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  • one or more backup jobs on an unslung slug no longer run
  • you cannot modify an existing backup job in the standard Linksys web administration page.

Note: merely rebooting the slug resolves nothing


Delete the lock file(s) for the wayward backup job(s).


  1. Locate the /share/hdd/conf/mnt/backup directory that records the running state of each backup job.
  2. For each backup job there is a directory of the same name and a "lock" file called <your_backup_job_name>.pid representing the /usr/sbin/backup process. Locate the directory and the file for each wayward job.
  3. Use ps -eaf to verify that /usr/sbin/backup is not actually running.
  4. Delete the pid file(s) for your job(s).
  5. Optional: delete the directory for each job also.

Cause and Prevention

How do good backup jobs go bad? How does one help to prevent them from doing so? I don't have the answers yet, but I invite those with greater understanding to add to this wiki.

Credit to Ian White for identifying the procedure

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