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Latest rtorrent

You may want to use Optware packages, due to fact the Debian version being old and out of date (lenny 0.7.9, optware 0.8.5).

Follow DebianOptware to get Optware installed and setup on Debian Lenny.

  • Then execute
# /opt/bin/ipkg install rtorrent

This will update the package feeds, and then install rtorrent and the neccessary dependancies.

Due to the packages being optware packages, they are all located in /opt/bin, and configs in /opt/etc.

You then need to create a .rtorrent.rc config file in your home directory.

You should then be able to use the latest Optware rtorrent in Debian

To update and upgade later on:

# /opt/bin/ipkg update
# /opt/bin/ipkg upgrade

Will update the package feed, and download any newer packages


If you would like to use a remote GUI, you can almost follow RtorrentWithRemoteGUI

However, you can install lighttpd from the Debian repositories - apt-get install lighttpd

This means it will configure it for debian, run it on startup and such

You can then follow the RtorrentWithRemoteGUI guide to edit your /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and your rtorrent conf

rtorrent can be run by using /opt/bin/rtorrent

  • Config nTorrent to connect to
    • IP address of your rtorrent machine
    • lighttpd port (port 80 by default) - Doesnt need entering
    • RPC mount point /RPC2

Debian packages

Another way is InstallRtorrentOnDebain

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