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All I needed to do was "ipkg install hpijs" after following the first section on AddPrinter - i.e. I only installed cups and cups-doc and followed the post-installation instructions. Then I just grabbed my print driver (.ppd file) from linuxprinting.org, uploaded it through the cups web interface and added my printer. Everything prints fine so far (including PostScript files), so either the below issues have been fixed or there is a significant difference in other people's systems.

NOTES: I am running Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta. I am not printing directly from the slug, but from another Linux box connected wirelessly.



Here's the steps I needed to take to get HPIJS and cups working properly.

  • Install these packages. hpijs should depend on perl because it includes foomatic-rip (a perl script) and at hpijs and/or cups should require ghostscript.
 #ipkg install hpijs
 #ipkg install cups-doc
 #ipkg install ghostscript
 #ipkg install perl perl-module-strict perl-module-posix perl-module-cwd
 #ipkg install perl-io-handle perl-module-io perl-module-data-dumper
 #ipkg install perl-module-bytes perl-module-sigtrap
  • Go to /opt/share/ppd/HP/ and find the ppd for your HP printer.
    • Gunzip it and copy it to /opt/share/cups/model/
 #gunzip /opt/share/ppd/HP/HP-DeskJet_3550-hpijs.ppd.gz
 #cp /opt/share/ppd/HP/HP-DeskJet_3550-hpijs.ppd /opt/share/cups/model/
  • If there is no existing PPD for your printer, you can copy the one you're using in your Linux box or from the vendor's cd-rom.
  • Create the following symlinks so that Cups can find certain executables:
 #ln -s /opt/bin/foomatic-rip /opt/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip
 #ln -s /opt/bin/gs /bin/gs
 #ln -s /opt/bin/hpijs /bin/hpijs


Before posting questions to a wiki page, please remember that the MailingLists are the appropriate channels for such questions. Please use the nslu2-linux list.

Please help! The below instructions doesn't work. Followed all the instructions, installed everything and created a new queue, which works fine for plain text and for remote client printer-native code (as if it was a raw quere), but it sinply refuses to print PS files, including the testpage in the cups printer page. It states: "/opt/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed" Installed packages: cups-1.2.7-3, ghostscript-8.50-2, hpijs-2.1.4-1, perl-5.8.8-13. Also installed all fonts from a working ghostscript installation in the indicated directory is any other package necessary? Could please provide more comprehensive instructions? Sorry for polluting the page.

Make sure you have installed perl-module-strict as well and other dependencies. Added it to the instructions above.

Fine, but there is still a showstopper problem, where to find all these perl-module-* ipks since ipkg states they do not exist (Unslung-6.8) even after a fresh "ipkg update"? Anyway, thanks for helping (though it is not working yet :-) )

You can grab them from the openslug-bag feed. :-)

Yeah... but there are too many dependencies to attend, including different libc6 versions and so... perhaps one day someone will port them to Unslung (any candidates?) Actually, in unslung there is a package name perl-module-build (version 5.8.8) that once installed derives a number of modules, including strict, cwd among others, but foomatic-rip still fails. What I don't understand is that hpijs is available in the unslung repository, so it should work. Please, does anybody using Unslung had success on using hpijs? give a light.

The packages perl-module-strict perl-module-posix perl-module-cwd don't exist and you don't need 'm. I guess someone (or something) picked 'm up from the first lines of the foomatic-rip script:

 use strict;
 use POSIX;
 use Cwd;

No, the problem is somewhere else. The script is compilable and executable. The cupsd.conf's "LogLevel debug" suggests a gs problem.

 AFPL Ghostscript 8.50: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1
 renderer return value: 1
 renderer received signal: 1
 Process dying with "Possible error on renderer command line or PostScript error. Check options.", exit stat: 3

Hi! I'm having the exact same problem. Has anyone came to a solution to this?

I've installed everything but when i try to print the test page from cups it says "/opt/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed" why is that?

found the error why foomatic-rip fails... in the file foomatic-gswrapper, that you have to download when following the original cups-howto from http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting/Database/CUPSDocumentation

there is a line (number 43) '-sOutputFile=%stdout' : '-sOutputFile=/dev/fd/3');

change the /dev/fd/3 to /dev/null , its just for standard out...

and then 'chmod 777 /dev/null

it worked for me then..

The update posted below is about a DIFFERENT problem. The above described one (foomatic-rip failed) is NOT solved yet:

I'm also running Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta, trying to print to an HP 1010 laserjet, and was getting the same problem as above i.e. foomatic-rip gives the error "/invalidfont in findfont". After several days of research I suspected the problem might have something to do with the permissions of the fonts in the fonts directory. I checked, and found that I had copied the fonts with only root permissions. If the fonts are in /opt/share/ghostscript/fonts then the following command should cure the problem

                    chmod 644 /opt/share/ghostscript/fonts/*

This gives read permissions to everyone. I can now print from Windows XP and Linux machines, directly to the CUPS server, without going via samba, and the 'Print test page' function works in the CUPS web interface. If you want to print directly to CUPS in Windows XP the following link tells you how


Very helpful - seems to be working for me. I have just one question. I found the ppd for my specific printer (HP DeskJet? 5550) and I unpacked it and copied it to the appropriate models directory as instructed above. However, I'm not sure what I need to change to be able to use that as my default printer. The default hp990c seems to work OK so far, but I haven't tried printing anything terribly complex yet.

I've added my notes to the AddPrinter page but basically, I can only locally print with hpijs in conjunction with usblp since hplip is pretty much broken in terms of printing. It's still pretty good for scanning and status check. Ghostscript and foomatic-rip need to be fixed to be more optware compliant since a lot of things seem to refer to /usr still and this causes things not to work. You can edit /opt/bin/foomatic-rip to see what I mean. Also XPDF needs to be installed for adequate local printing and fixed. The generated PS files tend to scramble my printer. I actually had to download and build poppler instead to get things running.

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