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Build a native version of thttpd directly on your NSLU2 Box. Thttpd is running my Byte Red website - check out the site info page.

Do NOT type 'ipkg install thttpd' on your nslu2 (see notes below)


Installation of Unslung.
Successful completion of NativeNSLU2Toolchain, which provides a development environment on your NSLU2.
Successful completion of BuildGNUMakeOnYourNSLU2Box. Make is needed for this process.
Busybox version 1.00 (potentially optional). Use ipkg to install.


This set of instructions are specific for building thttpd directly on the NSLU2. Even though the Makefile that comes with the thttpd source includes an install target, these instructions do not cover installation. (See caution below!)

The latest information on thttpd can be found on the website at http://www.acme.com/software/thttpd/.

1) Retrieve source code for thttpd, and then unzip and untar it. I did this from my NSLU2 box using the following command:

    cd /share/hdd/data
wget http://www.acme.com/software/thttpd/thttpd-2.25b.tar.gz
gunzip thttpd-2.25b.tar.gz (gunzip comes with Busybox 1.00)
tar -xvf thttpd-2.25b.tar

2) Create the thttpd executable.

    cd thttpd-2.25b
./configure (There were some inconsequential errors during this process)
make all
mv thttpd mythttpd strip mythttpd

Warning! DO NOT make install

Do not use the Makefile install target! There are most likely some conflicts between the thttpd make installation and the current NSLU2 administrative httpd configuration. Consider following similar advice given in UseTheThttpdWebserver, and guidance from the thttpd website at http://www.acme.com/software/thttpd/. Best to keep the shipped installation, which provides administrative services, separate from additional use of thttpd.

That's it! Thttpd created on your NSLU2!


I confirm: do NOT type 'ipkg install thttpd' on your nslu2. It killed my linksys web interface, so I cant access it anymore. And I cant fix it since it is needed to enable telnet... -Morglum, linux newbie :)

After installing thttpd with ipkg, it's possible to revert it. Plug the drive into a different computer, then remove /opt/etc/init.d/S80thttpd. Then power down nslu2, plug the drive, boot up. This will avoid overwriting the original in /etc/thttpd.conf when it boots with the drive attached. -saned, nslu2 newbie :)


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Based on work by saned, morglum, and michaelebrownmindspringcom.
Originally by michaelebrownmindspringcom.
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