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From the iSun website, Specifications: 12V / 6V switchable 145mA @ 12V, 290mA @ 6V 2.2 Watts, you would need 2 iSun's to power this guy. I would like to know how much it would be with a USB Wireless device attached with a USB flash stick. This would allow you to have a remote, solar server.

/comment: I think powering the slug with solar power requires a little bit more than just two solar arrays. Since sun isn't constantly available one would need a sufficently large battery to sustain periods with limited or no daylight. Of course this battery needs charging as well, to make things worse, while the slug draws power. This means you'll end up using at least three (presumably more) of those solar arrays, plus some logic that charges the battery or poweres the slug when not enough solar power is generated.

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