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Installing OpenSSH on your SLUG

1) Update your package list by typing ipkg update.

2) The openssh package (as of this writing) does not seem to be respecting that openssl is a dependency so you must install openssl first before installing OpenSSH or you will get errors.

3) Install openssl by typing ipkg install openssl

4) Install openssh by typing ipkg install openssh

You can now use your favorite ssh or scp clients to gain a secure shell or transfer files to and from your slug!

Note: For faster file transfers, set the cipher to Blowfish.

Files are in /share/hdd/data/public

to scp a file from a pc to your slug you might do something like this:

scp -c Blowfish /local/file.ext root@

It is probably a good idea to set up users and possiblly even get the scponly stuff working rather than using root as in my example above :)

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