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If you have a MS Windows computer, to remove U3 from your flash drives and make them usable with your slug you can use Geeksquad's U3_Uninstall application.

This can be downloaded from U3's site here: http://u3.com

Or here: http://download.jwjkp.com/U3_Uninstaller.zip

At this time there is no known remover tools for any operating system rather than Windows.

  • To remove U3 on a linux system use a partition editor. All U3 software is located on a small partition, so deleting this partition and reformatting the drive to a single fat32 partition works. As a side note, be sure to use fat32; formatting to ext3 will cause the nslu2 to not recognize the drive. You will want to format to ext3 from the nslu2.

WARNING: Running the program at the sites listed above will remove U3 from your flash drive permanently. It will also reformat your drive, so make sure to backup anything you wish to keep.

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