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WinSCP is a secure copy program for Windows. It is a client for SCP and SFTP protocols, both of which depend on SSH. You will need to install OpenSSH on your NSLU2 before you can use WinSCP.

Once OpenSSH is installed, you can allow SSH traffic (TCP port 22) through your firewall, giving you remote access to your files from anywhere in the world.

You may prefer to allow only certificate-based authentication to reduce the hassle you get from malicious scanner bots.

See http://winscp.org/

Troubleshooting: With large files the size in Bytes displayed by the command 'ls' is contiguous to the group name and causes WinSCP (v. 4.04) to stop the listing of the directory. To avoid this you should install the coreutils package: ipkg install coreutils which gives you enhanced functionality of hte command 'ls' (among others).

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