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IPv6? works fine out of the box for Debian on an NSLU2.

If you want to use your Debian Slug to connect to a IPv6? tunnelbroker, like SIXXS (www.sixxs.net), you need to do the following preparations:

  • install the package iproute
  • add the modules "ipv6" and "tun" to /etc/modules

After that, follow the instructions given by your tunnelbroker. The generic Debian instructions will work.

This works for me via the XS4ALL? (www.xs4all.nl) tunnelbroker (only open to XS4ALL? customers, so SIXXS if you need a tunnelbroker).

Once you have a working IPv6? setup, do a "ping6 joost.fnerk.org" to ping my Slug!

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