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Gallery is a web based software product that lets you manage your photos on your own website. And it will run on your Slug too. Because I am new to this all, and find some how-to's a bit short, I will try to make a beginners document here, so that the installation can't go wrong.

Gallery can be downloaded here: http://gallery.menalto.com/


To run Gallery you need to install a few other applications first.

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • ImageMagick
  • bzip2

For advanced users this how-to is finished here, but if you still want to know more, just read on.


  • Telnet into your Slug
  • Log in as root
  • Install PHP-apache

When you install PHP-apache it will install both itself and Apache.

Note that Apache will be running on port 8000, make sure that nothing else is using that port otherwise Apache setup will fail.

After install of Apache go and take a look at the Apache conf files located in opt/etc/apache2/ See if there is anything you want to change like the port number that Apache listens on. (Use vi or Joe or whatever you like to use but donít use win/notepad)

Now check if Apache is running: http://the.ip-address.of.my.slug:8000/ (if you changed the port in your config then change the port number accordingly in your URL) You should see a page that Apache is running.

If you are done installing Apache/PHP you are ready for the next step, ImageMagick:

  • Type: ipkg install imagemagick

ImageMagick will install and install all "dependent" packages.

After you installed everything you are ready to upload your Gallery package to opt/share/apache2/htdocs

NOTE: If you received ERROR: Permission denied: file permissions deny server access: opt/share/apache2/htdocs/index.php run next command:

         chmod a+r opt/share/apache2/htdocs

If you finished that, connect your browser again to: http://the.ip-address.of.my.slug:8000/ You should see the configuration pages of Gallery. Gallery has a very user-friendly step by step setup, so read and follow instructions. If everything went well then Gallery will see that ImageMagick is installed, and it will list its path as /opt/bin

To upload photos to gallery don't use the web interface. Uploading via the web interface causes all image processing to be done by the slug's processor, instead install Gallery Remote (a client side Java application) to upload and resize your pictures.



Tested with thttpd, ImageMagick 6.1.7-5-4 and Gallery 2.1.1

It works like a charm!

-- krim


  1. Recent ImageMagick 6.1.7 packages available from ipkg seems to be incompatible with Gallery2 Beta3 because of some changes in ImageMagick command line options. Gallery 2 Beta3 code is compatible with ImageMagick up to version 6.1.3. Either fix Gallery 2 or downgrade ImageMagick by recompiling an older version. --- Andrei Volkov, June 16, 2005
  2. The combination of Unslung 5.5 Beta and Gallery doesn't work at the moment. See SlugBug Bug# 195. --- MaBen
  3. php-Apache install seems to fail due to missing libxml2 package. I tried downloading it manually, but it seems to have dissapeared.

More pitfalls

I installed Gallery2 on Unslung 6.8 beta with Apache2, PHP, MySQL on the slug and Gallery Remote on an Windows 2000 PC. I used the MediaWiki for Unslung as a starting point. Got it to work after a while. Pitfalls I encountered:

- Accesrights for the Gallery files were initially wrong; corrected with chmod.

- After installing Apache2 PHP must be enabled: add the modules in /opt/etc/apache2/conf.d/php.conf to /opt/etc/apache2/httpd.conf. Initially I forgot this. The installer did not start but showed the source code of the install script instead.

- I could not get ImageMagick to work on the NSLU. This resulted in missign thumbnails. I think this is the SlugBug Bug# 195 mentioned above. Symptom: when I configured the ImageMagick executable directory in the Admin page of Gallery, and tested it, Apache appeared to hang. I think the same happend during the Gallery installation but that could also be caused by my impatience.

- I used the "minimal" version of the Gallery2. Gallery Remote requires a "Remote Module" to be installed, which is missing from the "minimal" version. Used the admin page of the Gallery to install this module.

- ImageMagick did not work on the Windows machine. I saw this in the GR log file in the temp directory. Cause was a wrong value of the im.convertPath in C:\Program Files\Gallery Remote\imagemagick\im.properties. I changed it to im.convertPath=imageMagick/win32/convert.exe.

`Gallery2 is now working. Performance is a bit slow but not dramatic. One problem is remaining; I cannot get the thumbnails working. Normally they are generated on the slug, but due to the issue I mentioned above this does not work. The version of Gallery Remote I used generated thumbnails, but did not upload them to the slug. How I solved "unable to create thumbnail" describes a patchthat let's Gallery Remote upload the thumbnails but for now I do without.


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