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This page is deprecated and for historical reference only. See SlugOSNativeCompileEnvironment for the new page.

So you want to compile natively eh ?

  1. Make sure you have lots of swap
  2. Add a normal user, 'slug' is recommended
  3. ipkg install slugos-native -this package no longer exists on slugos 4.8beta-
  4. Login as the normal user

At the moment (2006-01-12) it's necessary to download and compile monotone >=0.24 on the slug, because openslug 2.7beta ships with monotone 0.22 and there's no way to use the master Makefile without upgrading to 0.24 or 0.25 by yourself.

  1. Run wget http://www.venge.net/monotone/downloads/monotone-0.25.tar.gz
  2. Run tar xvzf monotone-0.25.tar.gz
  3. Run cd monotone-0.25
  4. Run ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
  5. This may take some time
  6. Run make && make install

This takes even more time. You might get a big cup of coffee. If you haven't de-undeclocked your NSLU2 yet, you'll consider it now... Thinking about setting up a cross-compile environment on your 3 Ghz PC? Yeah, me too. This step will take at least 4 hours on an overclocked slug.

I had to install boost and zlib in order to get monotone to complile

  1. Run ipkg install boost-dev
  2. Run wget http://www.zlib.net/zlib-1.2.3.tar.gz
  3. Run tar xvzf zlib-1.2.3.tar.gz
  4. Run cd zlib-1.2.3
  5. Run ./configure && make
  6. as ROOT Run make install

  1. Run wget http://www.nslu2-linux.org/Makefile && make setup
  2. Run bash, then cd openslug && source setup-env
  3. Now you can run make to build everything supposed to be built nativly, or use bb to build specific packages:
    bb -b openembedded/packages/perl/perl-5.8.7.bb

The command ipkg install openslug-native will install all tools for development, so you can also do your own coding.

not any more.

stdio.h does not appear to be in /usr/include so install libc6-dev and bind-dev

the next problem is configuring libthread-db1 //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libthread-db1.postinst: 4: ldconfig: not found libthread-db1.postinst returned 127 so run /sbin/ldconfig by hand

test with gcc -o hello hello.c works with a warning

testing with bb -b openembedded/packages/nano/nano_1.3.9.bb

nano fails gcc does not seem to be looking for libs in /lib bb -b openembedded/packages/nano/nano_1.3.9.bb NOTE: package nano-1.3.9: started NOTE: package nano-1.3.9-r0: task do_fetch: started NOTE: package nano-1.3.9-r0: task do_fetch: completed NOTE: package nano-1.3.9-r0: task do_package: started NOTE: Couldn't find shared library provider for libncurses.so.5 NOTE: Couldn't find shared library provider for libc.so.6 NOTE: Couldn't find shared library provider for libncurses.so.5 NOTE: Couldn't find shared library provider for libc.so.6 sh: ipkg-build: not found NOTE: Task failed: ipkg-build execution failed NOTE: package nano-1.3.9-r0: task do_package: failed ERROR: TaskFailed? event exception, aborting

ipkg --force-overwrite install ipkg-utils down load and configure gcc --with-low-memory the ipk seems to work but some of the libs are missing....? download and install binutils 2.1.7 (not ipk but tar.bz2 from gnu)

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