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How to setup and test SolarWinds TFTP Server?

Sometimes you need a TFTP server to recover your NSLU2 from a bad flash.

This page will describe how to install, setup and test the SolarWinds TFTP server for Windows.

  1. Download and installation:

    Go to the SolarWinds download site and download the free TFTP server package from the end of the list.

    Select "TFTP Server", fill out the form, select a server and download the installer.

    Start the installer and go through the install procedure.

    After the installation you will find a new folder C:\TFTP-Root - where you can put your firmware image in. You will also find a new folder "SolarWinds 2003 Standard Edition" in your start menu where you have a link called "TFTP Server" and can start the TFTP server.
  2. Setup:

    Start the TFTP Server and configure it using the window File->Configure.

    On the "Security" tab select an option not equal to "Receive only" so that you can download files.

    On the "Log" tab select "Log requests into the following file" to be able to see old connection errors.

    Select "OK" to close the window. A restart is not necessary.
  3. Test:

    Open the TFTP Server and check the main window.
    - On the left side below you can see the folder where the files must be stored to be able to download them.
    - On the right side below you can see the ip address where the server is listening to.

    Put a file to the folder where the files must be stored to be downloaded.

    Open a new DOS box/command prompt.
    - Execute the command "tftp -i <IP shown in TFTP window> GET <File stored in folder>".
    - After a few seconds you should see the file in your current directory using the dir command.

The following comments have been moved here from Howto.RecoverFromABadFlash where they were cluttering the page. Could someone who knows about Sercomm please review them and either incorporate them into this page or remove them?

If you're looking for a Windows TFTP server, you can download a free one from http://solarwinds.net/downloads/index.aspx .

For details how to setup and test TFTP Server for Windows see SetupSolarWindsTFTPServer .

I had issues with getting the solarwinds TFTP server to work under windows. It would serve files to the local machine, but fail to send anything to the slug. What worked for me was http://tftpd32.jounin.net/ . Note that this server has been recommended by Cisco.

If you're looking for a small and simple alternative that's also Open Source, this is the one that worked for me after I couldn't get SolarWinds to listen to the right interface: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tftp-server


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