, it has an internal HDD and a CF card reader). And while the CF card reader works and is mountable manually, the internal HDD isn't useable even though it's formatted in VFAT. At this point I'm not sure if it's an issue with the NSLU2 or the tripper as a full linux box with FC2 doesn't like either part of it.

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