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This page should list all different sets of instructions that detail how to do stuff with the NSLU2, in a neat organised manner. Think of it as a big list of recipes.

More factual information (as opposed to instructions) should go under the Information area instead.

Put each recipe on a separate page, and don't be afraid to UseAVeryLongPageNameWhichDescribesHowToDoSomething. The page name should be a verb, should use an "active voice" (e.g. say "Build" instead of "Building"), and should complete the phrase "How To ....".

For HowTo's that are specific to a particular development stream (like Unslung or OpenSlug), look in the related project area.


These How-To's are complete, although it is possible they might be improved in the future as understanding grows.



Cross Development

Native Development



Network Services

Network Security Services

Remote Access

Network File Sharing

Backup Schemes

Web Services & Applications

Email Services

Multimedia Services (and clients)

Chat & VoIP Services

P2P Services


Disk Topics

Flash Disk Topics

RAID Topics


Under Development


This page is password protected. If you need to add content to this page, then please create a new page with your content (you do not need a password to create a new page), then post the URL of your new page to the nslu2-linux mailing list and we will link it into this page.

Experimentally, this page can currently be edited. It may become password protected again if filled by spam.

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