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The relevant packages needed in order to run Java applications under OpenSlug have not yet been placed in the relevant ipkg repository, so simply using the ipkg command will not work.

Instead, a workaround around is possible by downloading the relevant packages from the Unslung repository to the slug and using the ipkg command in file mode.

First, use wget to download the relevant main packages from the Unslung ikpg repository (which can be viewed at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/unslung/cross/) :-

Followed by the dependent packages :-

Then, use ipkg to install the packages from the file system in the following order :-

  • ipkg install libgmp_4.3.1-1_armeb.ipk
  • ipkg install classpath_0.13-3_armeb.ipk
  • ipkg install zlib_1.2.2-2_armeb.ipk
  • ipkg install jamvm_1.2.4-2_armeb.ipk
  • ipkg install libstdc++_5.0.7-3_armeb.ipk
  • ipkg install jikes_1.22-1_armeb.ipk

You should now be "good to go"

Curious, for me this worked out of the box, just using ipkg to download and install everything./August

ipkg install http://fullurl/fullpackagefilename.ipk(approve sites) works just fine you can even copy the url from a browser and paste into a ssh session http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/unslung/cross/

2009-04-14 Current available packages (and dependencies) needed to install Java are

If packages are missing, they are probably replaced with newer versions. Just check the current available packages at http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/unslung/cross .

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Based on work by Dhvik, Chris_C, baconlt, august, and Philip Hart.
Originally by Philip Hart.
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