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Sometimes you just want to start from scratch. Here are a few pointers.

Changes to your NSLU2 environment happen in a few places:

  1. On the slug's flash area of the Ramdisk *
  2. On the slug's flash area of the System Configuration (SysConf)
  3. On your hard disk's conf partition
  4. On your hard disk's data partition *

The two items with * apply for unslung but are not modified when running the default Linksys firmware.

Let's see how those changes can be reset to default condition within those areas.

The ramdisk is a matter of flashing. Best advice is here: RecoverFromABadFlash

The SysConf area can be reset following this advice: ResetSysConf

With regards to the harddisk it is save to say that removing the partitions on some other PC and then reconnecting it to the slug and doing a format from the webinterface will wipe all former modifications. If you know how to reset the conf partition without doing a format, please let us know on this page. Thanks!

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