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Make a native version of CGIC package, an ANSI C library for CGI Programming written by Thomas Boutell .


Installation of Unslung.
Successful completion of NativeNSLU2Toolchain, which provides a development environment on your NSLU2.
Optional completion of BuildGNUMakeOnYourNSLU2Box. Can be done without, but make is easier for this process.
Busybox version 1.00 (potentially optional). Use ipkg to install.


The latest version of the package can be found on Thomas' website. Also, the directories in this example may need to be changed for your configuration. All these steps take place directly on the NSLU2.

1) Retrieve source code for Thomas Boutell's CGIC package, and then unzip and untar it. I did this from my NSLU2 box using the following command:

    cd /share/hdd/data
wget http://www.boutell.com/cgic/cgic205.tar.gz
gunzip cgic205.tar.gz (gunzip comes with Busybox 1.00)
tar -xf cgic205.tar

2) Build the CGIC package, and move the test program into your website hierarchy.

    cd cgic205
make all
cp cgictest.cgi /usr/home/www/cgic/

3) Test the example program. Make sure that your web server is configured properly to identify CGI programs!



Please note and respect the licensing for this software. This is a paragraph copied from the license.txt file. See that file for further licensing options and information.

    CGIC, copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
    2004 by Thomas Boutell and Boutell.Com, Inc.. Permission is granted to 
    use CGIC in any application, commercial or noncommercial, at no cost. 
    HOWEVER, this copyright paragraph must appear on a "credits" page 
    accessible in the public online and offline documentation of the program. 
    Modified versions of the CGIC library should not be distributed without 
    the attachment of a clear statement regarding the author of the 
    modifications, and this notice may in no case be removed. 
    Modifications may also be submitted to the author for inclusion 
    in the main CGIC distribution. 


This information page should be construed as endorsement for this package. I don't know Thomas or his company. Simply that this package looked to be useful for the small footprint of the NSLU2, and that building this package provided a useful and entertaining exercise.

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