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Better instructions about running syslog-ng under Unslug and other Optware platforms is available at the syslog-ng for Optware page. There you can also find links to the original documentation for syslog_ng.

Warning:: the rest of this page is about an older version of the syslog-ng package. The errors in the original config file are corrected in the current version. It is strongly recommended that you use the current Optware package for syslog-ng instead of this older version.

I got this error message when trying to run syslog-ng with the default config file that came with it in the ipkg install:

/share/hdd/conf/unslung :^> syslog-ng -d -v
binding fd 3, inetaddr:, port: 514
io.c: Preparing fd 3 for reading
io.c: Preparing fd 4 for reading
binding fd 5, unixaddr: /dev/log
io.c: listening on fd 5
unresolved reference: console
Error initializing configuration, exiting.

I then grepped the syslog-ng.conf file to see what the problem reference might be, and got this:

/share/hdd/conf/unslung :^> cat /opt/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf |grep console
log { source(src); filter(f_emergency); destination(console); };
log { source(src); destination(console_all); };

I was able to get syslog-ng working (as far as I can tell) by simply commenting out the two lines that contained references to console and console_all, but I am concerned that I won't be getting the f_emergency messages that I'm supposed to be getting.

Anyone who wants to add to this, please do! I'm just barely on the cusp between n00bie and novice at this.... :^)

Same problem here...


Just add in the configuration file those two lines: destination console { file("/opt/var/log/console"); }; destination console_all { file("/opt/var/log/console_all"); };

They will redirect the console messages to those 2 files and you will be sure to get them.


If you'd like to capture log messages via a remote device, e.g. a Cisco PIX 501 (udp/514), add these lines to your /opt/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf:

  destination net_all { file("/opt/var/log/net_all.log"); };
  log { source(net); destination(net_all); };

Farhan Yousaf

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