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When the web interface is telling you: "Error: fail to get samba information".

Probably something went wrong in the SysConf area. This is where the system configuration is kept.

NOTE: Flashing your NSLU2 with Unslung after using OpenSlug is known to cause this error message. Proceed with ResetSysConf

The first thing you consider is to reset the configuration back to the factory default using the web interface. You can find at the bottom of the Administraion -> System page a button "Restore Default Config". Probably best to do this without a disk attached.

You have a few choices; either attempt to find someone with NSLU2 skills who can help you fix the problem or recreate the SysConf area to fix things by following these instructions: ResetSysConf

NOTE: Any firmware flashing should be done without a disk attached.

Anecdotal evidence says that reflashing the firmware, followed by resetting the SysConf area three or four times consecutively might correct the problem as well.

JeffreyS stated that on his last attempt, he reflashed the firmware, and on the subsequent boot, followed the ResetSysConf instructions. Doing this, his "Fail to get samba information" NSLU2 started operating correctly.


If you don't want to flash again the nslu2 but you cannot configure the dns and default gateway via the web interface. 1) connect via ssh to the slug 2) add your dns to /etc/resolv.conf

   $ nameserver write.your.dns.ip

3) add a default route

   $ route add default gateway your.default.gw.ip ixp0

Jim Tucker added that this procedure only worked for him when he detached the drive from the slug. (Earlier revisions of this page may not have mentioned this important step.)

Rienk Harkema: I did the following after the procedure described above didn't work for me (only tried that once): I put the slug in maintenance mode from the web-interface. Then, when it rebooted to go into that mode, I cought the telnet Redboot window to erase the part of the system configuration described elsewhere. After I gave the 'reset' command at the Redboot prompt after erasing, the slug booted into maintenance mode as requested. Then, I used the Sercomm utility (probably Upslug will work also) to reflash the firmware. Doing this, I got rid of the annoying error message in the web-interface the first time I tried this. Possibly, this order of actions is the right one?

Bruce Morden added that I also had this problem after flashing from 3 to 5.5 beta, and solved it by restoring the profile I had saved of the Slug prior to the upgrade procedure.

Robin Jacobs: ResetSysConf did not work for me, finally I decided to use the ereaseall utility of linksys, I 'ereasedall'-ed back to stock firmware, booted up verified to error was gone, then used the standard 'fresh' unslung install (update to unslung fw via the webinterface, enable telnet, unslung-ed) I know the unslung wiki warns against using the ereaseall utility (change of destroying redboot) but it works perfectly

I copied /usr/local/CGI_ds.conf to /etc/CGI_ds.conf and did a Restore Default Config in the web-interface. It worked fine with unslung-fw 3.17! Peter

I did the same, it worked fine, the message disapeared at the first access of the web-interface, even before doing the Restore Default Config ! Much simpler than the ResetSysConf procedure(which also worked for me at some point, but the message came back after a while ...) Stefan

I got this error after a reflash, and was somewhat concerned since I was unable to change settings like the default gateway. I was able to solve it using part of Peter's solution (cp /usr/local/CGI_ds.conf to /etc/CGI_ds.conf), but didn't need to Restore Default Config. I just rebooted. Granted, I had not changed the IP of the device. Mark Smith

I used Unslung-6.10-beta-firmware for a long time without problems, when suddenly this error showed up. It was a problem because I couldn't make any changes using the web GUI (i.e. the default gateway). I tried Peter's fix (copying CGI_ds.conf etc), but that didn't work for me. Restore Ddefault Config didn't work for me neither. I tried the sercomm upgrade utility to 'upgrade' to the stock firmware but the error kept showing up. Because the redboot thing was to advanced for me, I finally used the EraseAll utility from linksys to 'upgrade' with the stock firmware and made the error go away. Erwin, 22 feb 2010

copy a known good backup copy to to /etc/CGI_ds.conf
or copy /usr/local/CGI_ds.conf to /etc/CGI_ds.conf
with web interface toggle a setting like Enable UPnP Support, saving between each
properly shutdown and reboot
error gone...
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