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What used to be called unslung packages, are now called optware packages. Although currently nslu2 is the only platform that officially supports native feed, optware covers a couple more platforms, native build may work on other Optware.Platforms in the future.

a success on 10/28/2011 http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/TransmissionCompileBuild

  1. Install Unslung 4.20-beta or later.
  2. Install the development packages

ipkg install optware-devel to have the slug install all the development packages automatically.

NOTE : This requires in excess of 150 Mb of disk space.

  1. Make sure you are logged in as a normal user (you may need to create a new user). This is so an errant makefile cannot clobber your system files. Make sure that the user's shell is set to /opt/bin/bash, and add "export CVS_RSH=ssh" to that user's .profile
  2. Follow the normal Optware package build instructions (AddAPackageToOptware), except do it on the slug. Those packages in COMMON_NATIVE_PACKAGES will only build natively at the moment. Most packages in COMMON_CROSS_PACKAGES should also buildable natively.
  3. Native build is much slower than cross build, but native configure is accurate. So lots of cross compilable packages start as native only package. To help speed up native build of packages written in C, see Optware.Distcc.

I have been (perhaps a little eccentric) using the slug as my development linux box. For various reasons I have ended up compiling quite a few packages on it and thought I'd keep notes where I have come across issues:

  • openldap - ok
  • cyrus-sasl - ok
  • imap - ok
  • mysql - had to add a configure flag --with-low-memory to enable yacc components to build. Took about 18 hours in total.
  • readline - ok
  • ncurses - ok
  • libxslt - ok
  • libxml2 - ok
  • libgd - ok
  • fontconfig - ok
  • expat - ok
  • freetype - ok
  • libjpeg - ok
  • libpng - ok
  • libdb - ok
  • gdbm - ok
  • bzip2 - ok
  • libstdc++ - ok
  • openssl - ok
  • zlib - ok
  • php - needed -lssl adding to the PHP_LDFLAGS in the make file since it wasn't being pulled up automatically.
  • appweb - the make file was messy for 1.2.3 and needed cleaning up. See the mailing list archives for details.

All this came about to try and build php for appweb. I would also like to get appweb 2.0.0 building natively (or indeed cross).

Also into building natively, and appWeb + PHP as the target (have it working now, v.2.0.3, just add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lib and it does load the modules).

Anyways, a nice, clean "ipkg install appweb" 2.0.4 version would be Nice to Have. Help appreciated.


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Based on work by BrianZhou, fcarolo, akauppi, barrym, MattMcNeill, rwhitby, paulhar, bobtm, and jacques.
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