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I am currently working on a library terminal based on OpenSlug (an NSLU2) and Emilda.

I will write down complete instructions here as I proceed with the project. The end results will be a terminal with a PoS? screen, barcode scanner, numpad keyboard and receipt printer. This setup is also perfect for a PoS? (PointOfSale?) terminal.

The hardware used for this terminal consists of:

 * An NSLU2 (naturally)
 * A USB-hub
 * A USB to serial converter based on the PL2303? chipset (used for the PoS? display and receipt printer).
 * A barcode reader with a USB connection that acts as a normal USB keyboard.
 * A USB numpad (keyboard).

As of 2005-07-31 the base system works with the hardware devices (you need the version or higher of the kernel and the usbhid, input, evdev, usbserial and pl2303 modules). The client application is being written as we speak.

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