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This page is out of date. UpSlug is superceded by UpSlug2. Please use it instead.

  1. You will need to obtain the UpSlug tool from the CVS. In the directory in which you want to store the tool type:

    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@nslu.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nslu co -P upslug
  2. To make the utility type:

  3. Now move the firmware file that you wish to flash into the upslug directory and type (replacing image_name.img with the image file you wish to flash:

    sudo ./upslug -u image_name.img
  4. See the Main UpSlug Page for command line switches. You will need them, for example, if your default network connection is not on eth0. Also note that upslug does not seem to work well over a wireless connection.
  5. The tool will ask you to select your slug, note that sometimes the tool will recognize other devices than slugs on the network so make sure to pick the right device.

Note from halfer, 12 May 2007: In reference to one of the points above, upslug2 performed very well over wireless. I just added --device ra0 to switch the PCMCIA wireless card on my laptop, and it found my slug in upgrade mode without grumbling.

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Based on work by Phil Endecott, halfer, markstinson, mfield3, Anonymous, tman, ka6sox, and ChrisE.
Originally by ChrisE.
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