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This guide shows how to stream video/music files to PS2 from NSLU2 via SMB.


  1. NSLU2 (obviously)
  2. Soft or Hardmodded PS2
  3. SMS media player installed on PS2. Take it from here: http://sksapps.com/index.php?page=media.html
  4. See here for support forum: http://psx-scene.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=111
  5. Network connection between NSLU2 and PS2.


  1. This guide is Windows users oriented. For Linux it'll be similar but no need to use 'special' text editors. The sections that apply for Windows only are designated as [WIN]
  2. You know how to FTP to your PS2 and how to install homebrew software on it.

The process:

Go to Slug and select Administration->System tab. Ignore Server Name entry and go to Comment field. Enter there your SMB name for all SMB shares. This name must be without spaces, all in one word. In this example, I am using THESLUG. Save and reboot Slug. Check that shares are still visible on your Windows machine (or whatever you are using).

[WIN] Once you verified that shares are accessible from PC, download and install Crimson Editor. This is what you should use for file editing. Any other editor which can save in Unix format will do as well. [/WIN]

Create new file and type in the following: 

The first line in this file is your Slug address. The second is the same as in Comment field you entered in your Slug's interface. The third is (obviously) your PS2 name (put there whatever you want, it is pretty much meaningless); then username and password are login credentials for SMB shares.

NOTE1: Slug and PS2 names MUST be in uppercase, regardless of what you entered in Comment field above.

NOTE2: Password entry MUST be a last line in this file!

[WIN] Once you entered all that, save your file in Unix Format. This is a MUST for Windows users. [/WIN]

Save your file as "SMS.smb". Note that it must be exactly as above - SMS in uppercase and smb in lowercase.

[WIN] Now, to be 100% sure that everything is done correctly, open this file with Notepad. You should see all entries squeezed in one line. Do not save it! Just close Notepad, open DOS window and type type SMS.smb. Now you should see it in a way you entered it, i.e. 5 lines of text. [/WIN]

Transfer this file to SMS directory. In my case, it is mc/0/SMS. I am using Filezilla for FTP transfers to my PS2 but YMMV.

Once file was tranferred, go to your PS2 and start SMS. Press START button and you should see settings page. Go to networking and disable automatic networking. Go back, save settings and exit SMS.

Start SMS again. This time you should see Protocol: ps2client (or something like that - I am writing this from memory). Change it to SMB/CIFS. Select Start Network support and new icon on top should appear in a couple of seconds.

That's pretty much it

Hope it helps.

12.20.07 Additional clean-up step. Once you see the new icon on the top that represents your slug you should go back into Device Settings and re-enable Automatic Networking. Otherwise the next time you run SMS you'll have to manually select the "Start Network Support" again to establish connection to the slug. In SMS v2.5 (latest as of this writing) the "Protocol" setting is under Device Settings/Network Settings. This may not be apparent from these instructions or the SMS manual located here... http://sksapps.com/sms/en/

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