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My problem was simple, before I bought a NSLU2 I have two big USB drives pluged on my own PC.

This PC assume to share the disk contents on my personnal network with Windows XP sharing protocol.

On this network, some Xbox are connected and with the Xbox Media Player, they can read movies on the USB disk.

They use the smb syntax to define the map point : smb://WORKGROUP/COMPUTER/SHARE and so without any problem...

But now with the USB disks connected on the NSLU2, the Xbox can't connect the disk due to indentification mistakes.

It is impossible to make any modification in the Xbox software, so I try to modify the samba server configuration in the NSLU2.

In the 'smb.conf' file, the parameter 'security' is set to 'user' so an identification is nedeed to connect shares.

When you set this parameter to 'share', the samba server have the same behaviour than an old PC with Windows 95 and the Xbox connect correctly the sharing points.

This modification of the 'security' parameter would be make after each boot of the NSLU2, because the default setting is 'user'.

You can include in the '/etc/rc.d/rc.1' this little line :

sed -i 's/security \= \user/security \= \share/' /share/hdd/conf/share/smb.conf

You can put this at the end of the file or just after the line containing : "Restore usrgrpshares:"

It's run.


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