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Does anyone have instructions on getting ircd-hybrid working on the NSLU2? The ipkg version installed but I cannot get it running. Thanks.

Trying to run ircd as a non-root user:

ircd: version hybrid-7.2.2

ircd: pid 14324

ircd: running in background mode from /opt

The program exists immediately with no errors

I too have suffered from this problem. After having asked about it on the mailing list, but drawing quite no interest, I tried to diagnose the problem myself.


I managed to track the bug down to certain paths being hardcoded in the source code. These paths do not exist in the NSLU2 directory hierarchy, so when ircd tries to open its configuration files, locklies, log files, and so on, it eventually gives up and dies silently.

By the way, all of that happens in a grand-child process of the original ircd process (ircd forks twice in a row before doing anything, for complicated session-group-leader-process reasons I'm not ready to dive into), this is why we get no message on the console.

So, in the end I gave up with ircd-hybrid: fixing it would require either re-cross-compiling it with the proper paths being defined from the beginning (the paths in question are makefile variables being #defined in the code), or installing a compilation toolchain on the slug and compiling it from there. Both solutions are quite too time-consuming for me.

Good news is that there is more than one way to do it: we ended up installing (i.e. unpacking) a program called pircd (PERL IRC Daemon), which has been working like a charm for months !

http://pircd.sourceforge.net/(approve sites)

I thought i would be cool to share the experience, in case others want to install a small IRC server on their slugs as well.

Cheers. -Gyom

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