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Installing TeamSpeak

Download the TeamSpeak Server, and also get the updated executable for Linux

The server files come as a tar.bz2, and the updated executable is not packaged

Once you have gunzip installed copy the TeamSpeak server into a directory, Such as /home/teamspeak

cp ts2_server_rc2_20201.tar.bz2 /home

tar xjvf ts2_server_rc2_20201.tar.bz2

This will extract it into a directory called tss2_rc2

To move the updated executable to the teamspeak directory cd / mv server_linux /home/tss2_rc2

You will probably have to chmod the server_linux file to make it executable:

chmod +x server_linux

Make sure the permissions are set ok for the server_linux file as follows (ls -l will show you the permissions) -


Installing i386 Emulator

Now install Qemu, this is required to run the server which has been written for i386 processors and not ARM processors which is what your Slug CPU is. Once Qemu is installed, open up the ventrilo_srv.ini with nano (this is what I used, but any editor like vi should work fine).


For all you Teamspeak users, I tried running the Linux version of the server using the same method as above, but got the following error and don't know what it means :[

  1. qemu-i386 ./server_linux

Runtime error 0 at 40228BE8 qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - exiting

Reedy Boy: qemu-i386 ./server_linux doesnt seem to do anything for me

Pressing ctrl +c twice

-bash-3.2# qemu-i386 ./server_linux Error, Either an old instance of teamspeak is still running, or an other application is using the tcpquery port! Error, Server was not started!

But its unconnectable

The process also has to be killed via kill -9 pid

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