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This page describes how to reflash your slug using Apex and Xmodem. You would need to do this if you have Apex as the only bootloader and you wanted to update the image. Apex does not support any network based file transfer methods at this time.

The precise instructions below will replace all of the firmware except the bootloader; APEX will be still your bootloader after reset. However, beware that if you make a mistake (such as mistyping an address) you could corrupt your bootloader, requiring JTAG hardware to fix it.

  1. Serial Console

    If you have APEX installed, then you probably already have a serial console.
  2. Boot up to the APEX command line by hitting ctrl-c
  3. Transfer over the image using the serial console

    xreceive 0x1000000

    Send over the flash image from your terminal. APEX doesn't support tftp or http for the slug yet as I know of (please correct me if not). This will take around 17 minutes to transfer over the 8M image.
  4. Erase and write the image into flash

    erase nor:0x60000+0x7a0000
    copy 0x1060000+0x7a0000 nor:0x60000

    Now, type "reset" in APEX, and it should be good. -Ming
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Based on work by Rob Lockhart, Phil Endecott, and mathieu_xwave.
Originally by Phil Endecott.
Page last modified on December 30, 2007, at 12:36 AM