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This Wiki is designed to serve as a stopping point for general ideas and techniques for setting up a TFTP server, but not specific to one program. I had problems with the SolarWinds TFTP server, and came upon another one (that was recommended by Cisco), and I haven't looked back after switching.

If you're looking for a Windows TFTP server, you can download SolarWinds TFTP server from http://solarwinds.net/downloads/index.aspx .

For details how to setup and test TFTP Server for Windows see SetupSolarWindsTFTPServer .

I had issues with getting the SolarWinds TFTP server to work under MS-Windows. It would serve files to the local machine, but fail to send anything to the slug. What worked for me was http://tftpd32.jounin.net/ . Note that this server has been recommended by Cisco, and it serves multiple functions:

  • TFTP server
  • TFTP client
  • SNTP server
  • Syslog server
  • DHCP server.

I recommend setting "Option Negotiation", "Show Progress bar", and "Translate Unix file names". You can also make it only bind on a specific network interface, which is very nice if you have separate NICs?.

If you're looking for a small and simple alternative that's also Open Source, this is the one that worked for me after I couldn't get SolarWinds to listen to the right interface: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tftp-server


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