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Ventrillo is a voice-over-IP server with surround-sound features. This page will enable you to run a Ventrilo server on your Slug using Latest unSLUng Firmware. I've not tried this on any other version of the OS but my guess is that it should be set up in a similar method.

Installing Ventrilo

First you must download the Linuz version of Ventrilo Server to your PC (save to your desktop) You can get that here ---> Ventrilo Download you will need 32bit linux version

  • 1.Extract to Desktop using WinRar?
  • 2.open Ventsrv folder and edit ventrilo_srv.ini file with proper settings
  • 3.Connect to your NSLU2 using a FTP program
  • 4.At this point you should see 2 folders once connected ADMIN X* and DISK X* where "X" is the nuber the you unslung your system too.
  • 5.Switch to AdminX? folder
  • 6.Now Upload the Ventsrv folder from you desktop to you NSLU2 inside AdminX? folder.

Assuming you have install SSH on you slug you are going to want to use a SSH program to connect to your Slug.I recommend PUTTY it is a very easy program to use.

You will now need to Enable Telnet in your NSLU2's web control panel and connect to you Slug using your SSH program

You will now need to complete the fallowing steps via SSH connection.

Installing i386 Emulator

Now install Qemu, this is required to run the server which has been written for i386 processors and not ARM processors which is what your Slug CPU is.

Type the following

  • ipkg install qemu
  • ipkg install qemu-user
  • ipkg install qemu-libc-i386

you may get erros with the last one just ignore it.

Install Screen

This progran will allow you to start ventrilo via SSH and be able to close the SSH window without Ventrilo shutting down.

Type the following

  • ipkg install screen

Starting The Server

While you are still connected via SSH

Type the following

  • screen -s qemu-i386
  • cd /ventsrv
  • qemu-i386 ventrilo_srv -d

Now check to see if you can connect to the server with the client software from your PC.

All working fine, good.

Configuring Firewall

Open up port 3784 on UDP and TCP, test your firewall works and allows you access to connect to the Ventrilo server from a client within the network. You will also need to open up the 3784 port UDP and TCP on your router so that the server can be connected to from outside your network.

And you now have a Ventrilo server running off your Slug.

  • some of this guide was taken from SetUpAVentriloServer and i would like to thank them for helping me make this guide.

Any Questions Email me tooextrememx@yahoo.com

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