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Create and configure a native version of qmail on your NSLU2 Box. (Note: it is qmail, not Qmail).

What is it?

Excerpts from Life with qmail...

qmail is an Internet Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for UNIX-like operating systems. It's a drop-in replacement for the Sendmail system provided with UNIX operating systems. qmail uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to exchange messages with MTA's on other systems.

qmail was designed for high security. Sendmail has a long history of serious security problems. When Sendmail was written, the Net was a much friendlier place. Everyone knew everyone else, and there was little need to design and code for high security. Today's Internet is a much more hostile environment for network servers. Sendmail's author, Eric Allman, has done a good job of tightening up the program, but nothing short of a redesign can achieve true security.


The qmail package is license-free software. (It is not distributed under the OpenContent License (OPL) as this page formerly implied.)


qmail was one of the easier packages I've built. Compilation was extremely clean, but installation steps are quite a few.

I followed the installation instructions to the letter on the webpage Life with qmail. The heart of the process starts with the installation.

Check out the qmail homepage, and the articles on qmail Rocks.

NSLU2 Specific:

There's no need to repeat build and install details, as these are covered thoroughly in Life with qmail. I don't recall having to do anything specific on the NSLU2, but if someone comes across anything, please provide it here.

From LesOrchard?: FYI, I followed all of the instructions on "Life With qmail" using the native toolchain, and things built pretty easily except for two issues:

Up and Running:

Let other people know of your success in building and installing Qmail. The people below are receiving and sending email via qmail on their NSLU2.

michaelebrown@bytered.com from NSLU2 website ByteRed.
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