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You can force the NSLU2 to recreate the SysConf area by erasing it from RedBoot.

Note that you must flash the Linksys 2.3R63 vendor firmware immediately afterwards and then re-enter your network settings for correct operation.

Follow the instructions to TelnetIntoRedBoot and then type the following in:

fis erase -f 0x50040000 -l 0x20000

Make sure you type it in exactly as you may damage other parts if you make a mistake.

Once you have done that, type upgrade to put the NSLU2 into upgrade mode.

RedBoot> fis erase -f 0x50040000 -l 0x20000
... Erase from 0x50040000-0x50060000: .
RedBoot> upgrade

Now you are ready to flash it with Linksys 2.3R63 vendor or uNSLUng 6.10 beta firmware using either Sercomm's Win32 tool or UpSlug2

Note at this point, Sercomm did not work for me - it did not catch the Slug. I had to use EraseAll by Linksys but then I was OK. BenMcDui 20080513.

If you reset the box, the SerComm utility might not work as the it can't detect the IP. Instead of using the EraseAll utility though (a.k.a. dangerous), just follow the steps to Telnet into the box again and then just type "upgrade" and hit enter. Then the sercomm utility should be able to connect to the drive again. - ElementZero?

After the flashing is complete, the NSLU2 will reboot and the firmware will recreate the SysConf area. Remember that all the settings will be lost and the IP address will now reset to

Once you have accessed the firmware on, it's probably a good idea to reset the settings to default by clicking "Restore Default Config" at the bottom of the Administration -> System page. Wait untill the NSLU2 has rebooted. Enter all your network settings (make sure you remember to enter the gateway and DNS addresses), then you can go ahead and UseTheResetButtonToEnterUpgradeMode to flash any other firmware.

If you would like to modify the sysconf information, refer to ChangeConfigBin.

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