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OpenPBX? is a flexible VOIP soft switch/PBX available as an OpenEmbedded package.

There are a variety of sub-packages but all you really need is openpbx.org and openpbx.org-sounds

It is highly recommended that you implement the TurboSlug hardware hack before expecting to use your slug as a PBX in a production enviroment

By default, OpenPBX? will store voicemail in /var/spool. If your slug's root filesystem is on a flash drive, it's likely that /var/spool be using TempFS? so the data in /var/spool will not survive a reboot - as such it's highly recommended that you use a physical HD as your root filesystem or mount /var as something other than TempFS?, so that you can retain voicemail messages.

If you'd like to write applications for your PBX, you'll want to install openpbx.org-ogi, and possibly openpbx.org-perl as well as openpbx.org-perl-examples

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