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Formed in 1998, Dynamic Network Services, Inc. (DynDNS) provides domain name system (DNS) services with high levels of redundancy, service, and support.

DNS was created to make the Internet easier to use. Before DNS, computers connected to the Internet were only reachable by their computer address, called an IP address, written like Internet pioneers created a system called DNS which allowed hostnames like "www.website.com" and "mail.mycompany.com" to be used in place of the numbers. This translation occurs automatically.

DynDNS started with a free Dynamic DNS because some Internet users have IP addresses that change. DynDNS allows users to update the IP address associated with a hostname that they provide, enabling users to serve content or keep connected to their computer.

The free Dynamic DNS service allows you to alias a dynamic IP address to a static hostname in any of the many domains they offer, allowing your computer to be more easily accessed from various locations on the Internet. They provide this service, for up to five (5) hostnames, free to the Internet community.

The Dynamic DNS service is ideal for a home website, file server, or just to keep a pointer back to your home PC so you can access those important documents while you're at work. Using the NSLU2 slug and a DynDNS update client you can keep your hostname always pointing to your IP address, no matter how often your ISP changes it. No more fumbling to find that piece of paper where you wrote down your IP address, or e-mailing all your friends every time it changes. Just tell them to visit yourname.dyndns.org instead!

A well written DynDNS client for the slug has been developed at DynDNSupdate. (Be shure to scroll down for the latest.)

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