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Note that SlugTool is obsoleted by SlugImage.

If you have an 8MB image file, and you need it split into it's constituent parts (RedBoot, SysConf, vmlinuz, ramdisk.gz), then you need to use slugtool.

You can get slugtool from one of a number of places:

  1. From the author's home page: http://www.lantz.com

    Note that the original slugtool has a typo, and emits a "RedBook" file instead of a "RedBoot" file. Also, at the time of writing this HowTo, the slugtool author's site was down.
  2. From the Unslung CVS repository.

    If you check out the unslung module, then "make slugtool" will put an executable in the "firmware" directory.
  3. From the nslu2-linux OpenEmbedded repository.

    If you have built an image using the OpenEmbedded build system, then you will find slugtool in the build/tmp/staging/i686-linux/bin directory.

Once you have your hands on a slugtool executable, then you can use it as follows:

slugtool unpack <image-file>
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