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From their web page: NanoBlogger is a small weblog engine written in Bash for the command line. It uses common UNIX tools such as cat, grep and sed.

It runs well on the slug, requires no database, only bash and a couple of UNIX tools. It dumps the pages in plain HTML so that no dynamic page generation hits the CPU.

  • Install bash with ipkg install bash
  • Grab NanoBlogger from the NanoBlogger download site.
  • Unpack to any location. eg. /opt/nanoblogger
  • Copy or symlink the nb script to /opt/bin or add the installation directory to your PATH
  • bash is installed into /opt/bin instead of /bin. Edit the first line of the nb script to reflect this.
  • Follow the installation and usage instructions of NanoBlogger. You'll find them in the tarball. The docroot of the installed thttpd is /home/httpd/html
  • You're ready to blog.

Making a package or copy/pasting the nb installation instructions into this wiki would not make too much sense. The nb script requires almost no modification and the installation instructions would become outdated.

NanoBlogger should run with AppWeb too. Maybe making ESP templates for some dynamic content could be interesting. Inserting the load or free disk space into the pages might make sense. Or the currently played song served by Mt-daap.

DougLourey? - Calender needs cal, included in bsdmainutils. Install using the following commands.

  1. ipkg update
  2. ipkg install bsdmainutils

However, cal displays a calendar with Saturday or Monday as the first day of the week. A workaround is to install gcal

  1. ipkg install gcal

and substitute cal with gcal (I'll post a specific example when I figure it out)

If gcal isn't available, nanoblogger configuration has now (in Nov 2008) a variable CAL_ARGS that you can change to "-m". That makes cal to use Monday as first day of the week.

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