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Password protecting this page as I am tired of deleting it after the spam gets removed from it.

Password is "DoNotTouch".

Im running IM with my Slug and Debian

 apt-get install imagemagick,apt-get install gs

Install fonts: put them in some directory and type like this:

 convert  somepic -etc -font /home/yourhome/yourfont.tff -etc

I couldnt install fonts as supposed but that above works.

I use IM to put in text in my wheathersite pictures example

 -convert 1.jpg -fill "#FFCC33" -pointsize 14   -annotate +0+15 "`cat log.txt`"  target2.jpg

here it is http://wshavsskogen.ownit.nu/target2.jpg(approve sites)

you can resize pictures and do complex picture-editing but it takes 2-3 minutes and cpu goes to 95%. the above line works fine,reasonable fast.

look here to more info: http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/OpenSlug/InstallImageMagick

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