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GDB tutorial for students - http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~gilpin/tutorial

  1. Get gdbserver from ipkg-unbuild [openslug pkgs]gdb-6.3*ipk,put into nslu2/usr/bin
  2. On your host PC, compile GDB from the source using the following options:

    ./configure --target=armeb-linux --host=i686-linux

    make install

    This should install armeb-linux-gdb which is GDB targeted for a big endian ARM architecture.cross_gdb. If the configure command complains that it cannot find -lcurses then install the development package for ncurses; on Debian the package name is libncurses5-dev.
  3. On your host PC, install 'lesstif' and 'ddd' to get a GDB GUI.
  4. On the NSLU2, start the GDB server

    gdbserver YourHostPCsIP:5000 test_nslu
  5. On your PC, start DDD.

    ddd --debugger /usr/local/bin/armeb-linux-gdb
  6. Connect to the NSLU2 from DDD/GDB by typing:

    target remote YourNSLU2sIP:5000
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