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To access the NSLU2 via telnet, by mounting the hard disk on another machine which can access an ext2/3 partition, follow these instructions:


Jim Buzbee's article expects you to be able to come up with a known, crypt-encrypted password from a Linux/Unix passwd file to paste into the passwd file on the NSLU2.

Note : The instructions in the TomsNetworking article above refer to copying a known encrypted password from the NSLU2 password file. For example, after you change the default admin password, copy the encrypted result to the root account.

If your Linux accounts have MD5-encrypted passwords, that trick won't work. In that case, either of these commands on many systems should generate a valid crypt-encrypted password you can use instead:
perl -e 'printf "%s\n", crypt("mypassword","na");'
->openssl passwd -crypt -salt na mypassword

Here, "na" is a random, two-character salt, and "mypassword" is the password to be encrypted.

Note : You could also just add a new entry with an empty password and change it afterwards with passwd. Don't forget, that /etc/passwd is used and changed by passwd, but /etc/passwd is softlinked to /passwd on each reboot. So copy your /etc/passwd to /passwd after each modification


2nd note: From firmware version R63 on it seems that http://yourNSLU2ip/Management/telnet.cgi(approve sites) has been modified. (further I have no information how to gain telnet access now ;) )

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