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   Windows is able to access NFS shares


   Windows Vista (At least, Ultimate does) has "Services for NFS",
   which includes admin tools and the client.

   To install it, open the Control panel in classic view, select
   programs and features, and then on the left hand side, click
   "Turn windows features on or off"

   Check against "Services for NFS", and click ok

   You can then mount the drives as you would a samba/windows share.

   File transfer speeds were good, but i had problems browsing
   - it was very slow on Vista, but in a Debian Virtual PC,
   it was fine. See http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nslu2-general/message/7108


   You will need "Windows Services for UNIX Version 3.5"


Services for Unix on WinXP Home

   *Take a hexeditor.
   *Go to the directory where SFU has been extracted.
   *Take file "SfuSetup.msi".
   *Make a backup copy of it, just in case you commit an error...
   *Open the file "SfuSetup.msi" in a hexeditor.
   *Search for string "NOT (VersionNT = 501 AND MsiNTSuitePersonal)"
   *Change 501 to 510
   *Do not forget to click save.

NFS on WindowsXP Step by Step.

   First copy the /etc/passwd and /etc/group File from your NFS-Server
   to your local computer. Place it where you want.
   I copied it to C:\ i.e.

   Download the WSfU (Windows Services for UNIX). Use the link above.
   When you unziped it, start the setup.

   Chose "Custom Installation" otherwise it will install all Services.


   In next Window, select "NFS"


   and "User Name Mapping" in the "Authentication tools for NFS"


   Use "Local User Name Mapping Server" (unless you have an other Maping Server
   in your Network) and "Password and group files".


   Enter the path and filename for your local passwd and group files.


   Use the default install location cause some services don't run if you
   chose an other path.
   The complete NFS support needs 20MB of hdd space.


   Finish the installation. it takes some time.


   It's not needed to restart your computer. it works without restart except
   for win95 or 98.

   In the next step start the "Services For UNIX Administration" from your start menu.

   Klick in the main window "Settins" and enter the name of your computer.
   Klick "Apply"


   Then change to "User Name Mapping" in the menu and enter the path to your local passwd and group
   file unless it's not already done. Chose the "Use Password and Group files" checkbox.


   Klick on "Maps" in the main window and then on "Show User Maps".


   Next klick on the button "List Windows Users"


   and then "List UNIX Users"


   Chose the Windows user from the list,


   then the UNIX user.


   Then klick "Add"

   The same way do it with the "Group Maps"
   Don't forget to klick "Apply"

   Close the SfU Administrator.

   Open the "Explorer"
   Now you have in the Networksection a new subsection called "NFS Network"
   you can browse now the NFS drives in your network.
   Klic on "Tools" and then "Mount Network Drives"


   Klick on "Search"


   Choose the folder you want to mount and klick "OK"


   Klick on "Other user"


   Use one of the mapped users with the userpassword from your server.
   Klick "OK"


   Klick "Finish"


   Controll the user GID and UID. If it's that wat you want, klick "YES"


   Now will a window appear that show you the content of your mounted folder.

That's all.

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