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Setting up the NSLU2 build

This describes how to set up a build using the monotone source database. You do this on your debian system.

make setup
make all

Unbelievably preliminary and may not come to pass

This is just a description, almost a log, of how I synced to a remote monotone database of the NSLU2 Linux source. In other words, this is the monotone equivalent of 'bk clone bk://nslu2-linux@bkbits.net/openembedded'

  1. Make a database - this is your local database, all yours:

    monotone db init --db=/home/nslu2/mt/oe.db
  2. Generate keys - I had some already in a different monotone db so I did this:

    monotone --db=/home/nslu2/openembedded.db privkey me@myisp.com | monotone --db=/home/nslu2/mt/oe.db read
    monotone --db=/home/nslu2/openembedded.db pubkey me@myisp.com | monotone --db=/home/nslu2/mt/oe.db read

    However to generate new keys:

    monotone --db=/home/nslu2/mt/oe.db genkey me@myisp.com
  3. sync to the NSLU2 database (you need the correct hostname for the database):

    monotone --db=oe.db sync <monotone>.nslu2-linux.org openembedded
  4. check out the current source:

    monotone --db=/home/nslu2/mt/oe.db --branch=org.nslu2-linux.nslu2-linux checkout openembedded
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Based on work by jbowler and tman.
Originally by jbowler.
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