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Fuppes is an opensource uPnP Media Server that can deliver content to many uPnP devices such as set top boxes and other computers. There are many uPnP servers you can run on the NSLU2.

How To Install with ipkg

Fuppes is in the optware feed (with transcoding disabled):

 ipkg install fuppes

... is all you need, apart from:

Init script

Put the following in a new file /opt/etc/init.d/S99fuppes and chmod it to 755:


 if [ -n "`pidof $NAME`" ] ; then
    echo "Stopping $NAME:"
    killall $NAME
    echo "Starting $NAME:"
    /opt/bin/fuppes --config-dir /root/.fuppes/ &

This script assumes you installed the ipkg package as root, change the --config-dir option if otherwise.


Config and database files are created in ~/.fuppes when you first run fuppes. You can edit the config in the web address given by fuppes.

By default, a random port is assigned for the web interface, but you can set a constant port in the config.

Building from source (deprecated)

Get fuppes fuppes-0.5.3 : http://sourceforge.net/projects/fuppes

WARNING: version fuppes-0.5.4 don't compile!!!

install lame and sqlite3 with ipkg

unzip and configure

 ./configure --prefix=/opt

(ignore error about missing lame, just be sure it's installed)

 make && make install

That's all.

User experiences

Nov-2010: Got Fuppes SVN-578-1 installed and running using ipkg, also as a daemon from init.d (updated instructions and init script listed above).

Works very nicely. Virtual folders (and particularly the ability to split albums/artists into ABC/DEF/GHI/etc groups) is a great feature.

I managed to install Fuppes 0.7.1 on my NSLU.


  • Install +optware-devel+ package to be able to compile the sources
  • Download the tarball from [fuppes.sourceforge.org]
  • Unzip the tarball
  • Change the LDFLAGS variable in src/Makefile in LDFLAGS = -Wl,-rpath,/opt/lib
Otherwise it complains about not finding zlib
  • Follow the above instructions

The program runs well from command line but I was not able to configure it properly to share my library when started from init.d

- i can confirm that sadly fuppes only works when run from command line, not in daemon mode.


080422: I did install fuppes 0.7.1 with a simple ipkg install, but did not like it (no real vfolder-support). So here is compiling fuppes svn 0.611 from source:

  • install development tools: ipkg install unslung-devel
  • go to a directory where you can save the sources: cd /share/hdd/data/stuff/software/
  • download fuppes from svn: svn co http://fuppes-svn.ulrich-voelkel.de/trunk(approve sites) fuppes

(taken from http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=12565 - thanks Neil!)

  • enter the fuppes directory and start configuration: ./configure --prefix=/opt --disable-transcoding

(this makes sure that config files and database are stored in /opt/ rather than /root/.fuppes/)

  • if everything goes well: make
  • become root and: make install
  • create a file /etc/init.d/S99fuppes containing the start script (s. above)

I just added the lines export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/lib and options: --config-file /opt/etc/fuppes/fuppes.cfg --database-file /opt/etc/fuppes/fuppes.db --vfolder-config-file /opt/etc/fuppes/vfolder.cfg

  • run fuppes on the command line once to see the output when it creates the config files
  • change the http-port to a fixed value in /opt/etc/fuppes/fuppes.cfg so you can find the server later
  • edit vfolder.cfg to your needs (see http://fuppes.ulrich-voelkel.de/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page for documentation)
  • edit the configuration on the web-interface or directly in fuppes.cfg

I hope, I did not forget anything. Unslung: V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5-beta

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